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Victrix Gambit Controller: let’s take the power in the Palm!

Vactrix Gambit
Vactrix Gambit

Have you ever wondered why the Victrix Gambit is the fastest licensed Xbox controller in the world? Read our “Victrix Gambit Review” blog to discover out. They released it as a wired controller on October 4, 2021, for the PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It has several features and customizable settings. Especially for competitive players, it’s also a strong contender to consider as the “best controller“!

Victrix Gambit is honored with the title of “World’s Fastest Licensed Xbox Controller” by PDP. Victrix had a claim of “8 times faster input response” compared to others, Isn’t it surprising? We have mentioned every detailed information about Victrix Gambit in our blog. It has various useful features like Dual-core technology along with Dolby Atmos support. Let’s read more about this fastest-wired Controller!

Overall Summary

Victrix Gambit Victrix Gambit

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Vactrix Gambit can count as the fastest Xbox controller, which features up to 8 times faster input response compared to others. It has features such as dual-core technology. Furthermore, it is compatible with PCs running Windows 10/11, Xbox One, One X, Series X, and Series S without a hitch thanks to an official license from Xbox. Further, it has an immersive Dolby Atmos support via a 3.5mm audio jack. It is a highly customizable Gadget, where you can customize mappable buttons, bumpers, paddles, and triggers via the Victrix Control Hub App. 

Dual-core technology:

Dual Core technology lets you enhance your performance and gaming experience. This controller has two processors. One core features ultra-fast input processing. The thumbstick and button movements work as quickly as possible. The other core word for crystal-clear audio that enhances the sound effects delivers without interruption or delays through Dolby Atmos.

High Performance wired Connection:

A wired Connection in Victrix reduces the latency (delays) as compared to a wireless connection. Further, it has to use a wired connection as the dual-core technology dedicates the processing power. To use Victix Gambit you have to connect your console with a USB-C cable.

  • Ultra-fast input response
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • controls
  • All-day comfort
  • Potential high cost
  • Limited wireless capabilities
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03/27/2024 01:34 am GMT

Price and Availablity

UK£74.99 to £99.00
Victrix Gambit

PDP (Performance Designed Products) designed the Victrix Gamebit, a high-performance wired controller for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Available in the US, UK, and Amazon you can even find this on the official website of Victrix Gambit. This multi-feature gadget helps the player to show the potential and feel the power in its palm!


Both the Victrix gambit and the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller share a layout that is identical to that of the Xbox controller. Still have a few differences. However, with a more ergonomic design for extended comfort. 

Victrix is designed with esports athletes in mind, focusing more on speed and customization. It has a modular design prioritizing comfort for the user. Modular design gives more flexibility and also helps in maintaining and troubleshooting.

Victrix Gambit

Moreover, there are two faceplates in the controller. One with plastic and one with purple rubberized. This rubberized faceplate helps to give an additional grip as both are attached magnetically.

Well, the plus point is that this controller has a thumbstick which helps you control exactly how much you want. Features like the thumbstick in Victrix Gamebit make the controller perfect for racing games or sneaking around corners.

Victrix Gambit

In addition, it has a detachable D-pad with a unique diamond-shaped design that is interchangeable and comfortable to use while playing. Additionally, the controller offers the option to equip back paddles, adding further flexibility to control inputs.

The triggers can be adjusted too. They have different settings so you can make them feel just right for you. Plus, there’s a special mode that makes the triggers super sensitive for quicker response.

Victrix Gambit

The controller also has Dolby Atmos built-in, which makes the sound in games feel more real. And there’s an app you can use to change settings and make it work just how you like it. You can do things like change what buttons do, adjust how sensitive they are, and make custom sound settings. It’s all about making gaming more fun and comfortable for you.


Victrix Gamebit is a standard choice for gamers. It is a wired powerhouse with dual-core technology, trigger stops, and Dolby Atmos support. These features make the controller a formidable tool in the hands of competitive gamers.

High-performance wired connection: Victrixgambit is a wired controller, that needs wire to work it connects to your console or PC using a USB-C cable. This provides a low-latency connection that is essential for competitive gaming.

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Dual-core technology: This controller features dual-core technology. One core is for ultra-fast input processing, and the other is for crystal-clear audio. The first core ensures the minimal delay between your actions and their executions in the game. Meanwhile, the other code focuses on delivering pristine audio. 

Fastest buttons and triggers: The company claims that the Victrix gambit has the fastest buttons and triggers on Xbox. Moreover, high-quality switches and a unique design reduce the distance that the buttons and triggers need to travel before they register a press.

Customizable components: This gadget is highly customizable according to your size. With an array of swappable components, including thumbsticks, D-pads, and faceplates. This allows you to prefer your own preferences and playing style.

Trigger stops: This controller is specially designed for gamers who need quick trigger presses, such as first-person shooters. You can adjust the triggers’ travel distance throughout a game thanks to its innovative five trigger stop positions. 

Dolby Atmos support: This technology creates a more immersive sound experience and takes your gaming experience to new heights. Dolby Atmos support creates three- dimensional soundscape. With this feature, you can hear sound from all around you.


Victrix Controller is a high-performance esports controller, specially designed for competitive gamers. Now let’s talk about its performance!

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Speed: The company claims that the Gambit has the fastest thumbsticks, triggers, and buttons on Xbox. As we read further in the blog it has a dual-core technology. However, it is not as fast as mentioned by the company there is some lack of responsiveness, especially in fast-paced games like FPS.

