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Lasko 754200 Heater: Keeps you warm at your desk or on the couch!


The Lasko 754200 is just powerful enough to heat the airflow around you. This makes it an excellent choice for heating your toes or keeping you warm at your desk, but this is not the heater you buy if you want to warm up a large room. It’s simple to operate, and it also works as a standalone fan, which is handy. All of this comes at a very affordable price.

HoweThe Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater may appear little, yet it is surprisingly strong. It has a simple, easy-to-use design that works well in compact spaces. Despite its limited customizing options, this tiny heater performs admirably. It also has a few features, such as overheat prevention, a changeable thermostat, and numerous power settings. It might be the most acceptable deal for people seeking affordable, little ceramic heaters. Few other products in this price range can compete with its power and dependability.

Price and availability

Lasko 754200 Heater: Keeps you warm at your desk or on the couch!

This Lasko tiny space heater provides 1500 watts of soothing heat to your room. A traditional silver design with simple manual controls and constructed safety systems, as well as an adjustable thermostat for individual comfort. The Lasko 754200 is available for $32.94 at Walmart and $33.93 at The Property Depot. It comes in only one color: silver.


 Design: Lasko 754200

The Lasko 754200 has a tiny, rectangular form with a clean, modern appearance. With dimensions of 6 x 3.7 x 9.2 inches, this heater may be conveniently stored in a closet when not in use. This heater is simple to move about because it is compact and only weighs 3.7 pounds; there is also a little grip beneath the controls to assist with this. It includes two dials, one for selecting a low or high heat setting and the other for adjusting the thermostat. The Lasko may also be used as a fan without heat, making it suitable for use all year.

One significant disadvantage of the Lasko 754200 is it is the only radiator that lacks automatic tip-over safety. That means you have to be in the room and aware when using it so you can pick it up instantly if it falls over. Furthermore, you must be extra cautious about switching it off once you’ve finished using it. It does, however, shut down automatically if it overheats.

Heating performance

Heating performance: Lasko 754200

The Lasko 754200′s maximum heat setting increased the temperature within two feet of where it was sitting by around 6°F — it couldn’t heat a 10 × 15-foot space. It consumes an average lot of fuel for a space heater (0.27 kWh), but you may use the thermostat to regulate the heat setting and save a little money on your electricity bill.

The surfaces of the heaters themselves do not grow hotter than 80°F when in operation, making them safe to touch. The Lasko produces a decibel level of 50.4, which is typical compared to the other space heaters we evaluated; it makes approximately as much noise as a dishwasher.

The Lasko 754200 kept us cool in its fan-only mode, but it won’t efficiently chill a whole room. We would only use this in close proximity. It rapidly and efficiently warms small spaces. Despite its tiny size, it can work at 1500 watts on high and 900 watts on low. Even though it has a lot of power for such a little machine, it works the best in small bedrooms, office dens, and restrooms. Lasko suggests cleaning the equipment every several weeks and keeping it away from highly humid situations for best operation.”

How to use Lasko 754200?

Ease of use: Lasko 754200

The Lasko 754200 is incredibly simple and straightforward, with only two dials. However, the thermometer isn’t numbered but rather features a graphic that expands as the heat setting becomes hotter, making it difficult to adjust properly.

This heater features an adjustable thermostat that allows manual temperature adjustment when the lower and higher heat settings are activated. There is no remote control; therefore, you must manually alter the heater’s setting. It is simple to clean with a vacuum cleaner’s brush attachment. There’s also a “fan-only” option, which may be used as a conventional fan if necessary. While it doesn’t have a very attractive look, it is incredibly portable and has a convenient carrying handle integrated into the frame, making it easy to transport between rooms. This heater also has an amber light on top that indicates if it is hooked into an available electrical outlet.


This is a straightforward heater that can augment the heat of a large room while also holding its own in a smaller one. The unit is E.T.L. listed, which means it satisfies stringent safety requirements. The machine also has a safety feature known as a “thermal overload protector.” This implies that it will turn off if the heater reaches a temperature that might lead it to overheat.

Because it merely has a fan, it can be used all year round. And the variable thermostat with two power levels allows you to put it up and forget it.


This is a simple machine that lacks the functionality of more costly ones. It sends Lasko 754200 in action head directly ahead and does not oscillate to push heat into other room areas. The thermostat will detect the room’s temperature but will not allow you to set it to a specific temperature. There is no stopwatch. Again, these features are found in more expensive models.


If you’re searching for a tiny, portable, and low-cost heater to keep you warm at your workplace, we think the Lasko 754200 is a good option. It’s simple to maintain, inexpensive, and simple to use. However, it is not the best choice if you need a gas heater to warm the whole family. It cannot heat an entire room, and our top overall heater is the Lasko FH500. It also does not turn off automatically if it falls over, so you must keep an eye on it when using it and take additional care to unplug it when not in use.

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