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Best selfie stick you can choose to take proper photos or videos!

Best selfie sticks
Best selfie sticks

The younger generations are obsessed with taking great selfies because they are addicted to social media. It is regarded as being essential to the world of social media and personal communications. You don’t need to purchase a bulky DSLR or approach a stranger for a photo. For that photograph, a selfie stick would be ideal. Despite being expensive, many sticks on the market have different designs that will fall apart after a few weeks of use. You’ll be upset if you pay more and don’t get the proper usage out of them.
The best solution would be to have a perfect stick that fits on your phone and stays put. It must have Bluetooth control, stretch to a decent length, and be portable enough to go anywhere. However, the best ones are listed below so you can take the perfect photos of yourself and your buddies.


Our Pick

The DJI OM 5 has a sleek new design and an integrated extension rod, which sets it apart from its predecessor. This is DJI's fifth model, which is more compact and lightweight than earlier ones. Its weight capacity is 10.2 ounces, and it can handle approximately a capacity of 21 ounces with an extended length of 18.8 inches and a collapsed length of 10.4 inches.

It supports larger smartphones and features an extremely tough telescoping arm and better picture stabilization. Android and iPhone both work with the DJI OM 5. Because it has a convenient camera and is compact, influencers and YouTubers also use the DJI OM 5 for their shots.

It is made up of polycarbonate like its predecessor. DJI OM 5 has a luxurious feel and comes in the colors Sunset White and Athens Grey. It also has a magnetic clamp that latches your smartphone like a strong magnet and can be used with the phone case attached. DJI OM 5 has both portrait and landscape modes; by clicking the adaptable button twice, you can switch between them. You receive an attachable tripod, a dust bag, and a USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable in the box.

The DJI OM 5's battery life is approximately 6.4 hours. The charging time for a 5V/2A charger is around 1.5 hours. Overall the DJI OM 5 is now the new benchmark for high-end stabilization.

  • It fits almost all phones
  • Smallest and lightest gimbal yet
  • Solid three-axis stabilization
  • Useful app features
  • The new elegant design looks great
  • The clamp can handle larger/thicker phones
  • Limited video recording options on Android
  • The arm can be tricky to fold and unfold
  • No external device charging
  • Fiddly selfie stick extension
  • Expensive
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02/20/2024 07:24 am GMT



The Insta360 selfie stick is designed to capture the entire scene. The two lenses on the camera provide a 360° view, and you simultaneously take a point-of-view image of the area in front of you.

You can disappear your stick because the cameras use two 200-degree lenses to make your selfie stick vanish. Insta360 has a 4500mah battery and two USB Type C ports.

The battery life of Insta360 is roughly 1 hour; One fully charged battery can shoot continuously at 5.7K@30fps or 4K@50fps for approximately an hour under typical circumstances. The Power Selfie Stick for the Insta360 functions as a remote. With no Bluetooth devotion, Insta360 has an extended length of 120 cm and a retracted length of 28 cm.

The selfie stick can stand thanks to Insta360's standard 1/4-20 tripod hole. The most significant problem with Insta360 is that it is not waterproof. The stick's length is a little bit longer than the invisible selfie stick, making it challenging to fit in the pocket, but for the price, using it for vlogging is handier.

  • Very sturdy and rigid
  • Automatically hidden by the camera
  • Long extended length
  • Works with an array of Insta360 action cameras and mounts
  • Extended battery life:
  • It only works with Insta360
  • No Bluetooth
  • Not waterproof
  • Not pocketable
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Atumtek 3-in-1 Selfie Stick

ATUMTEK is more than simply a Bluetooth selfie stick; it is constructed with strong yet lightweight components. It is the most popular and widely used selfie stick among consumers because it combines strength and portability.

It is available in black, Weighing 6 ounces, with a gloss-finish handle. This product stands out by its excellent design and features. It is incredibly sturdy due to the ATUMTEK Selfie Stick with a tripod stand working together and the superior aluminum extendable stick.

It includes a 50mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable and recyclable. You can take individual or group shots by taking the remote control out. You can change the product and capture roughly 15000 images using a Micro USB charging port with a 5V/110mAh capacity. It comprises tripod legs supported by aluminum hinges and a sturdy telescopic arm with anodic coating.

ATUMTEK selfie stick comes with a Bluetooth remote that can also be used as a stand-alone tripod which is simple, functional, and durable. It is compatible with Android 5.0 and iOS 7.0 and above and can mount phones as broad as 3.42 inches. Bluetooth range is up to 30 feet. The wireless remote control for this product runs on a rechargeable 5V lithium battery.

The tripod stand's leg is built of plastic, which makes its delicate plastic tripod legs still liable to breaking. The ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick features a 270-degree rotating phone holder that can accommodate vertical and horizontal phone clips. When taking pictures, the 180 degree lets you choose the perfect angle.