Customizability: The controller has a customization feature through the Victrix app that also includes button mapping, trigger sensitivity adjustments, and audio profiles. Through this, the players can customize their specific preferences and playstyle.

Audio: The performance of the Dolby Atmos sound system provides a great immersive sound that increases the fun while playing.

However, many of the users have reported issues with buttons and triggers and also with the stick drift. Make sure to check before buying. 

Victrix Gambit is a great feature-rich controller that has the potential to increase your gaming performance.


Victrix controller is not like the other controller it does not work with the regular software that you have on your computer.

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Instead, it has a Free app called Victrix Control Hub. It is a special app designed to work with Victrix Pro BFG and Gambit controllers, for a more personalized gaming experience. With the help of this app, you can change a lot of things in your controller. such as :

  • Reposition buttons
  • Modify inactive areas
  • Repair joystick and triggers
  • Implement unique audio configurations
  • Assess controller functionality
  • Upgrade controller firmware

You can install Victrix Control Hub on  Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, and phones or you can also get it from the Microsoft Store. Moreover, there are some plus points of using Victrix Control Hub.

  • You can customize your controller to suit your play style perfectly.
  • You can create various configurations tailored to specific games.
  • You can consistently access the latest software updates for your controller.

Overall, the software is worth the controller and gives you a unique experience with customizable options and an advanced application.

The iconic PlayStation controller buttons (circle, square, triangle, X) weren’t just random shapes.  They were originally intended to represent functions!  Circle was supposed to be “yes”, X was for “no”, the square resembled a menu, and the triangle symbolized a point of view


There are several keys in Victrix Gambit Controler, It has a standard layout for most gamepad functions. Moreover, also has some added features that enhance the customization and performance.

Face Buttons: The common A, B, X, and Y buttons. These buttons have similar positions to those of an Xbox controller.

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

D-pad: Directional pad that controls the movement in the game. Victrix Controller comes with an option for multiple D-pads for you to replace depending on your preference. 

Thumbsticks: There are two clickable thumbsticks for analog control. However, it may come with interchangeable thumbstick caps for different grips.

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Shoulder buttons: These buttons are those two buttons located on the top of the controller named LB and RB. This button does the function of Performing action or triggering a secondary function. Such as scrolling through options, zooming in/out, or bringing up specific menus.

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Triggers: Behind the shoulder buttons are these two buttons. One special feature of Victrix controllers allows you to change the amount that trigger stops must be pressed for them to register.

Back paddles: These two tiny buttons are found on the controller’s rear. For better access during gameplay, you can program these extra buttons to mimic other controller functions.

Function button: This is a Victrix-only button that is situated above the 3.5mm audio jack. Depending on how you press it, it can do a variety of tasks, such as changing audio modes, programming back paddles, and altering audio.

Xbox/PS buttons: Depending on whether you own an Xbox or Playstation Victrix controller, these buttons are different. They accomplish the same thing as the PS or Xbox Home buttons.

Victrix Gambit Controller: let's take the power in the Palm!

Start and Menu buttons: Usually, these are found in the controller’s center. The way they work depends on the kind of game you’re playing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Victrix Controller called the world’s fastest licensed gaming controller?
Because of a few features, the Victrix controller is referred to as the “world’s fastest licensed”. It claims to have the fastest thumbsticks, triggers, and buttons among Xbox controllers. Their Dual Core technology, which allocates one core to extremely quick input processing for the lowest possible latency, accounts for this speed. In comparison to other controllers, they assert that this leads to up to eight times faster response times.
What distinguishes the Victrix Gambit controller from the others?
The Victrix Gambit’s dual-core technology and emphasis on reducing input lag allow it to boast the fastest response speed among Xbox controllers. For gamers who are competitive, it also provides a wide range of customizing choices.
Does the Victrix Gambit controller support wired and wireless connections?
The Victrix Gambit controller is restricted to being wired. With a dedicated processing core, it focuses on speed and offers a 10-foot connection for comfortable gameplay.
What accessories are included with the Victrix Gambit controller?
With two faceplates, two d-pads, and thumbsticks, you can customize the Victrix Gambit controller to fit your grip style and preferred gameplay configuration.  To keep everything safe, a hard-shell carrying bag and a braided 3-meter cable are also included.


To conclude, Victrix deserves the title of the World’s Fastest Licensed Xbox Controller, as it has an outstanding feature along with a customization option. Moreover, it is one of the most comfortable controllers with a modular body and an ergonomic design. However, it is a bit costly but worth considering its features, but we can’t ignore the issue reported by some users that you might face some problems with the keys of the Controller. You can go for this gadget if you want something trendy and stylish, and also if you prefer comfort!

Victrix Gambit Controller let's take the power in the Palm!
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Features
  • Keys


Experience gaming like never before with the Victrix Gambit Controller. Engineered for precision and performance, it boasts customizable buttons, ergonomic design, and responsive triggers, empowering gamers to dominate every match. Its advanced technology ensures lightning-fast response times and seamless connectivity, enhancing gameplay across all platforms. Crafted with durability in mind, the Gambit Controller withstands the rigors of intense gaming sessions while providing unparalleled comfort. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive pro, the Victrix Gambit Controller elevates your gaming experience to new heights, delivering the ultimate edge in control and precision for every gaming adventure.





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