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1More Evo: Hi-res Wireless Audio Earbuds!


 1More is one of those long-standing brands that hasn’t attained the brilliance it may have, despite being around for quite some time. Although the business has released a variety of earbuds and headphones that come close to doing this, it has never ultimately succeeded.

The Evo true wireless noise-canceling earbuds combine dynamic and balanced armature drivers in each earpiece and strongly emphasize audio quality. They also support LDAC. They succeed on this front, but other aspects aren’t as compelling. For instance, the 1More companion app lacks a configurable EQ, the active noise cancellation (ANC) is mediocre, and the on-ear controls are inadequate.


1More Evo

The 1More Evo is unmistakably posh and stylish in appearance. They resemble the round ColorBuds 2 in shape, but the Evo takes it further with glass-like ceramic touch panels ringed by bronze accent rings. But 1More asserts that the panels’ purpose goes beyond aesthetics: According to reports, the earphones’ ceramic construction also keeps interference to a minimum while maintaining a better wireless connection.

The cover for wireless charging is also really stylish. Its curved form and black, anodized aluminum alloy construction feel wonderful in your hands. According to the manufacturer, aluminum substances will be more scratch-resistant than plastic. A similar set of LEDs on the earbuds offer feedback on their charge level and pairing status, while a single LED on the front shows the case’s charge level and charging status. Despite not being created with exercise, the Evo can readily withstand sweat or rain without incurring any harm. The earphones’ IPX4 water resistance will keep you dry as you walk, even if you sweat or cope with a rainy day.

Battery Life

1More Evo

One of the nicest aspects of the 1More Evo is its long battery life. Which can last up to 5.5 hours of playback when ANC is turned on and up to about 8 hours when it is turned off. There are additional battery life drains at work here as well. For instance, if you utilize adaptive ANC, it could consume a bit more power than continuing with Strong ANC. Additionally, the Bluetooth codec you select impacts battery life; higher quality codecs like aptX HD or LDAC need more power.

The carry case can provide an extra 20–28 hours of listening. You should get at least three full charges out of your headphones before you need to find a power outlet, though again, this depends on the settings you choose the earbuds themselves. The carry case also supports wireless Qi charging, and the fast charge option offers up to three hours of playing on a quick 10-minute charge.



The Evo’s Bluetooth connection is quite reliable. When you remove the earbuds from the case, they instantly pair and connect, and the Bluetooth 5.2 signal remains constant up to ten meters away from your smartphone. However, the stability declines if you pick the LDAC codec option on Android, operating steadily only up to around 5–6 meters away from your phone.

You may choose a multipoint connection using the app as well. It is an experimental feature, as 1more calls it. It’s not perfect, though. Before you can alter the volume or settings again, the earbuds will likely lose connection with the app, requiring you to re-connect them. Despite the app’s ability to lose connectivity, it’s worthwhile to try it. You can switch between two linked devices when it functions properly. You may use the same headphones to listen to music on your phone, pause it, start a video on your laptop, and then resume listening to music. The major benefit of the function is that even calls from the device you’re not listening to seem to go right to your headphones.



The Evo’s touch controls are precise and simple, just like those on most 1More devices. However, they have the same drawbacks: A minor complaint is a lack of feedback to let you know you’ve tapped correctly. More importantly, you can use double-tap, long-press, and triple-tap gestures, but there aren’t enough combinations to operate all of Evo’s features. As a result, you are forced to utilize the 1More Music app to choose what matters to you the most. Want to change the volume and pause/play the music? No issue. However, you won’t be able to follow the forward/backward skip. Want to be able to pause/play music while still having access to your voice assistant? Okay. However, the volume and track skipping cannot be controlled.

Active Noise Cancelling Mode

1More Evo

The 1more Evo’s Active Noise Cancelling performs an excellent job of suppressing external noises. Darker and consistent noises are instantly pushed to the background, while you may still detect certain irregular and higher-pitched sounds. Refrigerator electronic buzzing and distant traffic are likely to stop. Your head will get some rest thanks to the function, which does so naturally. There is seldom any white noise to mask your surroundings unless there is no sound. You may select a light ANC variation or a specific wind noise reduction (WNR) mode via the app, which may reduce the ANC’s overall strength but does a better job of eliminating wind noise.

