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Google Pixel Watch Review: A watch with an elegant look!


Technology behemoth Google has unveiled its eagerly anticipated and highly anticipated Pixel Watch smartwatch to go along with its coveted top Pixel 7 smartphone series. Given how long we’ve been waiting and the tremendous talent of all the firms involved, the Pixel Watch should be Google’s Apple Watch moment. This sentence gives you an idea of the gravity and level of expectation on Google’s shoulders in this situation.

The Google Pixel Watch is a remarkable piece of wearable technology. With a shiny, smooth flat face that curves to meet an identically curved stainless steel body, it has a more poured-in appearance than manufactured. The building process is nearly smooth. Because of that curve, there is more Gorilla Glass 5 facing you than on the Apple Watch 8, which improves the smartwatch’s elegance and, in our opinion, masks one of its flaws: a somewhat bigger black bezel around the screen. Although much of the functionality is provided by the clumsy Fitbit integration, it is also a qualified health and fitness gadget.

Overall Review

Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch offers a stunning circular, domed appearance and a new Wear OS by Google interface, making it simple to receive assistance quickly.

With Fitbit activity monitoring, you can track your movement, calories burnt, and more. Monitor your heart rate to gain insight into your sleep, and use an ECG to check for AFib in your heart rhythm. Enjoy six months of Fitbit Premium free of charge as well.

Utilize Google Wallet for contactless purchases, Maps' turn-by-turn instructions and Calendar's event alerts to save time. Keep in touch and work wherever you are; you can make calls, manage your email, and react to messages directly from your wrist.

The screen size of this AMOLED display is substantially less than that of the Apple Watch 8's square screen, yet Google still manages to do a lot. We never felt the need to want more.

Because of that curvature, there is more glass on front of the device than on the Apple Watch 8, enhancing its attractiveness and concealing a wider black bezel around the screen.

When you feel uncomfortable, Emergency SOS on your watch can notify dependable contacts or 911. The fitness watch can endure water pressure of up to 5 ATM (50 meters) thanks to its scratch-resistant Corning(R) Gorilla(R) Glass construction.

Google has adopted a proprietary charger and straps, following Apple's example. Sadly, it's hindered by a few peculiarities. It lacks critical essential fitness functions like SpO2 readings and auto exercise detection; falling will only include fall detection at the beginning of next year.

It even takes a while to recharge! Additionally, the battery is inadequate, lasting approximately an entire day while tracking sleep. Also, it only functions with Android smartphones.

Despite all this, you will usually wear the Pixel Watch since it looks good and effectively does the functions I value most. You'll like wearing this if you are okay with repeatedly placing it on a charger.

  • Complete range of Google services is available.
  • Google Assistant works great
  • extremely comfortable to wear
  • The Fitbit app is extensive,
  • Unique, upscale styling.
  • Lackluster battery life
  • Too expensive
  • Only one size
  • No blood oxygen sensing
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01/29/2023 10:45 pm GMT

Google Pixel Watch: Price and Availablity

Google Pixel Watch Price and Availability, The Pixel Watch has two price points: $350 (or 339 British pounds) for Wi-Fi and $399 (or 379 pounds) for 4G LTE. Your phone carrier will charge an additional monthly fee if you want to use the 4G LTE capabilities and possibly leave your phone at home while still being reachable.

Google Pixel Watch: Design

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch Design

Google Pixel is a stylish smartwatch. It is 41mm in size. The face of the Pixel watch is circular and has a 3D glass dome. The level of refinement can be found in the Google Pixel Watch’s combination of metal, chrome, and glass. The wearable’s relatively tiny screen (1.2-inch, 450 pixels x 450 pixels) is given the best chance to shine.

The side-mounted digital crown has tactile grooves and a similar appearance to the digital crown on the Apple Watch. The Pixel Watch contains a small button above the digital crown that, when quickly pressed, launches the most recently used apps. That button may be long-pressed to activate Google Assistant.

The smartwatch is rated for water depths of up to 50 meters, even though it is not officially referred to as “waterproof” by Google. A lengthy speaker slot and a few microphone holes can be seen on the stainless steel body. We didn’t swim with the Pixel Watch.

In addition, there are three color options for the Pixel Watch: matte black, silver, and gold. In addition to the Pixel Watch, Google also introduced seven different styles of replaceable bands that are all only compatible with the Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch: Display

In perspective, the display is noticeably 2-inch smaller than the Apple Watch 8 display. . The Apple Watch has a little denser 326ppi display, but it also has a larger screen. This is when you notice the size limitation.

Although the system isn’t the fastest in the dark and tends to stay at full brightness when adaptive brightness is turned on, I’ve found that leaving the screen one notch below maximum brightness is the better option. Anything that can aid increase battery life is appreciated, as we’ll see in a moment.

Google Pixel Watch: Apps and Software

Google Pixel Watch Apps and Software
Google Pixel Watch Apps and Software

Google offers the option to swipe left and right to access other “Tiles” in addition to the watch face complexities. These aren’t all that dissimilar from the Tiles that have historically been offered on the top Android smartwatches. And it’s simple to add new Tiles to the carousel by swiping to the left, holding down on an existing tile for a long time, and then touching the (+) icon.

