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How to turn on Airpods Pro without a case?


The Airpods Pro case is comprised of tough polycarbonate. It provides solid protection against scratches and minor drops. It fits snugly and features a tiny hole on the front so you can readily view the charging LED indicator. Moreover, It also comes with a complimentary carabiner so that you may attach it to anything, wherever. To turn the Airpods Pro, you need a case if you pair it for the first time. However, if your Airpods Pro case is damaged or lost, you can still turn on the Airpods Pro without the case with your paired device. The following are all the steps and tricks to turn on the Airpods Pro without the case on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows PC.

Turn On Airpods Pro on iPhone without a case.

Suppose Airpods are previously paired with iPhone

  • Activate Control Center.
    Swipe downward from your screen’s upper right corner to activate this.
  • On the audio logo, press, and hold.
    The screen’s card on the top right side displays your current media.
  • Click on the Airplay icon.
    The audio card’s upper right side contains an icon resembling a triangle enclosed in circles.
  • Click to choose your Airpods from the paired Bluetooth devices list.
    As long as your AirPods are on and within range, they will appear here if you have previously paired them.
    You will need the case to execute troubleshooting procedures, such as repairing if your AirPods do not appear here.

However, the following are the steps to turn on the Apple Airpods Pro on iPhone without a case if your Airpods are previously paired with iPhone.

Suppose Airpods are previously not paired with iPhone.

You will require the case to pair the AirPods with the iPhone. Only the initial pairing step requires it. Then, you can pair them to the same device without the case.

Here is how to link the AirPods with your iOS device if you haven’t already:

  • Place the charging case with the two AirPods inside.
  • Now check if the status light is amber by opening the lid.
  • After then, hold down the setup button. It is visible on the rear of the case.
  • The status light will start to blink white after a short while.
  • Now access your iDevice’s home screen.
  • Hold the case near your iPhone after removing the AirPods from it.
  • Press Connect, tap Done, and a setup animation will display.

However, the following are the steps to turn on the Apple Airpods Pro on iPhone without a case if your Airpods are previously not paired with your iPhone.

Turn On Airpods Pro on Android without a case.

  • Select the Settings app.
  • Go to Connections.
  • Select Bluetooth.
  • To finish the procedure, choose the AirPods that you have already paired.
  • The list of associated devices will appear. Tap on your AirPods.

Following are the steps to turn on Airpods Pro on Android without a case if your Airpods Pro is paired with your Android.

Turn On Airpods Pro on Windows PC without a case.

  • Action Center should be opened as the initial step.
  • Go to Settings can be chosen by right-clicking the tile. On the very right of your taskbar, there is an icon that resembles a conversation bubble.

A window for Bluetooth Settings will then appear.

  • To choose your AirPods, click.
    If you’ve earlier paired them with your computer, you should be able to find them under Audio or Other Devices.
    You will need the case to undertake troubleshooting procedures, such as forgetting the connection and pairing again if your AirPods do not appear here.

Following are the steps to turn on Airpods Pro on Windows PC without a case with the paired device.

Turn On Airpods Pro on Mac without a case.

Turning on the Airpods Pro without a case is easier on Mac than on iPhone, Android and Windows.

  • On your screen, click the Bluetooth icon in the upper right corner.
  • Choosing your AirPods.
    From the variety of devices, pick your AirPods.

What to do if Airpods do not function?

  • Examine the AirPod battery. Make sure that your Airpods are fully charged.
  • Examine the Charging Case Battery.
  • Examine the Charging Cable.
  • Examine your AirPods for debris and dust.
  • Examine for Software Updates.

How can users reset AirPods Pro if they don’t have a case?

Alternatively, hold and press the Digital Crown and Noise Control buttons for 15 seconds if you need to reset them. However, you can also hold and press until the amber flashes turn white. You can then re-pair them with your iCloud and phone as if they were fresh.

What is the purpose of the AirPod Pro case?

Put your AirPods in your case to charge them. Your case stores numerous total charges for your AirPods, allowing you to charge them while on the go. When not in use, keep your AirPods charged by storing them in their case.

Can You Find A Missing AirPod Case?

Yes, you can locate your misplaced AirPod case. That is if you use Apple’s Find My App to locate at least one of your AirPods in your misplaced charging case. You’ll have to rely on items like AirTags or other tracking methods without your AirPods in the missing case.

Can the AirPod Pro cases be exchanged?

You can purchase a replacement left or right AirPod and the Charging Case. Your replacement will be completely new. AppleCare+ does not cover AirPods for Headphones if they are lost or stolen.


However, the critical function of the Apple Airpods case is to charge the Airpods. It is not mandatory that users can turn on the Airpods only with the Apple Airpods case. Moreover, if your AirPods are already paired with iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows, you can quickly turn on the Airpods without the case by following the above-mentioned steps.

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