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ECG Apple Watch App: Everything you need to know!

An electrocardiogram (additionally called an ECG or EKG) is a test that records the circumstance and strength of the electrical signals that make the heartbeat. By taking a gander at an ECG, a doctor...

Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?

The 2012 Mac Mini held a unique vicinity in lots of hearts due to the reality that it turned into so improve. It stays Apple's closing nicely upgradeable Mac Mini, and tremendously in 2020...

Setting up your new iPhone in few taps!

Whether or not you're brand new to the Apple biological system or upgrading for the 10th time, setting up another iPhone is a hard experience, like waking up on Monday morning after enjoying the...

Crop, Straighten and Rotate photos on iPhone and iPad with the in-built Photos App!

Utilize the tools in the Photos app to edit photographs and videos on your iPhone. At the point when you use iCloud Photos, any edits you make are saved across all of your gadgets....

Fixing and troubleshooting Touch ID if it isn’t working!

While Apple has proceeded onward from Touch ID to Face ID in fresher iPhone models, there are still a lot of iPhones with fingerprint sensors — indeed, Apple's second-generation iPhone SE is the first...

Pairing and Transferring an Apple Watch to a new iPhone!

Got the most recent model iPhone, another iPhone, or another to-you iPhone? Figure out how to combine your Apple Watch with that new iPhone so you don't lose any of your important information. Your...

Using text shortcuts on iPhone and iPad is now easy and quick!

The iPhone has a couple of inherent keyboard shortcuts which can save you a great deal of time and irregular tapping. You most likely use keyboard shortcuts constantly on your Mac or PC. ...

Customize and use the Touch Bar with the Notes app on the MacBook Pro!

With the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, tasks become a lot easier. The devices you every now and again use are only a tap away. The Touch Bar in the Notes app makes...

Using the Touch Bar with Reminders on the MacBook Pro!

In case that you need the features you use regularly to be effectively open, the Touch Bar is your answer. With the Touch Bar, it gets simpler to make a move in the Reminders...

Exclusive Apple Watch SE 2020-Apple’s Interesting smartwatch to heed on!

Apple on its Time Flies Event September 16, 2020, delivered Apple Watch SE 2020 pressing the fundamental highlights of the Apple Watch into a cutting edge plan all at a more moderate cost. Highlighting...