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DJI mini 2: Best Drone in a league of its own!


Get ready to fill your stockings. DJI has released the Mini 2, the second generation of its most affordable drone, just in time for the holidays, and it’s sure to catch the attention of many talented flyers.

There aren’t many differences between the $450 DJI Mini 2 and its predecessor, the Mavic Mini. But, on the other hand, DJI could have left the Mini alone and it would still be a good selection.

While the DJI Mini 2 has the same design as the Mini, it boasts a superior camera that can shoot 4K video. It has a 6-mile range as well. Most importantly, the Mini 2 is just as simple to fly like the original.

The first thing you notice about the DJI Mini 2’s footage is how stable it is in all but the windiest circumstances – rather amazing for such a little drone. A stormy London sky was child’s play for this quadcopter, even with level five wind resistance.

In cloudy conditions, the unedited films might appear flat and blurry; it’s clear that DJI handles material carefully and with video editors in mind. The clarity is commendable. If you’re recording in 4K, digital zooming is restricted to around 2x, while you can obtain decent 3x zoom video in 1080p. However, as the light fades, so does the Mini 2’s acceptable zoom range and, by extension, useable film.

 Price and availability of DJI mini 2

 Price and availability of DJI mini 2

There are two versions available: The drone, controller, and single battery are included in the Standard edition ($450). The Fly More bundle ($599) adds two additional batteries, a battery charger, and a carrying bag to the basic package.

The DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo has three batteries in total as well as a battery pack that charges all three at the same time, transforming it into a portable power pack. Extra rotating blades and screws are included, as well as a clip to keep the blades in place, an 18W battery charger, and a convenient bag to transport the drone and all of its supplies.

The 360-degree rotor guard is a major missing when compared to the original Mavic Mini’s Fly More combination. This premium plan will set you back $559 / £549 / AU$949 in terms of price.

Anyone who has a Mavic Mini will notice a price increase over the original. It was released a year ago for $399 / £369 / AU$599.

Design of DJI mini 2

Design of DJI mini 2

The DJI Mini 2 is like its predecessor (the Mavic Mini) on the outside, which is a good thing. This drone is a dream to fly because of its small size and lightweight. It’s so light that you don’t even need to register it with the FAA because it weighs only 249 grams. It’s almost toylike in its lightness.

The Mini 2 features the same folding-arm concept that DJI created and which many other drone manufacturers have also imitated. The Mini 2 folds down to approximately the size of a can of drink, making it extremely easy to take in a bag. Really appreciate how DJI now provides a band that wraps around the drone and locks the vanes so they don’t snap off in your luggage.

The controller is the most noticeable physical difference between the two. The Mavic Mini’s controller is much smaller, with folding arms that hold your phone below; the Mini 2’s controller is at least double the size, with an extending arm on top to hold your smartphone. While the old controller’s smaller size has its advantages. The newer one—which is the same as the one that comes with the Mavic Air 2—makes it easier to view your phone.

DJI Mini 2: Photo and video quality

DJI Mini 2: Photo and video quality

While the DJI Mini 2’s sensor is the same size as its predecessor (1/2.3″), it has been improved to allow you to record video at up to 4K/30 fps. This also makes it possible to do a few additional stunts.

The quality of the movies and photographs that were captured with the Mini 2 wowed me. Colors were vibrant and intense, from the pinks of people’s jackets to the reds of falling leaves to the green grass. The video was clear and free of artifacts. The Mini 2’s devices were so stable that there were no vibrations whenever You zoomed and moved the drone.

From a panoramic picture of Manhattan to closeups of a brilliant red tree and a curious squirrel, the still images were sharp and vivid.

The option to shoot photographs in JPG and RAW is a new feature on the Mini 2 which will no doubt appeal to photographers. To acquire the best image possible, Auto Dynamic Wide angles will instruct the Mini 2 to shoot three shots at various exposures. A Wide Panorama mode, which takes nine photos and stitches them together to form a not-quite 180-degree image, is another new photographic feature.



The new DJI Mini 2’s controller is its best feature. Simplicity is the word of the game here since it has been completely redesigned. So far, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is the only drone with the same smart controls.

The DJI Mini 2’s controller weighs 390g, which is much more than the drone itself, thanks to its 5,200mAh battery. Its left and right joysticks are kept in the unit’s bottom section and easily screw into their proper ball-socket slots.

The controller’s spring-loaded phone holder comes out of the top, and its cavity stores a connection cable, of which three are included in the box: Lightning, micro USB, and USB-C.



There’s an Fn button, which is fixed to one-press vertical axis pans by default, a mode switch, and landing and power buttons. A touch slider adjusts between Cine, Normal, and Sport modes. It is a great feature for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a computer interface while in flight.

An R trigger is located around the rear of the controller. A jog-dial controls the DJI Mini 2’s vertical panning where the L trigger would be. The degree to which minor things are detected is what sets the controls distinct, from the joysticks to the dial. Smooth, languid, silky pans are even possible in Sports mode. So once you’ve mastered it, the sky’s the limit when it comes to styled movements.

The simplicity with which are able to get the DJI Mini 2 off the ground, up in the air, and doing all sorts of party tricks is another feature of the device. Many thought the Mavic Mini was simple to use. But DJI has beaten itself with a more simple controller and an overall more advanced control system.

When compared to the original, the Mini 2 increases its range by 150 percent with a video transmission range of up to 10 kilometers. The users like to push it to its boundaries. But unlike the Mavic Mini experiences in the same Drone-safe location, they couldn’t legally fly high or far enough for the Mini 2’s connection to waver, which is really impressive.



The DJI Mini 2 proved to be just as quick, steady, and simple to fly as any other DJI drone. The Mini 2 lifted off and remained still in the air as if it were still on the ground.

In addition to adding an extra minute of flying duration, DJI updated the Mini 2’s motors, allowing it to fly in gusts up to 24 mph, up from 17.9 mph on the earlier model.

Apart from being bigger than the Mavic Mini’s controller, the Mini 2’s controller connects with the drone through DJI’s Occusync 2.0 transmission technology rather than Wi-Fi. This increases the Mini 2’s maximum effective range from 2.4 miles to 6.1 miles. Given the need of keeping your drone in sight at all times, this range is more logical than practical.


It’s likely that DJI Mini 2 could have left the Mavic Mini alone for the next five years. It will still be one of the best drones on the market. The improvements in the Mini 2 are minor, as this review has demonstrated, but the base on which it is constructed is as strong as ever. It’s small, easy to fly, and produces excellent video and photography. The Mavic Air 2 is recommended for those who want more advanced tracking and camera functions.

Despite the fact that the Mini 2 is around $50 more expensive than its predecessor, it is still the finest drone for most individuals. Because you won’t want to stop flying, you’ll want to pick up an additional battery or two.

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