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How to clear the cache on an Amazon fire tv stick?


The Amazon Fire Tv Stick is the best streaming device available for downloading apps, watching streaming shows, listening to music, and other activities. The Fire Stick attaches to your TV’s HDMI connector and resembles a USB flash drive. Despite its tiny size, it is a helpful streaming player that can turn practically any TV into a “smart” TV. One needs to clear cache on Amazon Fire TV Stick to keep it running smoothly.

Many consumers are worried about the storage capacity of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. A Fire Stick, according to Amazon, contains 8 GB of storage. However, only 4.5 GB of it is utilized for internal storage. You may delete the data and uninstall the useless apps to solve the storage, but it won’t stop it from filling up again. Here is the solution for Clear the cache on Amazon Fire Tv Stick.

Check the FireStick’s remaining storage.

First, look at the Firestick’s storage capacity. You’ll receive the message if there is less than 500 MB of storage space. You must first navigate to the Fire TV settings, choose My Fire TV, and then select the storage option to view the storage information.

You may view internal and external storage information on the right panel if connected through OTG. Better performance requires 1.5 GB or more of free storage space.

There are many ways to make space available, from deleting apps to cleaning up app caches. Because everything is deleted and the Fire Stick is returned to its original form when you reset it, it also frees up space.

The steps to free up space on a Fire Stick are listed below:

Clear App Cache and Data

Space can be made available in a variety of ways. Clearing the cache on Amazon Fire TV Stick for each loaded app is the most straightforward approach to making space on a Fire Stick. Apps on the Fire Stick save data in a cache file as you use them. This might save up a lot of space if you run many programs.

1) Go to the FireStick home page and select Settings.

Setting amazon fire tv stick

2) Click the application bar.

3) Click Manage Installed Applications after that.

Manage installed Applications

4) Choose the application whose cache you want to clear and clear the cache

5) To reset the app to factory settings, select Clear Data.

Clear cache

Delete the apps

If your Fire Stick is overflowing with applications, you may uninstall the ones you want to add to the space. However, some programs require a lot more space than others, so you could need to remove a couple or just one

1) Go to the FireStick home page and select Settings.

2) Beginning with selecting the Application option on the Amazon fire TV stick.

Applications setting

3) Select Manage Installed Applications after that.

4) Click the Uninstall button after selecting the application you wish to remove. For e.g., BBC iplayer

Uninstall apps fire stick

5) A notification will ask you to remove the app before moving further; touch it to do so.

Reset your Fire Stick from Amazon

Your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s speed will return if you reset it. Furthermore, erasing all your data, settings, and programs would reset your smartphone to its default settings, enabling you to sell or give it away without worrying about privacy concerns.

1) First, click the Home button to go to the Home screen.

2) Simply select the setting.

3) Right-hand side of the screen, select My fire TV or System.

Amazon Fire Tv Stick

4) You now have the option to Reset to Factory Defaults at the bottom.

Amazon Fire Tv Stick

5) A warning notice now states that you will reset your Amazon Fire TV to its factory default settings, which means that your sign-in information and personal preferences will be lost.

Amazon Fire Tv Stick

6) Then press the reset button.

Make use of Clean Master for Firestick.

Utilizing the Clean Master for Firestick is helpful. Usually, problems like slow speeds and software crashes may be fixed by clearing the cache on your Fire TV Stick. If this doesn’t help, you may need to remove your cookies or reset your Fire TV Stick to its default settings.

1) From the FireStick menu, select My Apps.

2) And then open the Clean Master app.

3) After the Clean Master App has completed checking your FireStick for rubbish, cache, temporary files, and unnecessary apps, click on Boost.

4) After the cleanup process is finished, you’re free to uninstall the app to save even more space.

Use the support team.

If any of the ideas above prove successful for you or you don’t feel like restarting your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may call your customer care staff for help. To report your issue, utilize the Amazon Fire TV application. Customer service will assist you.

What happens when you precise data on a FireStick?

While deleting the cache may remove temporary data storage, cleaning the data will restore programs to their default condition. Users suggest deleting the store first, as removing data necessitates re-entering the program.

What does clear cache mean?

Utilizing a browser like Chrome, it retains cookies and other information it has cached from websites. Removing them can fix several issues, such as sluggish site loading or incorrect site layout.

How frequently should the cache be cleared?

It is frequently sufficient to remove caches once every two to three months. At that time, your browser will often begin to build a cache large enough to likely slow things down. If you often visit various websites, it is safer to select to clean your cache more frequently.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is a trending device for downloading apps, watching streaming shows, listening to music, and other activities. But the problem many users face is the device’s storage capacity. To support the regular speed, your device should have a minimum of 500 MB of storage space. If you have less than this, you receive a critically low storage space notification. To clear the cache on Amazon Fire Stick, you have ways to clear up the space by following the above steps like Clear App Cache and Data, deleting the unnecessary apps, and Reset your Fire Stick from Amazon. If your problem is not solved, you must consider the support team to help you clear the storage space.

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