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Top Google Pixel 6 cases: Keep your phone safe!


Google is introducing a tablet called Google Pixel 6 with different features. This is Google’s first-ever processor, which is smart, secure, and fast. The Google Pixel 6 Camera grasps a moment exactly the way that you experienced it. Furthermore, the Personal Safety app and the new Titan M2 chip assist with safeguarding you, your stuff, and your protection. This device was released in October 2021, supporting an Android operating system. It is quite bigger in size as compared to a normal phone size which is 6.4 inches, and the display resolution is 2400 x 1080. To secure this sleek device there is a need for Google Pixel 6 cases.

Google Pixel 6 already is a secure phone as it is made of Gorilla Glasses Victus display also it is water and dust resistant, so you are carefree about its protection. But to give your phone a modern look or to you want advanced protection on your phone these are the different cases to give your phone a different look.

Luckily, case designers have a lot of choices for Google’s new phone. The best Google Pixel 6 cases fit the new phone perfectly, considering its amazing horizontal camera band. They can likewise fight off sleek fingerprints and other problems. The Google Pixel 6 was the main one to get a real variety of choices and not simply metallic shades, and there are delightful tones and strong accents around that eye-getting camera bar extending across the back. This is one of the most mind-blowing Android phones with a portion of 10 years of updates in front of it, and on the off chance that you believe your new phone should keep going that long, you really want to get one of the most mind-blowing Google Pixel 6 cases you can.

1. Ringke Fusion Pixel 6 Case

Ringke Fusion for Pixel 6

Give some classy look to your phone!

Want your Google Pixel 6 to look more classy! So here is one of the transparent cases that makes your phone more impressive or exclusive. The Pixel 6 version of the Ringke Fusion case is a crystal, clear defensive layer against drops, fingerprints, and the components, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

It’s not difficult to allow your phone’s magnificence to radiate through with this reasonable case, which likewise fills in as a guard for a better grasp. There is a hold on the front presentation back from being damaged or dinged. You might join a belt, which is sold separately, through double QuickCatch.

2. Spigen Liquid Air Case

 Spigen's Liquid Air case for google pixel 6

Want to try some reliable look?

Spigen’s Liquid Air case for the Pixel 6 suits perfectly, and to a great extent disappears once it’s on. The position of safety doesn’t add a lot of thickness or mass to the phone. And also the finished back guarantees that the slick glass of the phone is safeguarded from stumbles and scratches. There is a decent textured line that helps your phone from being slipped, and also makes the phone easier to hold. At $16, the Liquid Air is a take and our suggestion in the event that you don’t cherish the matte surface of the Cyrill Stone or the harder plastic of the Spigen Rugged Armor.

The material is made is Thermoplastic polyurethane and it is very light in weight. Sadly, it is available in limited color which is black color. It guarantees you that it will protect your phone from Anti-shock.

3. Otterbox Symmetry Google Pixel 6 case

Otterbox Symmetry for google pixel 6

Show the original color of your phone!

Google Pixel looks crystal and clear as this case is fully transparent which shows the original color of your phone. This case is also available for Google Pixel Pro users. If you pick a beautiful color for the Pixel 6 model, you likely need to show it off. Likewise guaranteeing that it’s completely safeguarded. There are various strong clear cases from any of Ringke. However, the Otterbox Symmetry case has a very fascinating sparkle finish that brightens up the plain shades of the Pixel 6 Pro explicitly.

That is not all as it accompanies a strong product as opposed to a cheap silicone finish. It could undoubtedly endure a drop and all features of your Pixel 6 or 6 Pro ought to be very much covered. It includes hard plastic packaging for the camera bar. Also, it plays pleasantly with practically all-screen defenders including the Whitestone Dome Glass .

4. Incipio Grip Google 6 Case

 Incipio Grip for google pixel 6

Grip your phone with Incipio Grip!

Through the name of the case cover, we get to know that it gives you the grip on your hand to hold the phone. As Google has made the phone larger in size so the people with small gets difficulty holding the phone, so the Incipio grip case has solved your problem. With grippy edges at the edges of your phone, it’s not difficult to move and turn even the giant Pixel 6 in your grasp without slipping or sliding in your palm.

A significant tip that the Incipio Grip has over comparatively grasp situated cases is that it’s thin and lightweight; it’s really made using a firm plastic material that diverts soil but adds a strong layer of protection that supplements the rubbery side knocks. The raised area around the camera bar appears as though it could likewise assist with helping security around that exceedingly significant backglass part.

5. VRS Design Damda Glide wallet case

 VRS Design Damda-Glide Wallet Case

Now keep your important documents with you only!

Are you fed up with carrying a wallet! So here is the VRS Design Damda-Glide introducing as a phone case as well as a wallet for you. The VRS Design Damda Glide Pro case offers something attractive outer for your Pixel 6. It’s an inflexible, rough case with an outside card space for you to store all your significant stuff —debit card and credit cards, your License, and many more.

You get four card spaces when comparable cases offer only three. The Damda-Glide additionally swears to protect your cards since its backboard slides open when you want to access it.

The remainder of the case is a matte dark, created from TPU material with a metal base bar for cutting-edge drop security. The Damada-Glide might seem to be a little tank for your Pixel 6, yet it’s a piece delicate to the touch — and in the event that you drop your phone, basically, all the other things won’t go dispersing.

6. Bellroy Leather case

Bellroy Leather case

Give a decent look at your phone!

An Australian brand Bellroy is offering a leather case for Pixel 6, which gives your phone a precise look. The case includes an inflexible plastic body with a microfiber-lined inside and a pulled “eco-tanned” leather outside. While the resistances could be better — the case doesn’t fit as cozily on the Pixel 6 as it looks good — it’s unquestionably the best leather case choice we’ve found for the phone, and it comes in five wonderful tones, including this cobalt blue, is a cherry on this supposed cupcake. The main issue is the cost — at $59, it’s not that cheaper.

You get some genuinely extraordinary variety choices, however, in the event that you need patina or the wear and sparkle related with “genuine” endlessly leather-based materials, Bellroy’s specific material doesn’t stain, wrinkle, or wear similarly. All things considered, wherever else it’s a success with extraordinary button covers, exact patterns, and a smooth plan that doesn’t impede your valued belonging – the Pixel 6.


Hence, these are the cases for your Google Pixel 6 which give a classy and decent look to your phone. These cases give you a high level of protection to your phone which is the good part of these cases. There are many options but Spigen is one of the trustworthy options to protect your phone, also you can get leather covers from Bellory.

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