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Google Pixel Watch Review- Is it here yet?


Google Pixel watch is the most awaited gadget that Google is to release in its flagship. With all the news around the web, it seems that the wait is finally going to end. If you are interested in getting your hands on the watch. Here is everything that is known until now about the Google Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are one of the fastest-growing consumer electronics categories, according to Google. It would be prudent for Google to release its own model as an attachment for its Pixel smartphones. Google Pixel Watch has been rumored for quite some time and it could be on its way. Google appears to be on the verge of releasing the gadget to match its new version of Wear OS. This OS includes features from Tizen and Fitbit. When Google releases a Pixel Watch, it will compete with Apple’s Watch 7, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, and the rest of the latest smartwatches on the market. Even though the company is denying anything related to the gadget, all the patents and new designs direct the other way.

We’ve been hearing about the Google Pixel Watch for years, and despite periodic leaks, it still isn’t in the market. The Google Pixel Watch, like the Pixel phones, is supposed to be a showcase for Wear OS’s full potential. Moreover, given the wearable operating system’s huge update shown off at Google IO, the watch wouldn’t disappoint.

Possible release date

According to a tip from the leaker, the rumored Google Pixel Watch will be released on May 26, 2022. However, there is a possibility that the release date could be pushed back. Even the Pixel 6a smartphone release is delayed until July and the Pixel Watch would face a similar delay. The Google Pixel Watch could ultimately debut in 2022, according to a more thorough report. Although, the actual release date for the speculated Google Pixel Watch is unknown. The device has also been detected in a carrier’s inventory system in the United States, indicating that it is being prepared for sale.


Even though no one knows how much the Google Pixel Watch will cost, it is likely to be less than an Apple Watch. There aren’t many Google Pixel Watch pricing leaks to go on, but we can put it in the middle of the price range. The Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 both start at $399 and $249, respectively, thus Google is likely to try to undercut these two devices. It won’t be the cheapest option on store shelves, but depending on size and LTE options, it might cost between $200 and $350. Again, this is simply speculation based on whatever information there is about Google’s hardware division’s pricing strategy. The watch, however, will be more expensive than a Fitbit.

Design and Display

Google Pixel Watch

Back in April, a leaked render of the Google Pixel Watch was posted. It shows off a round design with a physical crown. A set of official-looking Pixel Watch marketing photos was recently leaked. The photographs show a smartwatch with a spherical face and a bezel-less display that appears to bend around the corners. On the right-hand side, there’s a single crown that is the watch’s only physical control. As a result, the Pixel Watch appears to be a simple and minimalist smartwatch, following the suit of other Pixel devices. Interchangeable bands would allow you to personalize your watches. Enthusiasts are already making concept arts for the watch with different color options. A fun collection of mockups inspired by the company “Made By Google” products are all over the internet. However, many are even expecting Pixel to follow the pastel color theme like other Pixel models.

The renderings also depict the proposed interface, which includes a watch face with radial time markings, giving it an analog wristwatch appearance. Moreover, a patent application filed by Google shows a set of skin-based touch controls for the Pixel Watch and next-generation Pixel Buds. The notion is that sensors would allow a user’s skin to act as a touch-sensitive surface for operating wireless earphones and as an extension of a smartwatch’s control surface. Furthermore, the apps appear to be fairly plain, implying that Google is opting for a more elegant minimalist style.



Google is working on three Pixel Watch variants, codenamed Ling, Triton, and Sardine. However, it’s unclear what these Pixel Watch code names signify. Given the titles, it appears likely that the gadgets will come in various sizes and specifications. One might even be lifestyle-oriented, utilizing Fossil’s smartwatch technology.

Another, because of Google’s ownership of Fitbit, might become one of the greatest fitness monitors. There are even claims that Google has made a huge order for body movement monitoring sensors from Samsung. Along with that, you will get Qualcomm’s newest wristwatch chip and onboard storage, and LTE connectivity. All this might result in a Pixel Watch with many features.

There isn’t much information regarding the specifications, though one source claims it will feature a 5nm CPU. This is likely the same as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. According to some reports, at least one version of the watch will have 1GB of RAM. This claim could imply that there would be one watch with LTE and another that is more fitness-focused. The wearable is also listed as having 32GB of storage in a carrier’s inventory system. Thus, implying that there will almost certainly be a cellular version, given this carrier has never marketed a non-cellular smartwatch.


Google Pixel Watch features

Some rumored pictures of the watch are showing things like step counts, heart rate, and weather. One of them even has a Fitbit logo on it, implying that the Pixel Watch will include some Fitbit functions. There will even be a strong focus on fitness. This will include SPO2 (oxygenation) tracking, sleep apnea detection, sleep analysis, heartbeat alerts, recovery time monitoring, stress tracking, pairing for medical devices and gym equipment, rep detection, and calorie tracking. Something nicknamed ‘Blackghost’ was rumored to be one of the features. It’s supposed to be a power management integrated circuit incorporated into the chipset. It would allow the watch to listen for voice commands at all times without draining the battery. With this, you will be able to ask Google Assistant queries without needing to either charge your smartwatch or click a button first.