  • Strongest tripod legs in this size
  • Stands firmly when fully extended--even with the heaviest iPhone pointing down
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Decent cell phone holding security for its weight
  • Can't accommodate widest phones
  • It doesn't take DSLRs or GoPros
  • Shorter extension length
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02/19/2024 11:14 am GMT


Our Pick
Vproof Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Vproof Bluetooth Selfie Stick is the lightest and smallest selfie stick ever. The design is simple yet attractive and comfortable to use in any circumstance. Although it weighs only 4.2 ounces but can handle up to 7 ounces of weight and includes a remote shutter built into the grip, it is not removable.

The Vproof selfie stick comprises a sturdy aluminum alloy of aviation grade. The phone holder on the Vproof is 180 degrees movable and can accommodate phones with a width between 2.16 and 3.54 inches. Even though it doesn't have a tripod, many users don't find this a problem.

The high-quality 65 mAh button battery within the Vproof selfie stick can last 20–25 hours of continuous use (or approximately 10 000 selfies). The battery of the selfie stick may endure for more than 30 days when left on standby. It is portable, takes up little space, and has an integrated Bluetooth remote, a convenient feature.

The integrated Bluetooth remote can be as long as 26 inches and is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. It is a fantastic, sturdy, small alternative on the best selfie stick list.

  • Long battery life
  • Very portable
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Bluetooth control
  • The moderate device holding security
  • Not advised for use with the heaviest phones
  • The Remote is not detachable
  • No tripod
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/20/2024 07:23 am GMT


Erligpowht Selfie Stick

Erligpowht is considered the best selfie stick for the customer who has a low cost. It has a unique design that is compact and does not occupy vast space because of its foldable handle. It has an aluminum telescoping arm and a black plastic handle.

It Weighs 4.8 ounces with a wireless remote connection range of 33 feet. The height of this product ranges from 7.6 inches to 34 inches, and you can get compatible with both iPhone and android devices.

A single-use battery powers the remote for the Erligpowht Selfie Stick. The tripod legs are built with a flexible rubber material which is the main point of this tripod. Because it lacks an extension, this device couldn't be used very effectively.

You may find it challenging to handle because the handle is made of bare plastic. And those whose hands are sweaty have significant issues holding the device. With the price and features combined, it's an excellent device overall.

  • Very compact, great for traveling
  • Most solid telescopic in the price class
  • Quick pocket to picture set up
  • Clamp rotation automatically locks
  • Easily adjustable tilting neck
  • Wireless remote’s no-fuss slip-in-out access
  • The handle has no grip
  • check-markTripod feet are thin plastic that can break easily
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 11:57 am GMT


Our Pick
Yoozon Selfie Stick Tripod

Yoozon selfie stick is versatile multifunctional, and has pretty good built-in features at affordable prices. It offers quality built construction, a 360-degree mount rotation, and is comprised of an aluminum alloy.

It is extendable to 25.2 inches and can hold the smartphone with widths between 3.5 to 6.5 inches. Yoozon's selfie stick has a detachable Bluetooth remote and a range of about 33 feet. Because it uses a CR1632 battery, this product has good battery life.

This product is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and compact cameras. It weighs about 4 ounces, folds to 7.9 x 1.8 x 1.7, and has a minimum length of 13.3 inches and a maximum length of 25.2 inches. Within a 10-meter range, a wireless remote operates.

Because the grip on this selfie stick is not padded, it has a smooth plastic texture, which makes handling it difficult. Overall, it's an excellent option for money and includes many great features you might find on the market.

  • Connectivity is fast
  • Solid construction
  • 360 degrees of mount rotation
  • Comfortable handle
  • A very sturdy telescope that won’t break or shake
  • Simple wireless remote slip in-out mechanism
  • Short extension
  • The handle has no rubber grip
  • check-mark downward tilt only to 195 degrees
  • Tripod flaps need to be handled with care
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/20/2024 07:37 am GMT


ProMaster Selfie Stick

In substitute of an expensive tripod, the ProMaster Selfie Stick is a cost-effective and versatile option. This selfie stick can extend up to 51 inches, allowing you to take a picture from wide angles, but it takes vast space and cannot fit in your pocket.

For the construction of this product, aluminum is used, ensuring the tool's long life cycle. The lack of a built-in battery is the user's complaint about this selfie stick; however, based on the price, this isn't the issue.

From smartphones to cameras and microphones, the ProMaster Selfie stick can hold it all. 

Bluetooth remote control is missing, meaning you'll have to set the timer continuously. However, the target market for this product is primarily individuals who will gain from its flexibility. It costs more than similar selfie sticks with Bluetooth and other capabilities. Additionally, it offers considerably better value than other sticks of the same size. 

  • Affordable
  • Use compact cameras, camera phones, microphones, or more.
  • 5- Section lightweight aluminum construction
  • Extends from 13"/33 cm to 51"/130 cm in length
  • Includes camera phone mount, which fits most camera phones
  • The phone mount is not wide enough to fit smartphones with large dimensions or bulky cases
  • There is no built-in battery
  • Bluetooth remote control is missing, meaning that you’ll have to continuously set the timer
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/19/2024 11:57 am GMT

Fugetek 51″ Tripod

Fugetek 51" Professional Tripod

Fugetek 51 Selfie Stick Tripod is a Selfie stick with a built-in tripod. The aluminum is used for its built-in; it can bear a DSLR. Most professionals use this selfie stick for vlogging or the best traveling view. It weighs more than one pound, cannot fit in a pocket, and comes with a carrying bag for holding.

