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Stanford Computer Science professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng started Coursera Learning Platform in 2012. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, with over 6,000 sites, over 82 million students, and over a hundred Fortune 500 firms using it.

Coursera received B Corp certification in February 2021, which means it has a legal commitment to not only its shareholders but also to society. Coursera has worked with top companies like Google and IBM, as well as colleges like Duke and Imperial College London.

Overall Review

Coursera offers an assortment of courses. They give you certificates that hold extraordinary worth because high-level universities produce them. One of the most outstanding things about Coursera is that it gives a free multi-day preliminary as well. Coursera provides certificates that don’t show grades.

it fundamentally implies that we have gotten done with the tasks and that is all there is to it. It doesn’t show our performance. The certificates are the most noteworthy thing we gain from Coursera, however, it’s futile in the event that an individual advances nothing or couldn’t understand the amount they have learned

Coursera comprises many courses which likewise incorporate inclining new skills. For an understudy, it’s great that during this pandemic we can foster new skills and acquire esteemed certificates from Coursera. You can use the certificates in a resume which acquires not many positive focuses and makes us look great than others.

Features for Coursera Learning Platform

Features for Coursera Learning Platform

Coursera is an online learning platform featuring live video lectures at its core. This platform focuses on college-level courses, whether for credit at a university or not, with options including free learning and certificate programs.

The material is more focused, similar to that of other university-based online learning platforms. Learners looking for a more relaxed curriculum, such as a film appreciation lesson or basic cuisine, will have to look elsewhere. The selections are oriented toward business and computers when looking through the course catalog. Cybersecurity Certifications, such as Infosec’s Cyber Incident Response Course, or an online Master’s Degree in Data Science provided by a number of colleges. That including the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan, are examples of this.

The Arts and Humanities department, on the other hand, has a handful of options. This includes Wesleyan University’s “Creative Writing,” the California Institute of the Arts’ “Graphic Design” and the Museum of Modern Art’s “Modern and Contemporary Art and Design.”

A Guided Project option is also available. In contrast to a course, this is a more in-depth and interactive experience with an instructor teaching the learner step by step via a split-screen screen. NetLogo’s “Agent-based Generative Art” is an example of this.

Plans and pricing : Coursera Learning Platform

Plans and pricing for Coursera Learning Platform

Coursera has a leveling system for its plans. The Free Courses are the beginning point, and there are 1,790 videos to choose from. Some are quite popular, such as Stanford University’s “Machine Learning”. Each course is marked as either a beginning or advanced course. A numerical ranking out of five stars to help you choose the best information.

The professional certificates come next. These are meant to teach a skill in around six months for folks. Who doesn’t want to seek a formal degree or want to refresh their knowledge? Some industry leaders provide examples, including Facebook’s “Social Media Marketing,” IBM’s “Data Marketing,” and Intuit’s Bookkeeping. These job skills are not free. Coursera includes a certificate for the LinkedIn page as well.

Professional degrees are also available, just as they are at any big institution. These are entirely online degrees, such as the Online MBA provided by the University of Illinois Urbana-Gies Champaign’s College of Business. The 72 credit hours, including 18 courses and three capstone projects, take 2 to 3 years to complete. While the $22,104 pricing is high when compared to other online coursework. It is low when compared to the cost of physically attending a university. Where a master’s degree may easily cost over $100,000 at a private university.

Finally, Coursera Plus is a monthly membership that gives you access to infinite content. For a monthly charge of $59, with a 7-day trial period, you may access over 3,000 courses, including “Job-ready certificate programs.”

Support: Coursera Learning Platform

Support: Coursera Learning Platform

Coursera’s ‘Learner Help Center,’ has two functions. The first is a question-asking search bar. The second is a FAQ containing pre-written pages on themes like “Enrollment alternatives” and “Troubleshooting login and account difficulties”. There’s also a Coursera Community for students to connect in a virtual quad. But it’s presently being converted to a new platform which might explain the dearth of participation when we checked.

While these selections cover the basics, there are a few critical contacts that Coursera has not included. A phone number, fax number, direct email address, and a chat box are all included. We feel the missing alternatives to be too restricting for our taste, as Coursera puts it: “Learning without constraints.”

Coursera for Business: Coursera Learning Platform

Coursera for Business: Coursera Learning Platform

Organizations who want a platform to teach their staff might use Coursera for Business. This service is in great demand and utilise by a large number of businesses throughout the world. Coursera for Business has become an important component of Coursera’s profits strategy due to rising demand and a growing customer base.

Although Coursera does not disclose its income figures. It is believed that with a net value of over $1 billion, the company is presently generating around $140 million in sales. For many investors, Coursera is a high-revenue, high-value investment. Coursera has raised more than $300 million in nine rounds of funding too far, maintaining its market leadership.

User reviews: Coursera Learning Platform

User reviews

Coursera offers mobile applications for both Android and iPhone users. With over 92k reviews on iOS, the app receives a great 4.8/5 star rating. While most reviews are positive. The Coursera app is being criticized for difficulty canceling classes. It’s not merging with the desktop platform and quiz session troubles.

With an even larger 126k rating on Android, the score is a lesser of 4.2/5 stars. While the feedback has been mostly good, customers have reported challenges with text entry on their smartphones using the software on an Android tablet and accessing the next course in the sequence after the prior one has been finished.


Coursera provides a large library of online educational resources, particularly in the fields of business and computer science. We like the variety of options, which vary from free to graduate degrees as well as the smartphone applications and relationships with famous schools and businesses. We’d want to see fewer unstable applications, more informal content alternatives, and a wider range of support options. Coursera is a good alternative for people searching for online learning that is comparable to that of a college or institution.

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