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Get Amazon Prime Video for free: Tips and Tricks for you!

Prime video
Prime video

Amazon Prime Video is an American membership video on request beyond unbelievable web-based and rental help presented as an independent service or a part of Amazon’s Prime membership. You can originally download movies for offline viewing if you have the app for iOS, Android, or a Fire tablet.
Amazon Prime is an Amazon subscription membership that provides customers with paid services for an annual or monthly fee. Amazon Prime had roughly 80 million subscribers as of 2017. For a yearly subscription fee, Amazon Prime offers shipping discounts, Twitch Prime, and Amazon Drive membership, and thirty minutes early access to Lightning Deals.

The most well-known benefit of Amazon Prime is free two-day shipment, but there are several Amazon-specific and partnered benefits as well. For example, the free shipping promotion has no minimum order size and is valid on millions of eligible items. Here we will learn how to get a free Amazon Prime Video subscription and stream and watch shows for free!

Ways to get “Free Amazon Prime Video”

Amazon Prime

Start up your 30 Day Free Trial

Amazon Prime

Signing up for months of Amazon Prime video free trial Video is the best way to get a free membership. It will not cost you anything if you cancel before the period ends. Because the free membership is linked to your Amazon account, there’s nothing stopping you from creating multiple Amazon accounts and running free assess on each of them. After the trial period of Amazon Prime expires, a paid membership doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive because there is so much content to watch. Students, who are granted an incredible 6 months, benefit even more from it. First, you must be eligible for a month of free Amazon Prime Video access. For the purpose of setting up your trial membership, a credit card is required. The eligibility criteria are also listed below. Take a look and take advantage of your free trial as soon as possible.


If you haven’t been a member of Amazon Prime in the last year, you can log in for a free trial. A valid credit card is required to sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial. Payment methods like an Corporate Line of Credit, checking accounts, or pre-paid credit cards are unavailable.

Steps to sign in

To sign-up for a free trial of Amazon Prime, follow these steps:

  • Visit Amazon Prime.
  • Select Begin your free trial.
  • If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions.

Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Trial Membership

Amazon Prime

Prime Student members take Free delivery and stream popular TV shows and movies. They also receive promotions such as free music streaming, Twitch Prime, early access to deals, and so on. Students can sign up for a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime Student, the longest free trial period currently available from Amazon; non-students receive a 30-day free trial. Following that, students can use Amazon Prime for $7.49 per month, which is 50% off the regular membership price. College students who haven’t tried Prime Student can sign-up for a six-month trial at They can then enjoy Prime for a fraction of $6.49 per month or $59 per year.

Note:- As a Prime Student member, you cannot begin sharing your benefits with another person. Prime benefits obtained through Prime Student are not transferable.


You are eligible for Prime Student if you are an Amazon Prime member with a monthly or annual payment method and are also enrolled as a student.

Verification steps:

  1. Firstly, verify the school email address.
  2. Copy of your admission letter or transcripts.
  3. Student ID with an end date.

Amazon Household

Share Amazon Prime accounts with family members. Sharing the free 30-day Amazon Prime trials with your family is the simplest way to obtain them. Each participant may run one trial at a time. Two people with different Amazon accounts can share their Prime benefits for no extra charge. It typically functions best when shared with a loving companion, such as a spouse, a family member, or a roommate.

You can transfer Amazon Prime Video for free using your Amazon Household if your family is willing to share their Amazon Prime account with you. On the other hand, you can split the membership cost among you to get it at a reduced price. The following people can be found in an Amazon Household: up to two adults, each with an Amazon account, and at least 18. 

How Do You Share the Benefits of Amazon Prime?

  • You can access Your Amazon Prime Membership.
  • Find the section titled “Share your Prime Benefits.”
  • Make a choice Manage Your Household.
  • Type in the person’s name and email address if you want to share the benefits.
  • Then click Continue.
  • Reread the terms.

Amazon Prime Video membership and Subscription

Unlimited, fast delivery of the right items, real-time video, music without advertisements, free in-game content, exclusive access to deals, and more are all benefits of being a Prime member. Your Prime membership cannot be delivered for a fee. However, you agree to the Amazon Prime Terms and Conditions by pursuing Prime membership.
You can currently purchase a Prime membership at a cost by paying a few expenses in accordance with your package to receive Prime benefits. Customers who have Prime memberships receive free delivery and access to Kindle Library, Amazon Video, and Amazon Music. The rating of Prime, however, is unremarkable, and some people refuse to pay for it. There are numerous ways to receive a discount or a free subscription to Amazon Prime Video. As a bonus, all Prime members have free access to Prime Video content and other Prime benefits.

Amazon Prime Video Subscription plan

Subscription plan in the UKSubscription plan in the US
Monthly: £7.99Monthly: $12.99
Yearly: £79Yearly: $119

How do I convert my Amazon Prime membership into a student?

Visit the website below and complete the Prime Student sign-up process to convert your Amazon Prime membership to Prime Student. Before registering for Prime Student, there is no need to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

What is the main difference between Prime and Prime students?

Prime Student gives you admittance to free 2-day delivery, Prime Video, and selective Prime part just deals. Amazon Prime Student costs $69/per year, half under a standard Prime membership. On the other hand, you can settle on a month-to-month plan at $7.49/month.

Can members of an Amazon Prime Household view one another’s purchases?

Setting up an Amazon Household account is quite simple, provided you feel comfortable sharing your payment information with another person. Even if you share your Amazon account with someone else, you won’t be able to view that person’s order history or past purchases.


In conclusion, this is the easiest way to get Amazon Prime Video for free. Amazon also gives you a household plan for your family, where you can share your account with your family members. It’s not surprising that Amazon Prime has overtaken other video streaming services due to its extensive library of high-quality and unforgettable content. You can access all of the movies and television shows on their website without interruption for $176 a year. You can also access special offers and price cuts on other Amazon products. But many people are still unsure of how it operates even after receiving a letter in their mailbox informing them that they are qualified for this free service.

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