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Paper Girls: The Best Time-Travel TV Show depicting four female leads!


Time travel, preteen coming-of-age drama, giant robots. Plenty is happening inside the first season of Prime Video’s new collection Paper Girls TV Show. And but by hook or by crook, it all blends collectively perfectly.

Four paper girls — Erin Tieng, MacKenzie Coyle, Tiffany, and Karina J. Brandman are on their early-morning shipping route in suburban Ohio after they’re all at once stuck amid a time war among rival factions from the future. Transported from 1988 to 2019. The paper girls encounter the grown-up variations of themselves while struggling to discover a manner returned home.

Paper Girls Cast:

Riley Lai Nelet, Fina Strazza, Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones


Stephany Folsom

Streaming Platform: 

Amazon Prime Video

Paper Girls Stars: 


About Paper Girls

Paper Girls

Paper Girls is a mystery/sci-fi comic book series composed by Brian K. Vaughan and represented by Cliff Chiang, published by American company Image Comics. The colorist is Matt Wilson, the letterer and planner are Jared K. Fletcher, and the color compliment is Dee Cunniffe.

The series revolves around four young girls who convey newspapers in the last part of the 1980s: Erin Tieng, MacKenzie “Macintosh” Coyle, Karina “KJ” J, and Tiffany Quilkin. They are each 12 years of age and live in suburbia beyond Cleveland. Erin is the “new kid” and is simply getting to know the other three paper young girls when all of the science fiction fervor raises a ruckus around town.

As they are out conveying papers on the morning after Halloween, the town is struck by an intrusion from a mysterious power from what’s to come.

The young girls become reluctantly up to speed in the conflict between two fighting groups of people who jump through time.

Paper Girls additionally stars joke artist Ali Wong as Erin Tieng, Nate Corddry, and Adina Porter, with Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, and Fina Strazza depicting the four heroes. As Wong, Jason Mantzoukas is also a repetitive person who is known best for being a comedian. Yet assumes a darker and more sensational part that overcomes audience expectations.

Like the comics, Paper Girls addresses a different cluster of backgrounds in its cast and subjects in its story going from homosexuality, immigration, adoption, discrimination against Jews, and religion, among others. Mental health and injury — over a broad period — are examined transparently as the young girls get to know each other.


Paper Girls Characters

MacKenzie Coyle

Paper Girls

MacKenzie Coyle was the leading paper kid who wasn’t a boy in Stony Stream. She acquired the course from her older brother. It is suggested that she or a portion of her nearby relatives have had brushes with the law, as she is harassed by a Stony Stream official in the main issue.

Because of her family conditions, she will generally have a standard and cynical life outlook. She uncovers that her father accepts that newspapers are a dying business and is surrendered to her apparent destiny that she will die young in later issues. She likewise appears to have a solitary streak, as she appears to have an uncaring attitude towards those clients that don’t pay on time and is a smoker regardless of being a juvenile.


Paper Girls

Karina “KJ” J. Brandman is a 12-yr-old-girl and one of the protagonists in Paper Girls TV SHow. She seems in every difficulty of the comedian series. In the 2022 Amazon Prime series, she is portrayed via Fina Strazza.

KJ is the tallest female in the group. Her family is wealthy, and her mom wants KJ to be the daughter who likes dressing up and wearing lots of pinks. However, KJ is pretty the alternative. She’s a sporty lady who loves field hockey.

She is Jewish, attends private school (in her case, Buttonwood Academy), and performs field hockey (her weapon is a hockey stick). Along with the rest of the principal characters, she lives within the fictional suburb of Stoney Stream, handing over the Cleveland Preserver newspaper.


Paper Girls

Erin Tieng is a 12-year-old female and one of the protagonists in Paper Girls TV Show. She is the first to appear in the comic series and is in each difficulty. In the 2022 Amazon Prime series, she is portrayed with the aid of Riley Lai Nelet (more young) and Ali Wong (adult).

She lived a sleeping life with her sister and her own family in Stony Stream, Ohio. She became stuck in time travel with a ragtag institution of friends.

Erin is an Asian-American of Chinese descent and speaks Mandarin. She attends a Catholic school referred to as St. Nick’s. Erin’s father passed away rapidly after her own family immigrated to America. She persisted in caring for her younger sister and her mom after her father’s demise.


Paper Girls: The Best Time-Travel TV Show depicting four female leads!

Naldo became one of the teenagers from Stony Stream, except from a different time known as 13. The international turned into renumbered after the calamity, and he became infected.

He and his friend, Heck, stumbled upon Erin and her team out of the streets when they had been chased by using old-timers. He led them into the tunnels and helped protect them until they reached the delivery, where Heck promised to heal Erin from her gunshot wound. However, as quickly as they got inner, they took off and left Mac, K.J., and Tiffany stranded within the forest.

Erin later awakened with Heck and Naldo scurrying about their warehouse. She located that they had put insects in her belly, minor digital bugs, to heal her. The young adults were dying due to a gas leak. However, they advised her they’ll assist her in returning to her time as she reminded them of their younger selves. They took off within the time gadget and lowered her back to the basement, where they, at the beginning, located the time system as they handed it away.


Paper Girls: The Best Time-Travel TV Show depicting four female leads!

Tiffany Quilkin is a 12-year-old young lady and one of the fundamental heroes of Paper Girls TV Show. She appears in each issue of the comic series. In the 2022 Amazon Prime series, she is depicted by Camryn Jones. Tiffany goes to St. Pete’s Catholic school with Erin, an individual paper girl.

Tiffany is African-American and took on a little girl of a blended race family. She goes to a Catholic school called St. Pete’s, with Erin, where she was the main special-raised area young lady.

Also, she is brilliant, especially at math, yet she stresses that individuals will believe she’s a cheat. She doesn’t have numerous friends until she meets a gathering of paper girls.

Tiffany is bright, hopeful, and good-natured. She appreciates video games and is near her new parents. She is keen on technology and set aside cash to purchase a bunch of walkie-talkies, which she at one guide alludes toward as “my babies.”


Paper Girls’ TV Show most memorable season appears to be intriguing enough as it constructs its speed through the initial not many episodes and leaves us with a cliffhanger. Paper Girls leaves a lot of vulnerability about where the young girls’ process will take them next (and frustratingly little conclusion on the occasions up until this point). However, the series does what’s needed over its initial eight episodes to cause its cliffhanger finishing to feel somewhat appropriate, given the extent of the adventure they’re wrapped up in. If we’re fortunate, it might involve time before seeing more of them.

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