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Adidas running app: Here’s what you will love about the Adidas running app!


Heart thrills when we see the homepage of my Adidas Running app. It displays every exercise and runs we’ve done with a map and images, but it also describes each one with the overall miles, length, and average pace. That’s not unusual for running software, but the convenience of having everything in one spot seems motivating and appealing.

The best part is that you can go further into each run by tapping on your activity and digging into more statistics, graphs, and charts. You may then push yourself on that specific route, which is a terrific motivation to make you better and run a particular course a bit faster.

Are you searching for more app reviews? Are you searching for more app reviews? Please browse our list of the top running apps to pick one that suits your running style. Please browse our list of the top running apps to pick one that suits your running style. In this Adidas Running app review, we’ll contrast the free and paid versions to help you determine whether the $9.99 monthly premium membership is worth it.

Free vs. Paid membership

Free vs Paid membership

Adidas’ Running app is available for free or with a premium membership. The free version offers GPS monitoring in real-time, highlighting your duration, distance, calories burned, average pace, speed, and heart rate statistics. You’ll also receive basic running statistics, including your weekly activity and the distance you’ve traveled from your objective.

Users of the free app may still access the Adidas running online community and blog postings and participate in challenges and training groups. You may also listen to a selection of the library’s free “Story Runs.” The paying customers access a much broader set of statistics, including personal bests, elevation, maximum speed, and a personal record journal. You will also be able to enable auto-pause, which will cease recording activities when you stop moving. Then there’s the ability to obtain customized training regimens and interval training for running, walking, or cycling. Furthermore, you may construct individualized training routines for reducing weight to athletic performance. The premium plan costs $9.99 every month, or $49.99 for the entire year.

When you join up, your login information will also sync with the dedicated Adidas Training app, where you can perform supervised exercises tailored to your objectives and body area.

 Interface of Adidas

 Interface: Adidas running app

It couldn’t be easier to track an exercise on the app. Try clicking the activity icon at the bottom of the panel and select “start live running.”

Slide your finger over the screen to terminate the run, which isn’t always easy with sweaty and sometimes trembling fingers. When you complete your run, you will be presented with a plethora of numbers on a single page and the option to name your run, upload images, give your run a smiling face (or not), and select a symbol that best defines your run.

You may also leave a remark, check the weather, and see how far you’ve run in your trainers. You’ll also hear a voice alerting you that you’ve finished your run and providing a summary, so don’t tap your phone again till you’ve removed your trainers and had a drink.

Despite its name, the Adidas Running app allows you to track various activities. Hiking, lacrosse, skipping, rowing, cycling, and swimming are among the 48 sports that may be followed.

The software is simple to use, and it’s simple to join challenges and examine your stats. The only tricky aspect is locating all of the settings, which are located in the settings area of the activity page. Once you’ve identified them, you may choose your sport, workout, or training plan and your soundtrack, which can be music, Story Running, or PowerSong. Adidas Running is interoperable with all music applications, so you can listen to Apple Music, Spotify, or any other platform while running.

Smartwatch apps:

Smartwatch apps: Adidas running app

There is no need to be a slave to your clock or phone when running with Adidas Running since audio updates tell you your pace, distance, and duration every mile.

If you want to wear a watch, you may monitor your activities and submit the data to the app. Go to settings, then partner accounts, and finally merge.

The community: Adidas running app

The community: Adidas running app

In the community part of Adidas Running, you may connect with other runners and your phone contacts. You can watch and participate in upcoming local events, keep track of mileage, and engage with other runners. We instantly joined the Adidas Runners London club. 

While we didn’t locate any of my existing running pals on the app, we did meet a few new ones when We participated in an organized nine-mile run one weekend. It was simple to sign up using the events page, which provided me with all pertinent information, such as location, time, and who else from the community will be present.


You can’t blame Adidas running app features, layout, or attention to detail with a successful name behind it. You can quickly establish a weekly distance target. And are able to view all of the activities on your home page. It is also helpful to know how many miles the existing trainers had left before potentially causing an injury. The coaching assistance, supplementary gym training. And burst training session plans provide a lot of variation for your workout, which is ideal. Suppose you’re feeling stuck or want to try something new. However, it’s worth mentioning that the same coaching assistance and detailed tracking are also available for free via the Nike Run Club app.

Adidas Running is intended for runners who are serious about increasing their speed and keeping track of the stats and miles. You will like the circuit training option and the idea of following a personalized program geared to my specific goals. You will also appreciate the voice-guided coach.

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