Similarly, there are rumors that Google Assistant may enable on-device processing. This might speed up the service on the Pixel watch. The gesture control system would allow a smartwatch to recognize movements made with your arm, wrist, or fingers. You could, for instance, create a fist to activate Google Assistant and then open it to dismiss it. These motions would be made using the arm or hand on which the watch is worn.

Wear OS

Wear OS

The Pixel Watch will include Google’s Wear OS platform. Continuous heart-rate monitoring via Google Fit, contactless payments with Google Pay, and hands-free Google Assistant access, as well as a Google Play smartwatch store, are all popular Wear OS features on third-party smartwatches. Meanwhile, according to a rumor, the Pixel Watch will contain basic functionality such as step counting and heart rate monitoring. It also alleged that Google’s acquisition of Fitbit could lead to some sort of Fitbit integration with Wear OS, dubbed “Nightlight” by the publication. The Google Pixel Watch could combine Fitbit fitness monitoring across several watch faces. The basic line is that Google’s software continues to improve and evolve.

Google Pixel Watch vs Apple Watch

The Google Pixel Watch has the ability to defeat the Apple Watch at its own game. However, this will require a significant investment from Google as well as some standout features. This would include a fantastic Wear OS experience that is both intuitive and full with amazing apps. Google would also need to put Google Assistant and its benefits over Siri on your wrist. It also needs to provide seamless connectivity with other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Calendar. The Pixel Watch will need to expand on its Fitbit acquisition to deliver a fitness wearable that outperforms the Apple Watch in terms of sensors and workout tracking. Moreover, the Pixel Watch will require comparable pricing and better battery life than the Apple Watch.

What we expect?

Rotating crown or bezel

Before the changeover to Wear OS, Android Wear 2.0 focused heavily on how the design had been updated to work well with rotating bezels and crowns. This can be put to good use with the Google Pixel Watch. Those features may be a long way off in Google’s future as Wear OS updates. However, we would love to see a unique way to interact with the watch, such as a spinning crown or bezel.

In-display fingerprint scanner

An in-display fingerprint scanner would help a lot. Wear OS watches can currently be secured with a PIN code. Although, this isn’t the most secure method of security available. The secure biometric technology would blend smoothly into the wearable with an in-display fingerprint scanner. This won’t be detracting from the watch’s visual attractiveness. With this, you’d also be able to approve purchases that exceeded the current contactless limit (assuming the Pixel Watch comes with NFC). However, there are a handful of potential drawbacks. The addition of this new technology may increase the thickness of the watch. The bulky watch might not be everyone’s choice and it would even increase the price of the watch. However, if Google can overcome these two issues, it would be worth buying the watch.


Most of the smartwatches available in the market are dust and water-resistant. But only a few have an IP rating high enough to secure their survival when we jump into the pool. A truly swim-proof Google Pixel Watch would allow you to not only use it in the bath but also track workouts in the pool without the danger of damage.

Three day battery life

The longer battery life of gadgets is all we could ever ask for. Consider a fully functional smartwatch that doesn’t require charging after two days of heavy use. Wear OS includes an improved battery saver mode. This should give you a lot more time with your smartwatch, but it will limit the number of features you can use when it’s on. Clearly, Google wants to enhance the battery life of your watch. However, if we get well-optimized software that provides the best battery for a smartwatch, it would be quite a big deal.

NFC payments

Many Wear OS watches lack NFC, which means you won’t be able to use Google Pay features on your watch. This is quite disappointing, so we’re hoping Google will add an NFC chip to the watch. This can come in handy if you’re out but forgot your wallet at home.

Best in class fitness

The Pixel Watch should be able to compete with the Apple Watch 3’s fitness capabilities as well as high-end specialty watches. If Google could add all of the latest tracking technologies, such as accurate GPS, LTE for streaming music on the go, and a top-of-the-line heart rate monitor, it would become one of the best watches in the market. We could put the Google Pixel Watch on our wrist and go for any form of workout, knowing that we’ll be correctly tracked and given as many fitness stats.

High-end watch design

Let’s face this, not every Wear OS watch is beautiful, so we hope Google will be able to offer a thinner choice than most other manufacturers. A watch that is made of high-quality materials and feels like a true wristwatch that matches your style. Thus, this is one of the most significant features we’d like to see on it.


Everyone is waiting for the launch of the Google Pixel Watch for quite some time now. With all the rumors of potential design and features of the watch, everyone wants to get a piece. The rumors suggest the launch of the watch by this year. The wear OS update has opened new expectations for the feature and specs of the watch. Also, the design is expected to be a minimalist one as the other Pixel products. Some expect a pastel color series while some are expecting some fun colors. The rumors suggest a bezel-less design with a physical crown on one side. Most of the rumors revolve around the features like fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring. While some rumors suggest the use of Google’s patented skin-based touch controls on the Pixel watch.

What do you think about the Pixel watch? Tell us in the comments section below.

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