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  Harley Davidson-e-bike  of Modern Times

Harley Davidson E-Bike
Harley Davidson E-Bike

 Want to know about the latest driving options for electronic cars? Read and find the enthusiastic details about it.

In this modern era, we have heard about the e-transportations like e-cars. Many manufacturers considered that harley Davidson-e-bike e-bikes could replace four-wheeled Vehicles. But

they do not have an idea about the market of such e-bikes. Then came Harley Davidson an American-owned company of motorbikes that made variations in its main brand and decided to introduce e-bikes . They announced their new launch in spring 2021 and left media talk on it.

The main features of this e-bike are its mid-drive motor, unique design, aluminium frame, head and back lights, glove box and integrated fenders with no cable present outside. In short this e-bike is have antique and classic with modern features.

First Version of Harley Davidson

The first motorcycle Harley Davidson was named serial 1 and with that origin, this bike was also named as serial 1 e-bike. All the manufacturing of this e-bike, from the first to the last day, took place under the supervision of Harley Davidson in his own garage in Milwaukee.So we can say that no compromise on its quality was made. Race shop used from 1950-earl 2000.The e-bike manufacturer staff often joked that it feels like a lot working in their parent’s garage’’.

Classes of e-bike

The company has prepared two classes of this e-bike, and these are :

  • MOSH
  • RUSH

RUSH class is composed of three separate models, while MOSH class is single-speed.


The leading model of this serial 1e-bike is MOSH/CTY. According to Harley Davidson, it is the “ultimate urban play bike.”It has a Rowdy Blue colour seemed like a checkboard pattern scattered on the aluminium frame. Because of this it gives classy look with a modern design and attracts youngsters to enjoy its ride. This model was designed by keeping in mind the urban dwellers and more like e-bikes used in city streets.

It consists of a smaller 529WH moveable battery and a 250-watt continuous motor. Many users of this bike reported that it has given output between 500-800 watt.With this set up we can move on inclined plans and steeper places with an average of about 20 miles per hour. But the range of this e-bike is from 35 to 105 miles. It uses drive unit caps of 20-MPH and speedy tires, which are at about


MOSH/CTY contains S Mag middrive motor which has 66 pound feet torque, carbon belt with free wheel set up.It is without CVT and contains excellent running without its maintaince.For your understanding you can do paddling of this e-bike upto 30MPH. But if you want we electrical support then paddling is stopped by this drive unit at 20MPH because it is class 1e-bike.

Moreover, LED headlights and backlights are present which is the most important feature to drive in the streets in the dark.


It’s a very exceptional e-bike which has strong backup of Harley Davidson name. Keep in mind that its price may not be according to your budget which is $37,99.


Rush/cty is the second class of serial 1e- bikes .It is best for long drive. It is most elegant and sleek model of bike .This model curb either 529-watt or 706-watt pack. Similar to MOSH/CTY it restrain same carbon belt, S mag middrive motor and many hallmarks like joined framework and bumper. Same headlights and backlights are present to make safe ride during gloomy and dull condition. This is also helpful to avoide accidents. RUSH weighs 10 times more than MOSH at 48.3 pounds. It has average speed of 30miles per hour when released.

According to the information from company we can charge the battery of this ebike upto 75% in 2.6 hours and the remaining 25% is charged in 2.15hours.


The cost of this premium e-bike is $4,999. RUSH/CTY further consist of two models:

  • RUSH /CTY step-thru
  • RUSH/CTY speed

RUSH /CTYstep-thru

A step -thru e-bike was especially designed for females. In the market there are two colour scheme for this and these are :

  • Serene blue
    • Black on black

Three framework in smaller sizes are available in it and these are S, M and L. It is structured in such a way that a plastic fender with good width is present ,front and rear headlights are screwed at good angle which makes the ride easy in murkey situation. Volume of tyre is high which provide protection from bumps and also reduce damping. Such quality tires minimize the risk of puncture .Thick axel, excellent kick stand, glove box and unique SIM Chip is present .But it doesn’t have top tube on its frame. Thick axel provide stability during ride moreover special sensors of speed and magnetic are located at rear wheel. To trace an e-bike by using GPS especially designed SIM chip is present.


The cost of this e-bike is $49,999 which is eye opening.


If you are going to buy Harley Davidson e-bike then you must keep in mind that this model is most commendable. Because this is designed by keeping in mind both comfort and speed.

It is the best class 3e-bike which provides wheel torque or we can say it provides electrical paddle assistance which is upto 28MPH. Such e-bikes ha ve a lot of details which are not easily understood by a common person .The weight of this e- bike is 59 pounds and it restrain a 706Wh moveable as compared to 509Wh battery. This showed that RUSH/CITY speed has greater rang .But you should keep in mind that the size of these two batteries is interchangeably same The Bros TF MAG which is attached on it could make 66pound feet of the torque .While paddling a droning sound is produced but this is very low to be noticed.

