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Best zombie games for PC- To encounter your night cravings!

Zombie games
Zombie games

The finest zombie games will disgust you out while also freaking you out, frequently at the very same time. They’ll hurl swarms of zombies at you, testing your skills and your trigger finger. In these games, you’ll need to survive, whether that means blasting the heads off the zombies with a shotgun or producing enough resources to keep you alive. The finest zombie games provide a wide range of activity experiences that will have you caught faster than just a zombie can say “brains.”

From classic Capcom titles to indie games still in development, the list of the best zombie games is diverse. There are open landscapes and narrower locations, shotguns, and Molotov cocktails, but the resurrected zombies of people (and often animals) that want to do nothing more than sinking their teeth into you are present in all of these games. Isn’t that sick? Here are the best zombie games anyone can play right now, starting with number 10 and working your way up to the top pick.

Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid- Zombie games

If Project Zomboid was not really still in open beta despite being cast in 2011. It would be far higher on the list. The old-school isometric pixel aesthetics of Zomboid conceal what could be the most comprehensive zombie outbreak simulation game in this world. And don’t be hypnotized. This is a model of what would happen if indeed the bulk of their neighbors transformed into zombies: most “survivors” would perish.

If you survive long enough, an evac helicopter will arrive, but there are no further formal goals (at certainly not in the main mode). Your execution is unavoidable, and what you are doing until then is entirely up to you.

But if you want to survive for more than a few days. Then you should start with building a nice small fort and starting a farm. You can really only hunt for so long before running out of food – or luck. Project Zomboid is already a compelling game to play solo or multiplayer, and you can only imagine how compelling it would be if the devs achieve in realizing their vision.

World war Z : : Aftermath

World war Z

World War Z isn’t particularly amazing in and of itself, but if you want to kill hundreds, if not thousands, of zombies with such a bunch of friends or outsiders. There’s really no better game for you. It’s partly on the 2013 Brad Pitt picture (which was partly on an even more roughly loosely on a 2006 novel), but that’s really just an excuse to reuse the film’s one distinctive feature: hordes of zombies rushing down streets and crashing around curves like a stream through a broken dam.

It certainly draws inspiration from the Left 4 Dead series (RIP), but it also incorporates modern gaming staples like as selectable classes and persistent progression. You can choose to play as a Slasher, who gains extra health by killing foes quickly, a Fixer, who installs traps to secure locations or one of the other four classes. Regardless matter who you choose to rank up initially, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to unload leads into sliding walls of putrid flesh.

Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light: The Following

It’s never been just so much joy to run over zombies. Dying Light: The Following is a DLC for the main game that removes almost all of the parkour from the original game but instead places you behind the wheel through a swath of almost-spotless farmland. As you travel over the fields, splatter zombies and leave tire tracks in their entrails as you go on daring jumps, splatter them into chunks of gore. Just make sure you don’t even get a zombie skull to your wiper blades.

There isn’t really a zombie-driving game out there right now, and The Following fills that void well. There’s also a new, advanced form of the Volatile components, who can kill you instantly if you come across one in your buggy or while sneaking about at night. In any case, you’ll have to avoid them while you investigate a sect that appears to be resistant to the zombie infection. The dynamic steering makes tearing down the road a joy, but be careful: the further you dodge out of the path of zombies, the larger the swarm will follow you.

Urban Dead

Urban Dead- zombie games

Wait, another one of the best zombie games available right now resembles an Angelfire site with a Y2K countdown clock? Yep. Since 2005, Urban Dead has been a web zombie MMORPG, featuring an eternal struggle among desperate survivors and wandering hordes of zombies. Don’t be taken aback by the appearances; this game is intense, plays in real-time, and has a lot to offer.

Because every in-game action depletes your stamina (and there aren’t any microtransactions to buy more). To ensure they’re always held captive somewhere safe when they tire out. Survivors must establish a balance between traveling, harvesting, and barricading. Zombies that run out of endurance while away from the throng are just as easily defeated. Hopefully, Urban Dead’s fascinating take on apocalyptic survival and societal dynamics will continue for another few decades.

Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada- Zombie games

Death Road to Canada is easily the oddest game on this list, including its grindhouse gore, chunky pixel, and chiptune surf rock visuals. Also, Death Road to Canada kicks off a frantic journey from Florida to the land of maple syrup and nice individuals. Straight through the overrun rest areas and cities of the United States, with the standard “I hear it’s safe there” concept. Many aspects of your adventure are random, including the individuals you start with or later acquire. Also, each survivor has their unique set of stats that affect how well they combat undead or recruit dogs to their cause. You know, standard apocalyptic fare.

The random events that transpire just on-road and even in the top-down, zombie-dodging phases feed into one another; a few solid supply trips mean you’ll have enough petrol and food to take risks, but growing overconfident in either aspect of the game can soon turn lethal. And this isn’t a game where you’re afraid to kill your randomly created darlings on a regular basis. If you use the optional create-a-survivor tool to populate your game world with tiny versions of your friends and family, it gets even smarter. If you really want to make it north of the border. You’d best be ready to start that automobile and get going, no matter who you have to leave behind.

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 doesn’t cure all of its predecessor’s problems, but it does improve on its virtues. If you’re unfamiliar with them, they’re all about assisting you in telling your own unique story of survival in a zombie apocalypse through a preset landscape strewn with supplies and a steady stream of completely random victims to meet and play as (or ignore and take their stuff when they die). Whereas Project Zomboid depends heavily on the idea of being an ordinary person in an impossible predicament. The State of Decay series strives to keep you happy with lovely midwestern scenery and grisly fun combat. Even though your supplies run out and zombies beat down your gate.

The most exciting addition to State of Decay 2 is undoubtedly the long-awaited arrival of multiplayer. The potential of fully explorable storytelling is enormously expanded when you invite companions in to assist defend and forage for your community. It also provides you with a chance to put all of those zombie apocalypse survival strategies you’ve spent debating with your friends for far too long to the test.


There are many different types of games available in the videogame world and many of them are very popular. But the most popular and everlasting type of game is zombie games. Most of them are childish but some of them are really terrifying and gross. Here are some of the best Zombie games which include- Project Zomboid, World war Z, Dying Light, Urban Dead, Death Road to Canada, and State of Decay 2. These are some of the best zombie games and now it’s your choice what to play.

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