There are two options in the app for the transparency mode, which allows you to hear sounds around you through your headphones: Voice augmentation amplifies the effect to also let in talk. Pass-through mode concentrates on traffic noise. The latter is necessary for any effect to be felt when listening to music, yet pausing the music is the most fantastic method to hear discussions going on around you. 
When using the ANC on the 1more Evo, some wind noise is audible, but since the earbuds offer both a dedicated wind noise reduction mode and the ability to turn ANC off from the earbuds themselves, wind noise isn’t an issue.

Calls Quality

call quality

The 1More Evo wirebuds typically makes quality calls. There is excellent noise suppression in noisy environments, so your callers won’t hear the sound of traffic as you wander the streets. But in situations like these, 1More’s algorithms honestly struggle to maintain your sound clear and uncompressed. I advise you to seek out calmer areas; your callers will appreciate it.

There isn’t a sidetone for calls (which allows you to hear your voice clearly). Still, much as with earlier 1More earbuds, if you activate transparency mode before placing or receiving a call, that mode will be active while you are on the phone, essentially doing the same thing. Unfortunately, you cannot switch it on or off when on a call.


1More Evo: Hi-res Wireless Audio Earbuds!

You will be happy with 1MORE Evo wireless earbuds if you desire Bluetooth earphones with many valuable functions. The excellent active noise cancellation and the more than adequate transparency mode may be adjusted according to the circumstance and background noise. The music is automatically paused and resumed via the Smart playback function, or it is just paused. The 1MORE app also enables you to personalize touch controls. The ceramic surface must be touched for the earphone to recognize your order.

Additionally, whether you press twice or three times quickly or slowly is irrelevant. Furthermore, earphones will recognize a triple tap instruction if you tap it more than three times. It’s important to note that using touch gestures to adjust the volume results in 2-step adjustments. So, sadly, you’ll have to use your smartphone if you want to adjust the volume. The multipoint or multiple device connection is the final cool feature. You can choose to link the earphones with two devices at once.

List Of Features

  • ANC
  • Transparency Mode
  • Control Customization
  • Auto Play/Pause
  • SoundID
  • Multipoint
  • Call Quality

Price & Availability

1More Evo

In April 2022, 1More introduced the Evo, which was relatively simple to find, especially online. As discounts and sales are usual for 1More’s earphones, their starting price was $170, but because of the deal, it is available for $144.99 in the US. And in the UK it is available at £135.99 as of deals, the original price was £159.99. They are available in both black and white. You can purchase it from Amazon by following the button below:

Is 1MORE under Xiaomi?

Three former Foxconn executives founded an audio equipment startup named 1More Inc. with funding from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Corp. to compete with Apple Inc.’s Beats Electronics LLC in the international market.

What is the warranty period of 1more Evo?

1MORE EVO earbuds are covered under a one-year warranty. You can visit Service Center if there are any problems.

How much does each bud weigh? What kind of tips do they have? Do they fit after-market tips?

The weight of one EVO earbud is 5.7g. The ear tips come in five distinct sizes: XS, S, M(default), L, and XL.

How does the multipoint work?

Getting a dual-device connection is as follows:

  1. On-device A, enable the Dual-Device Connection in the Experimental Features.
  2. After reinstalling the earphones in the case, triple-tap the pairing button in the center of the case to restart the pairing procedure.
    As soon as device A is disconnected, the 1MORE EVO switches to pairing mode.
  3. Activate Bluetooth on device B, look for, and connect to 1MORE EVO.
  4. To connect, select 1MORE EVO from the Bluetooth settings menu on device A.


If you’re seeking mid-range earphones, the 1More Evo wireless earbuds is just what you’re looking for. Except for a few drawbacks, it is one of the best earbuds at a reasonable price. The 1More Evo earbuds are a terrific alternative since they have a well-tuned audio profile, long battery life, effective ANC, and stylish earbuds. You should buy these earbuds if you prioritize sound-per-pound audio quality and good battery life. You shouldn’t buy these if you’re looking for perfect ANC & Proper Touch Controls. However, it has multiple ANC modes; you can select it per your need.1More Evo has AAC, SBC, and LDAC as its codecs.

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