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Riese and Mūller Load 60: Expensive but top-of-the-line e-cargo bikes!

E-cargo bikes may be used in conjunction with your automobile. The Load 60 Vario HS from Riese and Muller is designed to completely replace your automobile, and the price reflects that. The Load 60 is the most expensive e-cargo bike on the market, costing over $10,000 before customization.

In order to justify its price, the Load 60 must beat all other e-cargo bikes in the category. Riese and Mūller have developed the Load 60 as adaptable as feasible and as comfy as possible in order to achieve this. As a consequence, it’s one of the finest electric bikes for riders who want to fully replace their car with a cargo bike. The Load 60 isn’t cheap, but has fewer if any, problems.

Price and availability

Price and availability

The Load 60 Vario HS starts at $10,449 before further attachments are included. After extras and enhancements, the bike cost $12,315.

On the Riese and Muller website, you may customize your Load 60 and select from a variety of Load 60 models. You may make a purchase request to the firm once you’ve configured your bike. After that, a dealership will contact you to check your build and finish the transaction. On its website, Riese and Muller offer a dealer finder to help you discover a dealer near you.

Design: Riese and Mūller Load 60 stands out from the crowd!

Design: Riese and Mūller Load 60

The Load 60 Vario HS stands out from the crowd by including both front and rear. The suspension fork is made by SR Suntour and has a travel of 70mm, while the back shock is made by X-Fusion and has a travel of 80mm. The Load 60 Vario HS, like other cargo bikes, comes in two different wheels. The back wheel has a diameter of 26 inches while the front wheel has a diameter of 20 inches. Both come with Schwalbe tires designed for city riding, but if you plan to go off-road regularly, you may upgrade to knobby tires.

A Gates Carbon Drive belt, rather than a standard chain, links the engine to an Enviolo internally geared rear hub. This results in highly smooth and silent functioning. The internally geared hub is controlled by the shifter on the right side of the handlebars. It is not index shifting, which means that when you crank the shifter, the resistance varies rather than popping into position. A Bosch Nyon head unit was installed right above the stem on my Load 60 Vario HS. It’s full color and provides all the data you need on the move, such as battery range, speed, and help level.

A back rack, integrated and front-rear lights, and a shockingly loud horn come help when riding in vehicle traffic, among other features. The cargo box of the Load 60 Vario HS is 60cm long, as the name suggests. The bike can carry a total of 441 pounds (including the rider’s weight). The cargo box may be set up in a variety of ways to meet your demands; you will do so on the internet. High walls and a sturdy lid with a lock at the back of the box a standard.


Riese and Mūller Load 60: Expensive but top-of-the-line e-cargo bikes!
Riese and Mūller Load 60: Expensive but top-of-the-line e-cargo bikes! 6

Given the front and rear suspension, the Load 60 Vario HS should provide a bumpy ride. That, however, was not the case. The suspension seems to be calibrated to the weight of a bike and rider, resulting in a smooth ride that doesn’t seem like a bouncing Cadillac. It certainly adds to the comfort of the ride. In fact, the Load 60 is the comfiest luggage bike. If you plan to ride on bumpy roads, the suspension may be well worth the money.

Keep in mind, however, that having more moving components implies having a greater possibility for maintenance and repairs. Because the frame and fork must move often, the bike’s design is more complicated, requiring pivots and bushings. Because they might break down over time, you’ll need to factor in future maintenance expenditures.

In class, the handling is also the finest. For such a large bike, the turning radius is pretty tight, and your directional input transfers to line change fast and smoothly. It’s possible that this is related to the low center of gravity. The Load 60 Vario HS is a blast to ride and handles like a smaller bike. The bike is incredibly quiet when in use. The Gates Carbon Drive belt system, as well as the internally-geared Enviolo shifting, are largely responsible for this. Because the shifting is not indexed, you may adjust your cadence to perfection. Instead, the resistance increases gradually when you shift into different gears without clunks.


Accessories: Riese and Mūller Load 60

For the Load 60 Vario HS, Riese and Muller do not provide a maximum range. Instead, you may use the Load 60 Vario HS comes with a number of attachments designed specifically for it. During the website configuration process, you will select the ideal ones for you.

Extra batteries, locking, and sound system upgrades are among the accessories available, as are bigger items like kid seats for the cargo compartment and hardshell coverings. You’ll also be able to pick between low walls and an open cargo section, high sidewalls with a kid rain cover, and high sidewalls with a hard-shell top. Prices for accessories range from $59 for tire improvements to over $1,200 for extra batteries.

Other alternatives to Riese and Mūller Load 60

The competition

The majority of the competitors for the Load 60 Vario HS lacks any type of suspension. In that regard, the Load 60 is a one-of-a-kind machine. Yuba’s SuperCargo, Urban Arrow’s Family, and Combo Bikes The Original are among its main rivals. The Load 60 is far more costly than its competitors; the Yuba SuperCargo, for instance, is one of the finest e-cargo bikes on the market, costing roughly $6,000.

Because of the front and rear suspension, the Load 60 is more comfortable. In addition, the Load 60’s handling is a little more responsive and steady than the Supercargoes. The SuperCargo, on the other hand, delivers a lot of carrying power for a lot less money.


The Load 60 Vario HS makes a compelling argument for being the greatest e-cargo bike available. The one and only thing holding people back is the astronomical cost. For millions of dollars less, you can obtain an equally competent e-cargo bike. The Load 60 Vario HS, on the other hand, provides an extremely comfortable ride, best-in-class handling, and whisper-quiet operation. It’s adaptable, enjoyable to ride, and capable of handling tough terrain. If you’re looking for an e-cargo bike to accompany your automobile, you can locate a nice choice for less money. The Load 60 Vario HS, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if this will be your major way of transportation.

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