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The Best Laptop Power Banks With Power Delivery For 2024!


Laptop power banks come in handy if you need to function without access to a power outlet.

When looking for a power bank to charge a laptop or console, keep two things in mind: does it supply enough power to charge my device, and does the battery capacity provide a decent boost to the battery?

A typical USB port will not charge laptops or consoles; instead, you’ll need one that supports Power Delivery. These can produce up to 100W, but how much you need depends on how much power your device requires.

Anker PowerCore+ 26,800mAh 45W

The Best Laptop Power Banks With Power Delivery For 2024!

This Anker PowerCore+ is a 45W PD power bank with a large 26,800mAh battery capacity and a 60W PowerPort Atom III USB-C PD charger, making it a great deal.

The Atom III may be used as a replacement mains charger for your laptop, as well as recharging the power bank, which takes only four hours – remarkable for a power bank of this size. Of course, if you already own one, you’re unlikely to want to get another.

The design is classic Anker, and while it’s simple, it’s impossible to fault. Although the rectangular brick-like device is enormously large and heavy (180x80x24mm and 580g), its metal body and perfectly rounded edges make it appear far less aggressive.

The PowerCore+ is undeniably well-made and feels like a long-lasting product. It also comes with a mesh travel bag and a USB-C cable, making it easy to keep all of your laptop’s charging accessories in one place.

The Anker PowerCore+ has the juice to rapidly charge your laptop, phone, and tablet. With PowerIQ, which recognizes the device type to offer the best charge, the two full-size USB ports support a 15W output. Meanwhile, the USB-C connector can provide or accept up to 45W and is both input and output.

50,000mAh Krisdonia laptop power bank

The Best Laptop Power Banks With Power Delivery For 2024!

The Krisdonia 50,000mAh Power Pack is the best laptop power bank overall, taking into account battery, adaptability, and affordability. It has a large 50,000mAh battery that can run a 65W laptop 2.5 times and a smartphone 11-18 times. To put it another way, you’ll have enough power to last for DAYS.

Alternatively, you may use any combination of the power bank’s four connections to charge both your laptop and other devices, such as smartphones and tablets, at the same time. A DC-out port for laptops, two USB-A ports for cellphones, and a USB-C port for laptops like the 12 MacBook, as well as other devices like the Nintendo Switch, are all available. However, because the USB-C connection does not support 20V, you’ll need to purchase a converter if you have a 20V laptop.

You can charge the power bank as it charges other devices, which is known as passthrough charging. It also comes with a MagSafe 2 converter and 28 different laptop ports, making it compatible with a wide range of laptops, including MacBooks. On the negative, because it’s so powerful, it’s not TSA-approved, so you won’t be able to take it on a plane with you. It’s also worth noting that it’s rather heavy at 1.2kg.

The Best Laptop Power Banks With Power Delivery For 2024!
The Best Laptop Power Banks With Power Delivery For 2024! 8

Maxoak 50,000mAh Power Bank

Maxoak 50,000mAh

Do you need to charge a number of gadgets at the same time? Then this Maxoak power bank is well worth checking out if you’re using a Windows laptop or Chromebook (Apple laptops aren’t supported).

It not only boasts a massive 50,000mAh battery that can deliver up to 185W of power, but it also has six ports. There’s a 20V/5A slot for laptops, a 12V/2.5A slot for digital cameras, two 5V/2.1A ports, and two 5V/1A ports, which should handle most smartphones and tablets. There are 14 ports for various computers, as well as passthrough charging.

On the negative side, it’s fairly expensive, it’s the heaviest on our list at 1.26kg, and it’s so powerful that you can’t carry it on a plane.

OmniCharge 20+ 20000mAhLaptop Power Bank

OmniCharge 20+ 20000mAh

Want to charge a laptop as well as a variety of other gadgets and be sure you’ve covered all the bases? Then the OmniCharge 20+ might be the ideal option for you.

This versatile power bank features one USB-C port, two USB-A ports, one AC, and one DC output, as well as wireless charging. In a nutshell, this is the Swiss Army knife of laptop power banks, capable of charging laptops, cameras, drones, smartphones, and other devices.

It’s small and light, and it can be carried on a plane. A beautiful OLED panel provides smart power readings, allowing you to better control the power levels of your device. A USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cable are also included. While this is a pricey solution, if you have a lot of devices other than your laptop, it may be the best option for you.

Anker PowerCore III Elite

Anker PowerCore III Elite

When it comes to laptop power banks, there’s always a trade-off between price and power. In terms of value, we believe this Anker power bank finds the sweet spot.

Despite its modest price, his power bank has a large 25,600mAh battery that can fully charge a 13.4-inch MacBook and fully charge a Dell XPS 13 up to 90%. It will also charge an iPhone 11 five times or a Samsung Galaxy S20 four times. You may charge up to three devices at the same time using a USB-C port and two USB-A ports.

There’s also a trickle-charging option that’s designed to charge low-powered items like Bluetooth earphones safely and reliably. You’ll also receive a travel pouch. Overall, this laptop power bank offers the best value of all the laptop power banks on this list.

Dell Power Companion PW7015L

Dell Power Companion PW7015L

Do you own a Dell laptop or an ultrabook? Then there’s this Dell laptop power bank that’s specifically designed for your device. The Dell Power Companion is designed to provide in-bag charging, ensuring that your laptop is ready to use when you are. It’s also built to fit into the Dell Premier Backpack and Dell Premier Briefcases.

In addition to charging your laptop, there are two USB-A connections for charging other devices such as smartphones at the same time. While the 18,000 mAh battery isn’t the largest on our list, the power bank is flight-approved and small (78 x 162 x 21mm), making it a space saver and suitable travel companion.

Is it possible to use a power bank to charge a laptop?

Yes, it is correct. When using a power bank to charge a laptop, it’s important to consider the power rating, ports, and battery capacity. The demand for a portable power source is increasing as the use of laptops grows.

Is it possible to charge my laptop via USB?

If you’ve been thinking about how to charge your laptop without using the provided charger, the new USB-C option could be the solution. Because of USB-near-universality, C’s you can theoretically insert any USB-C charger into your laptop’s USB-C charging port and get electricity.

When it comes to portable power stations, how long do they last?

3 to 13 thirteen hours
On a fully charged battery, a common portable power station can last anywhere from three to thirteen hours. The longevity of a battery is determined by its age, kind, size, and the number of electronics connected to the power station.


Once charged entirely a power bank lasts for a long and may charge the laptop numerous times, which makes it a perfect portable power supply for your device when traveling.
The ability to supply reliable power in times of need is the fundamental benefit of portable power banks. Everyone is always online these days, and most of this equipment, such as phones, laptops, cameras, and so on, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, these devices require continuous power to keep up with how their owners use them. Power banks are very useful for people who are constantly on their phones or tablets. Our Pick – 50,000mAh Krisdonia Power Pack can be called Overall, the best laptop power bank.

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