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Eufy Video Doorbell Dual: A Closer Look at your guests and packages!


Friends, neighbors, strangers, parcels, as well as the porch pirates who want to take them all to finish up on your doorstep nowadays. Keeping a careful watch on what’s going on outside makes it logical. That’s what the new Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is all about. The Doorbell Dual adds an extra camera pointing down and shows you the packages that are waiting. Most video doorbells get one camera pointed directly out to show you who’s really ringing the bell. And if any thief tries to steal them, it will alert you.

While it’s one of the most costly video doorbells, as we discovered in the study of the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual, it’s a unique design that sticks out among the finest.


Eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Design

This Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is a bit bigger than it seems on the website: it’s just under 5 and a half inches tall & two inches broad, resembling an old-school intercom device rather than the sleek doorbells from Ring and Nest. That’s most likely due to the device’s internal battery, which has a six-month battery life according to Eufy. It does, however, appear a little menacing, with the primary camera’s big lens glaring you down. The second smaller downward-facing camera as well as a couple of white LEDs on the bottom of the doorbell light up when motion is detected.

This two-camera technique isn’t unique among the top video doorbells – the Maximus Answer Dual Cam has the same basic concept — but it is uncommon.

The Eufy Video Doorbell Dual, unlike many other video doorbells, must link to the Eufy Homebase, which connects to your wired home network and allows you to see video from the doorbell remotely. The Homebase, on the other hand (which also serves as a framework for other Eufy smart home devices), includes two additional features: It features a chime that sounds whenever the doorbell’s button is hit and stores all the doorbell’s footage.



This doorbell may be powered by batteries or a standard doorbell power supply. If you’re using a battery, you’ll need to charge it first, it took around six hours with the provided cable from the Homebase’s USB connection. Once it’s charged, choose a location for it, drill a number of mounting holes with the provided template, and screw the backing plate into place. The doorbell then clamps into place on the plate, but it may be removed by pressing a secret button on the supplied too (or a long thin screwdriver).

If you’re using a power source, follow the same steps except attaching the power line to two screws here on the back of a doorbell via the backing plate. It’s a straightforward procedure in any case, and all you’ll need is a tiny drill as well as a screwdriver. Anyone who has previously installed a doorbell should have no trouble. An inclined backing plate is supplied if you need to position the doorbell somewhat away from the door. It tilts your doorbell vertically because the camera points it toward the door area.

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Android and iOS

Install the EufySecurity application (available for Android and iOS), and create an account. Then link the doorbell to the app after the doorbell is installed. Scanning a QR code here on the base of the Homebase. It is one on the rear of the doorbell is a rather straightforward process. Finally, you link the doorbell to your Wi-Fi by scanning a code displayed on the mobile screen in the app.

If your doorbell is powered by batteries. You’ll need to remove it every now and then to charge it, which usually takes roughly six hours. That’s similar to other battery-powered video doorbells. But unlike the Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell. As well as the Ring Video Doorbell 4, if you wish the battery was replaceable. There will be no downtime when recharging if you have a second battery.

But Eufy claims it should last six months in normal usage, that seems about right: a week of heavy use didn’t leave much of a dent within the battery.



The key feature of this video doorbell has two cameras, one of which points straight out and the other of which points down at the floor. The doorbell merges these two into a single camera stream that displays almost everything that happens outside.

The primary camera has a horizontal field of vision of 160 degrees. Whereas the packaged camera has a field of view of little under 100 degrees. When these factors couple, it’s rare that anything happens outside of the camera’s vision. Thanks to two LED lights here on a base that illuminate the local area surrounding the camera. The video it delivers is bright and crisp enough that you can distinguish individuals day or night.

Some recent video doorbells, like the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2, Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, and Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell, include cameras that are either more vertically oriented or have a fisheye-like vision, allowing you to see more of the front porch closer to your home. You get a much crisper image with Eufy since it includes a specialized camera for this purpose.

EufySecurity app

Its EufySecurity app is straightforward to use and does a good job of sorting and watching videos and alerts. You can customize the motion detection sensitivity and how often the app tells you of observed events, which is a huge help when setting it up.

It also records audio that is excellent enough for you to comprehend what someone is speaking. When using the remotely answering option, you noticed that there is a little. Yet noticeable latency between what you say and what comes out of the doorbell. It’s tough to converse without talking above them, much like it used to be with international phone conversations. That’s not a major deal if all you really need to say is “go away” or “leave the box there”. But it’s a pain if you’re trying to teach someone how to operate your smart lock, for example.

Video storage

One of the things you enjoy about Eufy devices is that they don’t require you to subscribe to obtain the greatest features: the Video Doorbell Dual has all of the capabilities you’d expect without the need to pay a monthly charge. It can identify people, dogs, and shipments and send you notifications through the app. As well as keep recorded footage here on the doorbell itself. Because it has 16GB of built-in storage, it is smarter than most.

Most video doorbells store video to the cloud, and if you want to see what they saved. You’ll need to subscribe to a plan. The Nest Doorbell (Battery) is an exception, but it only allows you to record for three hours; anything beyond would need you to pay.

Another advantage is that, unlike devices that keep video only in the cloud, like Ring’s video doorbells, the camera continues to record video even if your Wi-Fi and Internet connection is down.

Package detection

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Package detection

The smart capabilities of this doorbell also performed admirably: it sensed when a shipment was delivered and marked the box in the video.

It recognizes when someone took up the box, and you were notified at each stage. Of course, this won’t prevent someone from stealing your shipments. But you’ll have a video to show to the cops if it happens. You’ll know who to blame if something goes missing.

Smart home compatibility

Smart home compatibility

This Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible, but not HomeKit. If you have an Amazon Echo device, you can utilize it to function as a chime again for the video doorbell, which is useful if you’re in a different area of your house and can’t hear the Homebase chime. A Google Nest Mini, on the other hand, cannot use for this purpose.

Price and availability

It Eufy Video Doorbell Dual is a $259.99 video doorbell that introduces in early 2022. For $199.99, you can have a version that merely uses the existing 16-24V doorbell power connection.


This Eufy Video Doorbell Dual does exactly what it says on the tin: it alerts you when someone rings the doorbell and lets you chat to them without having to open the door. Better better, it notifies you when a shipment arrives at your door. It provides a considerably sharper view than other video doorbells. It also captures video locally without requiring you to pay a membership price.

This $259 Eufy Video Doorbell Dual appears one of the most costly among the top video doorbells featuring package detection at first glance. The Nest Doorbell (battery), as well as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 cost, is $179 & $249, respectively. However, to access all of its services. Those two demand memberships, which means you’ll end up spending more in the long term.

There are some very helpful features on the Eufy Video Doorbell Dual. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to utilize them.

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