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Blink Video Doorbell-Finally, Home Security and Video Monitoring Made Easy!


Here is the f Video Doorbell from the Blink review. The video doorbell comes with two-way voice communication, HD video, motion detection, Blink app notifications, and support for Alexa-enabled devices. The Blink Video Doorbell may be configured to ring your current home chime. And it always required two-size AA batteries for power.


The Blink Video Doorbell doesn’t have a particularly appealing appearance. Like most others, it has a camera at the top and a button at the bottom and is roughly the size of a Snickers bar. Anyone seeking a cheap video doorbell won’t mind the device’s unassuming appearance, and it doesn’t matter if the video doorbell makes a design statement. The button itself clicks a lot.

It might seem strange that Amazon has maintained both security camera brands more than four years later. One explanation for this, among others, is that Blink caters to a particular market; its inexpensive cameras are the few that directly compete with budget-friendly.


The more notable drawback of Blink’s video doorbell is that you can’t access a live stream of your front door without first getting a motion warning or pressing the button. If you’re out of town and only want to see how much snow has accumulated, you’re out of luck. This function has the advantage of using less battery power.

Sync Module

Your battery life may extend to two years with a Sync Module or appropriate wire, and the Blink app can start Live View and snap thumbnail pictures. You enter Event Response mode without a wired connection or a Sync Module and only get motion alerts and doorbell press alerts. To enter Live View with the two-way conversation, you must touch a notification within 60 seconds.

Event Response Mode

When the Sync Module does not attach to the doorbell, and the powered wiring is incompatible, Event Response mode immediately begins. The doorbell leaves Event Response after connecting to a Sync Module system or an appropriate powered wire.

Batteries drain more quickly in Event Response mode than when the Blink Video Doorbell is linked to a Sync Module or powered wiring from an existing chime system. In Event Response mode, the Blink Video Doorbell powers all of its communications.

The overlay “Event Response” can be shown on the Blink app’s home screen. To complete any Settings or Arm/Disarm actions in Event Response, you must hit the ringer button because the doorbell does not permanently connect to the internet.

Blink Video Doorbell review

The Blink Video Doorbell is well-designed to allow you to attach the cables from your house to the base plate rather than the actual video doorbell. After installing the video doorbell, it discovers that connecting the wires to a base plate before attaching the doorbell to the base plate was much more straightforward.

Wireless Setup

  • Powered by two size AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries. 
  • To extend battery life up to two years of typical use, connect a Sync Module 2.
  • Save as many videos as possible to your cloud subscription or local USB storage.
  • Receive doorbell notifications, motion alerts, voice-activated Live View video when you want, video thumbnails, clip backup, photo capture, and immediate viewing.

Installation using wires

  • Powered by two non-rechargeable size AA 1.5-volt lithium batteries.
  • Attach existing wire to your door chime to make it sound.
  • To extend the battery life to two years of continuous use, connect a Sync Module. To save video and audio from doorbell button pushes, motion alerts, and Live View sessions, add a Blink Subscription Plan. Additionally, you receive daily Photo Capture snapshots, quick viewing, and video thumbnails when you subscribe.
  • Motion alerts and doorbell pushes may be saved to Local Storage without a subscription using a Sync Module 2 with the USB drive, which is offered separately.

Event Reaction

  • Powered by two non-rechargeable size AA 1.5-volt lithium batteries.
  • It connects to Wi-Fi but not an existing network or a Sync Module.
  • Get motion alerts and notifications when the doorbell button is pressed, which you can push to launch a Live View session with two-way communication in the Blink app within 60 seconds.

Price & Availability

Blink Video Doorbell review

From the Blink Video Doorbell review, we were highly impressed that it is available for $49.99. It is available in black or white upon request.

Suppose you want to skip any plan or local storage. In that case, you may still use the Blink Video Doorbell for motion-activated alerts and livestreaming the camera, but you will forfeit any recorded footage.

If you want two-way audio or to see a live feed from the video doorbell at any time, then you require the Blink Sync Module 2 when just detecting motions.

You’ll need the more expensive option if you want to record videos without paying a monthly subscription. You can also view the camera’s feed at any time using it.


By signing up for one of Blink’s subscription options, you may avoid dealing with local storage. For $3 per month per camera, you get a video recording, 60 days of limitless video history, video sharing, and the option to have Blink take a photo every hour and store it in your account. You may connect an unlimited number of cameras to your account for $10 per month and enjoy the same benefits, 10% off any Blink products on Amazon‘s website and an extended warranty.

If your current doorbell chime is connected, it will ring inside when someone touches the Doorbell button and play the Blink Doorbell sound from the speaker.

Additionally, the Blink app plays the Blink Doorbell sound and sends you alerts based on your notification preferences. Currently, Blink items use only the Blink mobile app.

The Blink app notifies the user when it detects a motion or the doorbell. To start a two-way conversation Live View session, press the notice. For battery conservation, the doorbell shuts off listening for your tap after 60 seconds while it is on Event Response.

Yes, you can wire or go wire-free with the Blink Video Doorbell. The Blink Video Doorbell can increase battery life when connected and activates your current chime. Even combined, the doorbell is always powered by size AA, 1.5 volt, non-rechargeable lithium batteries. To save battery life and exit Event Response mode, you can decide not to have the chime sound.

The major functionalities of the Blink Doorbell are available without a membership. However, video recording and cloud storage will be available exclusively with a Blink subscription.


We conclude in our Blink Video Doorbell review that it has a lot of drawbacks, but overall, it performs the job and does it for a reasonably low price. The most excellent battery-powered doorbell money can buy doesn’t require you to sign up for a subscription to use its primary functions. Those characteristics make it a solid option for anyone on a tight budget who needs a little more security for their front door. One of the more affordable doorbells is the Blink Video Doorbell, which costs $49, especially if you want a wireless variant. However, like other inexpensive items, you must make several significant concessions. The Blink Video Doorbell has a poorer quality camera and a significantly narrower field of view than comparable video doorbells that cost less than $100, which is my biggest complaint.

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