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Best Monitor Stands for maintaining an organized desktop!


Whether you are working from home or in the office, maintaining an organized desktop is essential. Some people swear that order is chaotic, but most will struggle with unorganized workstations. Therefore, it is best to purchase equipment that will properly organize your desk, such as a monitor stand.

Also, the monitor can be placed on a desk, but there are many advantages to using it on a stand. First, it promotes ergonomics and better posture by raising the monitor to eye level. Also, pull up the monitor and move it out of the way. This will free up more space on the surface of the desk.

With all these benefits in mind, let’s take a look at the best monitor stands currently available. This allows you to measure each one more accurately and determine which one suits your needs.

Vivo Dual Desk Mount Monitor Stand

Vivo Dual Desk Mount Monitor stand

This slim model by VIVO can be mounted on the back of almost any surface using clamps or screw eyelets. I don’t put it on my desk, so I have a lot of space. This model supports up to £ 22 and is also suitable for TVs and tablets.

 You will love VIVO because of its high-quality workmanship and well-thought-out features. It’s cramped for two big screens, but it can hold two 1327-inch monitors. The monitor can be placed vertically or horizontally, which is very convenient. My only complaint here is that you can’t adjust the height of both monitors individually. If you move one monitor, the other monitor will follow.

 This tool is easy to assemble, has good cable management, and provides one of the most powerful platforms for dual-monitor setups available today. Also, The clamp that holds the VIVO in place fits in a desk up to 10 cm thick, so it’s almost guaranteed to work in any room. If you need a simple and affordable dual monitor system, VIVO belongs to its own class.

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand HNDS6

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand HNDS6

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is more costly than many of its competitors at $70, but it makes up for it by providing a more comprehensive set of features than most of its competitors.

Premium gas springs provide easy and smooth movement, and both arms have independent height adjustment, allowing you to use two displays at different height levels. Many lower-cost dual display arms lack this capability. Each arm can swivel 180 degrees, rotate 360 degrees, and tilt 80 degrees, and each arm can support a 27-inch panel weighing 14.3 pounds. It has a lot of versatility.

The HNDS6 is held firmly on your desk by a sturdy C-shaped clamp, and the company also offers single monitor arms, dual arms for larger screens, and even a triple-screen mount.

Vari Pro Plus 36

Best Monitor Stands for maintaining an organized desktop!

Vari’s devices range in price from $249 to $359, so they’re a big investment, but this one transforms your regular desk into a standing desk. That’s a novel way of working, but it has the potential to boost productivity and your health, so it may be worthwhile to invest.

The VariDesk Pro Plus 36 is divided into two tiers to provide a wide range of desktop options. The top shelf holds two monitors and is 36 inches wide, while the bottom shelf holds your keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

Thanks to a smooth, spring-loaded system, the VariDesk easily adjusts to eleven different height settings, and it comes fully assembled.

The Vari Pro Plus 36 has a lot going for it. Switching to a standing desk can improve your health and productivity, and this unit’s tiered system allows you to expand your desktop space.

VideoSecu ML12B Monitor stand

VideoSecu ML12B Monitor stand

If you have only one monitor, the VideoSecu ML12B is one of the best options for your monitor stand. This is the most affordable, flexible, durable, and fully functional stand for your monitor, whether it’s a computer monitor or a TV screen.

Compatible with  VESA mount with 75 x 75 mm and 100 x 100 mm patterns. Capable of supporting up to £ 44, it offers great flexibility options. You can tilt it 5 degrees forward, 5 degrees backward, pan up to 180 degrees, and rotate up to 360 degrees.

 It can be stored up to 15 inches from the wall and 2.4 inches from the wall, so you can use it as a wall installation or secure more space. Also, You have complete control over how your monitor is set up comfortably.

Installation is also easy and convenient. Some users also report that they can safely and successfully mount 32-inch monitors and 34-inch ultra-wide monitors. The only downside to this option is the lack of height adjustment. This is reasonable considering how cheap it is. Height adjustable mounts are more sophisticated and are more expensive because they contain additional parts such as gas springs. So you need to make sure your screen is set to the most ideal height as it will be a lot of work to change later. It is made of high-quality steel that gives strength and strength. You should not doubt its ability to improve your monitor. The black powder paint finish complements the sleek, modern look of your home or office workspace.

If flexibility, durability, and reliability at an affordable price are the criteria for choosing the best monitor stand, this is definitely the best choice.

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Adjustable Monitor Stand

Another great solution within your budget is the Amazon Basics adjustable monitor stand.

 Its stackable column legs provide basic height adjustment capabilities that can reach up to 12.5 cm. Adjustments are available in 1 inch per level. With ergonomics in mind, it helps you maintain the correct posture while working.

The two pillars are designed with anti-slip features to keep the stand and the devices it supports in place. There is a 28 cm wide storage space under the stand. You can store a keyboard and mouse, a game console, and even an additional laptop. The stand itself can hold laptops, monitors, and printers that weigh up to 10 kg. Weighing 1.16 kg, it offer a black color that creates a formal atmosphere that suits the workplace.

 The disadvantage of this option is the plastic construction. It does not increase its aesthetic and general value. However, Amazon emphasizes its durable construction and sophisticated profile, with rounded counters to create a contemporary style and an elegant and sophisticated look.

Wali Monitor Stand

Best Monitor Stands for maintaining an organized desktop!

It has a Large 14.6 x 9.3 inches durable metal shelf. It maximum supports weight up to 44lbs (20kg).

Anti-skid rubber pads prevent slipping or damage to your work surface.

Large sturdy platform with vented holes, this stand will prevent overheating and keep the device running cool.

The sleek modern black design complements any desk while adding extra space underneath the stand for storage.

  • Weight Capacity: 44lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.6″x9.3″
  • Height Adjustable Levels: 3.9″, 4.7″, 5.5″


There are many considerations when buying a monitor stand. With so many choices in today’s market, choosing one can be very difficult. But if you stick to the elements that are most important to you, you should still succeed. First, you need to know the size of the monitor stand. There are models designed for up to three monitors while maintaining stability and keeping the device safe. If you spend more time on multiple monitors, consider choosing a stand that can hold them. Otherwise, it would be very inconvenient to put one monitor on the stand and the other monitor on the desk.

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