On the eve of World War II, Harley-Davidson was already providing the Army with the WLA, a 45 cubic inch (740 cm3) military-specific version of its WL series. In this instance, the A stood for “Army.” As war broke out, the company, like the majority of other manufacturing businesses, switched to war work. There were more than 90,000 military bikes made, the majority of which were WLAs and WLCs (the Canadian variant), many of which were given to allies.  Two Army-Navy “E” Awards were given to Harley-Davidson, one in 1943 and the other in 1945, for excellence in production.

While paddling motor is continous and smooth but according to my experience it is not as smooth as Shimano motors .The best rang of this e-bike is upto 25 to 115 miles. This depends upon the condition of driving as it is suitable for hilly areas.

A key component of Harley-comeback Davidson’s plan was revising stale product designs. Instead of attempting to imitate popular Japanese designs, the new management purposefully capitalised on the “retro” appeal of Harley motorcycles by creating products that consciously incorporated the appearance and feel of their earlier models and the subsequent customizations made by owners from that era. Many parts, including brakes, forks, shocks, carburetors, electrics, and wheels, were subcontracted to foreign producers, whereupon quality rose, technology advanced, and purchasers gradually started to return.

Harley-Davidson started a programme to increase the number of dealerships around the country as demand peaked, in the late 1990s and early first decade of the twenty-first century. For some of the most popular models, its current dealers frequently had waiting lists that went up to a year long. Like automakers, Harley-Davidson reports sales when their products are delivered to a dealer rather than when a consumer purchases them.

As a result, channel stuffing—the practise of forcing dealers to accept more inventory than they want—allows the manufacturer to overstate sales figures.

So, long story is short this e-bike is well designed with commendable look. Moreover I also love its glove box which is fixes at the downriver.


Rush/city speed give competition to Specialized Turbo Vado Series and the Riese and Muller Roadstars. You can purchase this e-bike with $5,000.


This e-bike is featured in the same way as RUSH /MOSH. Actually the most important thing in Harley Davidson e-bikes is the removal of mechanical complication just one gear and two wheels are present and the purpose is to focus on the ride. “The less you worry about managing and maintaining technology the more you can focus on enjoying the ride and the added exhilaration of electric

pedal assist power makes everything even more fun.”Brand stated this.

Feature of Bash/mtn has carbon drive belt, Bros S Mag motor which has 90Nm of torque. Also smooth stopping hydraulic disc brakes,a unique colorway of Yucca Tan paint with Gloss Grafati is also included in it .Battery of this e-bike is 529Wh lithium ion battery. The most interesting feature of this e-bike is Serial1 app which is used by riders to improve security and saftey.This is also used to trace the bikerider and is designed in partnership with Google Cloud.This app is connected via Bluetooth and conditions for ride are easily determined.

Frame of this e-bike is hydroformed aluminium, welded construction with internal routing. Frames are available in four sizes S, M, L and XL. Weight of this e-bike is 48.8lb/21.9kg and wheels are 27.5×35mm alloy rims and sapim stainless steel



Cost of this e-bike is $3,999.

The cost of this e-bike is very high but when we focus on its design and unique manufacturing with all good material then this price is good. This is more expensive than Van Moof, Rad Power bikes and Sondors.

Mid drive motor

This motor unit is designed by a German company named as Bros which is 110years old .There are two units of this mid drive motor named as S and TF. They have

90Nm/66ft-lb torque which is powerful enough to ride on steep places and hilly areas. It means that this makes biking experience more adventurous and stuntful. This torque cause rotors to move with many RMP’s.

Although the Bros motor is present in aluminum frame but Harley Davidson selected magnesium frame which is lighter in weight .Moreover, gear shifting is not present in this bike which cause smooth cycling experience. Because all the components are integrated hence no outside wire is present for resistance.

The business published brief advertising in the Automobile and Cycle Trade Journal in January 1905 to promote bare Harley-Davidson engines to the do-it-yourself trade. By April, they were only sparingly manufacturing complete motorcycles. From the five bikes that were constructed in the Davidson garden shed that year, Chicago-based Harley-Davidson dealer Carl H. Lang sold three of them. Afterwards, the business relocated the original shed to the Juneau Avenue plant, where it served as a memorial for many years.

William S. Harley earned a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1907. In the same year, they added a second floor to the factory and later Built light yellow (“cream”) brick facings and expansions. In 1907, manufacturing rose to 150 motorcycles thanks to the expanded facilities. That September, the company was formally incorporated. During this time, they also started selling their motorcycles to police departments, which has since grown to be a significant market for them.William A. Davidson joined the Motor Company in 1907 after quitting his position as tool foreman for the Milwaukee Road railroad.

All single-cylinder variants with 26.84-cubic-inch (440 cc) engines were produced in 1905 and 1906.


According to their features and rang these e-bikes appeal youngster to enjoy its ride. As it is discussed above you can buy a model of this e-bike which suits you best.

We should came to know that the most used mid drive motor in Europe is Bosch unit which give 90Nm torque by using continous 250watt middrive motor. So, this is designed in accordance with its society needs.

Carbon belt, unique design, glove box and the most importantly all internally integrated system gives charming look.So,in few words if you are going to buy ebike then serial 1 is the best option for you.





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