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Consider Holystone HS-Series HS110 Drone to get numerous features!


The HolyStone HS110D drone is indeed a simple drone with tons of features for the price, including a 120-degree field of view wide-angle lens. It’s also simple to fly it hovers beautifully after the trim is set in, making it an excellent choice for first-time pilots who wish to record videos. It was also one of the very best cheap drones for the budget at under a hundred dollars. To learn more about what we enjoyed about the Holy Stone HS110D drone , read below.

HS110D Drone Price

The HS110D costs around $100, which is a good deal for a drone in this class. Two batteries, a full set of four extra rotor blades, and two LED covers, as well as the clip-on blades protectors, the wireless remote, and the clip-on device that holds your phone in place above the remote controller, are all included in this pricing.


Consider Holystone HS-Series HS110 Drone to get numerous features!

The HS110D is a straightforward drone with a curved plastic shell comprised of two sections. It feels flimsy, measuring around 13 inches from rotor tip to tip, however extra parts are included for most of the readily breakable units: spare blades, landing feet, and LED covers.

The camera is attached to the drone’s body, facing forward, and has a dedicated MicroSD card slot just on the backside. This method of video capture is more dependable because it does not rely on a Wi-Fi link here between the phone and the drone. The camera, however, cannot be twisted or panned, and gimbal stabilization is not available. Two landing feet surround the camera and clip into place on the drone body. The battery goes into the body’s back, taking up the majority of the area. A rotor blade sits on top of each arm, with a white plastic sheet that fits across an LED below.

HS110 Drone Phone Holder at remote

HS110 Drone Phone Holder

When you utilize the phone holder, which requires the withdrawal of one screw to hold it in place, the remote controller is nearly as big as the drone itself. Smaller hands may struggle to reach the controls due to the remote’s big size: even with my reasonably adult-sized hands, I had to strain to touch the engine start button on the front of the remote. The battery level (from four AA batteries in the back) displays other information on an LCD panel. But the majority of the real information shown inside the Deerc FPV app, which is free to download and install, is on iOS and Android devices (versions 7 and 4 or above, respectively).

This is a simple but completely functioning app that displays a video preview and provides a few buttons all along the top of the screen for changing the drone’s speed, stopping and starting video recording, and so on. You can also operate the drone with on-screen controls, but they aren’t as fast as the controller.


HS110 Drone package contents

The HS110 kit includes the drone, 2.4GHz controller, four extra blades, phone holder, USB charger, memory card reader, 4GB micro SD card, screwdriver, eight screws (four for the blades and four for the drone), and a user manual. You might be able to acquire extra batteries for free if you purchase the drone from specific online sites.


Holy stone drone

The HS110D is an easy drone to fly: try pressing the auto-launch button, and the drone will lift off and hover a few feet above the ground. It did, however, hover rather effectively once this completes.

Once you have the space, the HS110D is a relatively fast drone that can turn rapidly and fly at a good speed. It isn’t the fastest drone on the market, but it packs a punch at higher speeds, as well as the wide field of view of the camera gives a wonderful sense of speed while swooping low and overground.

The drone will flip in the designated direction if you push the flip button in the upper right shoulder of the controller and move the right stick in the same direction.

Although the little 1080p cameras record a lot of detail, the video quality isn’t great. It gets jittery and fuzzy when the drone is maneuvering, and it gets extremely nosy whenever the light is low. Nonetheless, the video was acceptable for the price, and it gives a wonderful sense of being on the drone itself. This is pretty thrilling when maneuvering hard and ducking around objects.


The HS110 comes with a lot of features for the price. Among the features are a 720p built-in camera with FPV capability, one-button landing/takeoff, gravity mode sensor, headless mode, and four-speed variable adjustment. The drone can fly continuously for up to 9 minutes and reach heights of up to 120 meters, with a video transmission range of about 50 meters.


HS110 Drone camera  Holy stone drone

The camera includes, however, is not the product’s best feature. The camera included in the box may capture video or photos in 720p resolution. The camera’s true FPV (first-person view) shift is its standout feature. To put it another way, the camera allows you to go see things through the eyes of the drone. Your Android or iOS device should be used in conjunction with the FPV capability. Without a doubt, the feature improves the photo and video quality produced by this drone.

The camera is, on the whole, a mixed bag. It is made easier by some useful features, however, the camera hardware is subpar. The 720p wide-angle and hardly detectable stabilization aren’t exactly impressive. There includes a scroll wheel that controls a 90-degree angle electronically adjustable tilt. The camera immediately saves the photos and videos it takes to the MicroSD Card slot.


The HS110 measures 12-6 inches wide and long, with a height of 2.6 inches. It barely weighs 108 grams without the battery, making it very portable. Because of its small weight, it does not require FAA registration. From 0 to 100%, the rechargeable 650mAh 3.7V Battery pack takes about 60-90 minutes to charge. The drone can operate for up to 9 minutes on a single charge. You may need to replace batteries occasionally if you want to keep the drone flying for longer.

HS110D Drone Battery Life

The Holy Stone HS110D drone attach with 2 1000mAh Li-polymer batteries that charge via providing by Mini USB wire inside the drone. According to how active you move, each battery may fly for roughly 8 minutes, giving you a total of 16 to 18 minutes in the air. Because you have to charge them inside the drone. One can only charge a few at a time, a procedure that took roughly 45 minutes for every battery.


For the price, this Holy Stone HS110 drone is a complete, properly equipped drone. It has about every feature you might want in a drone, along with a 720p camera. Please keep in mind that most drones in the HS110’s price range do not have a camera. Some even lack the necessary room to install a third-party camera. As just a reason, the Holy Stone HS110 drone is appealing to both novices and specialists. This drone, however, does not fall into the group of drones that experts would consider purchasing right now.

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