It is collapsable and measures upto 19 and 51 inches when fully extended for the widest of shots. This selfie stick works from 50 feet and has the best battery life. It can be compatible with both Andriod and the iphone.

The Stick has a non-slip rubber handle, which serves no purpose because the tripod's legs fold up against the handle and cannot be detached. Because of the heavy handle makes pressing the button while holding the Stick uncomfortable.

You can set up the Stick between the three heights according to your needs. The minimum height of the tripod is 19'', the medium is 31'', and the maximum is 51''. However, you can only use it in these three sizes since the locks don't shut until the components they're in charge of are entirely opened.

It is a two-in-one selfie stick and tripod. While in selfie mode, just the telescope has to be closed, in tripod mode, both legs must be kept closed at all times. The Stick contains two zooming buttons, and according to Fugetek, these features are incompatible with iPhones but work on a few Android phones.

  • Easy to use
  • Extends to 51 inches
  • Detachable Bluetooth remote
  • Rubber handle
  • Long battery life
  • Standard tripod mount
  • Less stable with heavier cameras
  • Difficult to switch between landscape and portrait modes on the go
  • not the most comfortable grip
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/21/2024 06:06 am GMT


GoPro 3

GoPro selfie sticks are considered the best to capture the best views and shots. Because of its bendable arm, this stick helps you take photographs or cover videos for your YouTube. When creating this stick, the users' demands for an extension arm, the best camera grip, and a tripod were considered. This tool works with all GoPro models, including the newest ones.

For those who go on adventures, it provides terrific photographic opportunities. This stick can endure a day in the Andes covered in snow, a scuba diving trip in Bali, etc. The GoPro selfie stick deflated to a length of 8 inches (20 cm) and a weight of roughly 300g.

Users are disappointed that this selfie stick lacks an internal battery or remote control for shooting selfies far away. The price is relatively high, but remember that you primarily pay for the brand name.

  • The tool is made to be waterproof and lightweight.
  • The tripod is detachable and can be easily stored inside the tool’s arm
  • From the oldest to the newest GoPro models, this tool is compatible with them all
  • Versatile Design
  • In the collapsed state, the stick reaches 8 inches (20 cm) in length.
  • No internal battery
  • No remote controller to shoot from a great distance
  • Expensive
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/20/2024 05:20 pm GMT


Quik Pod Sport

Quik Pod, a recognized company, has produced a professional selfie stick like Quik Pod Sport Selfie Stick. Despite its robust design, the Quik Pod Sport Selfie Stick is lightweight. Unique selfie stick made of hand-anodized metal entirely resistant to salt water. 

This selfie stick is extendable upto 39 inches covering almost the vast area of the view. GoPros, DSLR cameras, and cellphones can all be modified. Because it is a waterproof device, you can use it for underwater activities. 

The selfie stick comes with a detachable mirror and Bluetooth controller. It is expensive, but not an issue because of its features. Due to the features it offers, the price is not a problem.

  • possesses a 360-degree tilt
  • The wrist strap helps to stabilize the grip
  • Can fit smartphones with huge dimensions
  • Lightweight despite its sturdy construction
  • The Bluetooth remote is not waterproof.
  • Pricier than the other selfie stick models
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Is it worth buying?

Firstly, you can control the angles you want to capture with it. You’ll obtain the aim, and your arm won’t hurt. Additionally, it will produce more realistic angles. You risk taking a photo of your cylinder-shaped face when holding a phone or camera in your hand.

Is Bluetooth required?

It increases your arm’s reach and the field of vision on your phone’s camera. It includes Bluetooth connectivity for quick connection to your smartphone. Still, if Bluetooth isn’t an option, wired variants can be connected to your phone using an additional cable.

How do you use it without wires?

Utilize Bluetooth pairing to connect your new accessory to your gadget. Search for the name of your stick in the Bluetooth section of your smartphone or digital camera. However, you can use your phone or camera to pair with the device when you see the name of your equipment.

How does it capture images?

Because it utilizes Bluetooth technology, which uses radio waves rather than wires or cables to link your iPhone to the remote control or shutter button, although this is short-range communication technology, depending on your device, the range varies.


It is used to take photographs or videos by positioning a digital camera device, typically a smartphone, beyond the normal range of the arm. It is the best way to get the desired photo with the views that can be difficult while usually taking a selfie.

One of the top on our list is the DJI OM 5. After all, while being pricey, it has the most attractive feature for people who don’t care about the cost. The next cheapest is the Vproof Bluetooth, which has a long battery life, is portable and lightweight, and has practically all the functionality of an expensive one.

The Yoozon Tripod, which offers multipurpose features at affordable rates compared to others on the market, is also suggested as the best because of its superior connection, sturdy construction, comfortable design, and 360-degree mount rotation.

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