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Blink Video Doorbell + Mini Camera with Sync Module 2 Review!

Blink Video Doorbell + Mini Camera with Sync Module 2 Review!
Blink Video Doorbell + Mini Camera with Sync Module 2 Review!

Blink is a well-known brand for low-cost indoor and outdoor home security cameras. However, its Video Blink Doorbell Mini Camera ($84.98) is the company’s first foray into the expanding smart doorbell market. This two-piece solution includes a doorbell camera and a gateway (the Sync Module 2) that connects to Blink’s web services. The doorbell supports wired and wireless installation, seamless connection to Amazon Alexa, & delivers clear 1080p video.

Furthermore, their little squared-shaped cameras are easy to position about the house and could save movies for a week for free utilizing the sync module back then. It was an excellent system and their latest video doorbell.

With the Sync Module

The Blink Video Doorbell + Sync Module 2 combo comes with the doorbell camera and a module that links the doorbell to Blink’s cloud servers. The doorbell may be purchased without the Sync Module 2 for $49.99, but you will need the module to save footage locally on a USB drive and manually record and share live video. The module increases the battery life of the doorbell and can operate up to ten Blink Indoor, Outdoor, Mini, & Doorbell cameras. If you determine you just want Sync Module later, you may buy it separately for $34.99. There are no savings for purchasing the two components together.

With the Sync Module: Blink Video Doorbell Mini Camera

The doorbell, the Sync Module, two AA batteries, a horizontal mounting plate, a corner mounting plate, mounting bolts, a USB cable, an energy adapter, a setup guide, and a little pin to remove the doorbell from its mounting plate are all included in the box. The doorbell comes in black or white and is 5.1 by 1.6 by 1.1 inches (HWD). It has the exact dimensions as the Scouts Alarm Video Doorbell (4.9 by 1.6 by 1.3 inches). The video assembly, a motion detector, or a microphone are housed at the top of the doorbell, while the bottom features a spherical doorbell button encircled by an LED ring. When someone taps it, the light lights blue and flashes red throughout the setup.

Now that the Blink Video Doorbell is connected and live streaming through the Blink app, users may begin the Blink Sync Module 2 setup procedure. This optional attachment can save all of your films and photos. The Sync Module 2 is relatively simple to set up. Simply unpack it, attach it to a USB power converter, and plug it into a wall outlet. Link the Sync Module 2 to your Blink app & Wi-Fi network at home. This module will sync with Blink Video doorbell through the Blink app once attached.

App Features:

App Features: Blink Video Doorbell Mini Camera

There are five buttons at the bottom of the Home screen.

The Home button takes you back to the main menu. The play icon displays thumbnails of event footage. To view, delete, share, or download a video, tap its thumbnail. Select the gear icon to set up recording schedules and Wi-Fi settings. Tap the Accounts button to change your address and password, connect your doorbell to an Alexa device, and control which devices may access your doorbell. The fifth option takes you to the Ring Neighbors app download page, which collects notifications from your neighbors and local authorities.

After installing the doorbell and connecting it to the Blink app, you can begin creating unique motion or activity zones on the app. When configuring these motion zones, remember that the grey regions are not the areas that the doorbell monitors. Instead, they are the areas that Blink does not monitor. Keep this in mind when you choose your zones. It’s worth noting that you may set up two security zones inside the Blink app with your Blink video doorbell. Furthermore, the motion sensor on the Blink Doorbell camera is susceptible. You should set the sensitivity inside the Blink app to avoid receiving many false notifications.

However, the Sync Module 2 has enhanced hardware and firmware that enable additional functionality when used in conjunction with a Blink Subscription Plan. It is possible to store clips straight from a camera system using an installed USB drive and the Sync Module 2.

The Sync Module 2 is the most recent control unit from Blink that controls communications between all Blink devices & our secure servers. With a thumb drive connection, you may now save Clip Backups or even use Local Storage. A Sync Module manages a system, which can include up to 10 devices.

A new Blink Video Doorbell comes with a 30-day free trial of the Blink Subscription Plus Plan, which covers all your Blink devices. A single product Basic plan is $3 per month or $10 per month plan devices & cameras under your account.


Blink is not the video doorbell for you if you are looking for a smart video doorbell that will function with your professionally installed & monitored smart home security system. Blink Video Doorbell, on the other hand, is a beautiful alternative if you want to construct your entire DIY smart home surveillance system and intend to utilize Amazon Alexa as the hub. It may function as a wired or battery-powered video doorbell. It boasts a 1080pHD video resolution, sharp and clear two-way chat, and is reasonably priced.

Furthermore, Blink offers a whole range of smart security cameras that you can combine to create a solid DIY smart home security system managed by Amazon Alexa and can safeguard both the interior and outside of your smart house. Suppose you would not want to subscribe to cloud services. Blink has a clever add-on called Sync Module 2 that allows you to keep all your films and photographs locally without obligation.

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