Since the Play Store is directly on the watch, you don’t need to rely on your phone to download and set up new apps. It seems that downloading apps and installing updates takes a little bit longer, but it has no adverse effects.

Google’s OS 3.5 software is inbuilt into the Pixel Watch. It’s nearly identical to the version in Montblanc Summit 3, and unlike the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, it doesn’t have any additional user interface on top of it.

The speaker is powerful, but it does have a tendency to distort, and it doesn’t offer the best audio quality. The Pixel Watch picks up my speech quite well, and I’ve found that dictating messages and replies is practically error-free. This functionality is crucial because the screen is a bit small for typing, and having it function smoothly is a major advantage.

Pixel watch app makes it easier for customers to operate watches. On the whole, I find it annoying that Google is promoting a pointless app with the Pixel Watch, but in actuality, it’s not that much of a nuisance.

Fitness and Health Powered by Fitbit

The Pixel Watch lacks features compared to numerous other, frequently less expensive fitness trackers. The Pixel Watch has a blood oxygen sensor. It also features an optical heart rate sensor on the back and can record an electrocardiogram. Pixel watch has a mode for tracking indoor climbing. You must manually activate the Pixel Watch’s bedtime mode. It does not do this automatically. It doesn’t automatically halt and resume workouts, has no intelligent alert, and doesn’t even detect abnormal heart rates.

There is an automatic workout detection mode. Like the Apple Watch, it doesn’t leap right into a workout after 10 minutes. It quietly observes and, if you’re lucky, applies the entire session to your everyday activities later. . Additionally, even when it functions, it does not store important data such as distance, splits, GPS data, etc.

The Pixel Watch may record ECGs and heart rate monitoring to look for potential atrial fibrillation symptoms. The watch may track more than 40 different workouts. Which can also count your steps and continuously check your heart rate. The heart rate readings were terrific because they swiftly changed throughout the exercises. Pixel watch constantly updated on watch displays with heart rate complexities. Pixel Watch reported that heart rate changes faster than the apple watch.

GPS Accuracy

Google Pixel Watch Review GPS accuracy
GPS Accuracy

Regarding GPS tracking during walks and runs, the Pixel Watch’s distance readings lined up precisely with Apple Watch on open roads and my local track. All the while, the workout interface showed my metrics, including distance, the time elapsed, steps (for walking), pace, and earned Active Zone Minutes.

You can track your actions with the Pixel Watch without carrying your phone. Additionally, the watch has Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to tell it where you want to travel and receive directions. You may also access your calendar and respond to texts and emails.

Google Pixel Watch Battery Life

Google Pixel Watch Review
Google Pixel Watch Battery

According to Google, the Pixel Watch’s battery can last up to 24 hours of continuous use. I was concerned about that figure because many smartwatches boast a battery life more extraordinary than what Google claims for the Pixel Watch. Smartwatches rarely achieve their advertised battery figures under real-world use. With a few significant exceptions, the Pixel Watch appears to be approximate as battery-efficient as Google claims.

While the Pixel Watch can’t yet be called a failure, it needs a significant victory somewhere to justify the high price. So far, it hasn’t impressed many people. Expect a single 30-minute workout without GPS tracking, active always-on screen, one day and one night of sleep tracking, and nothing else. Unfortunately, battery life is of absolutely no assistance. You’ll need to forgo recording your workouts and sleep if you want to make it to two working days.

In comparison to other wearables, sleep tracking appears to be particularly power-hungry, with 15% to 20% evaporating overnight. A few percent vanish from the battery meter, unlike other smartwatches that savor power when doing little. The Pixel Watch eagerly consumes all available energy until only minutes can pass. Keep in mind that it is performing poorly despite only providing a small portion of the functions offered by rival smartwatches.

In the box, there is a USB Type-C charging puck. According to Google, it charges 50% in 30 minutes and 100% in 80 minutes.

Google Pixel Watch Performance

Google Pixel Watch
Google Pixel Watch

The dual-core Exynos 9110 processor that Google utilized is four years old and still runs well. Although they added a co-processor for less demanding activities to personalize the chip configuration, having the 9110 conduct most of the work hasn’t resulted in performance issues.

The swipe-up button will bring the notification. Right swipe activates activities such as health tracking and workouts. Swiping from down includes settings, airplane mode, screen lock, flashlight, wallet, etc. Swiping left, turning on GPS. Google Pixel Watch performance is entirely smooth and operational. The charging capacity and screen size are limitations of the Google Pixel Watch.  According to the users, the combination of the old chip,  the software, and the hardware in the pixel watch helps the watch to perform excellently. The Pixel Watch is the first invention of the Google-owned Fitbit. Users also get 6 months of free Fitbit premium along with Google watch.

Should you buy Google Pixel Watch?

Buy it if…

  • If You want to wear OS 3.
  • If you prefer an attractive Design.
  • If you are comfortable with the round surface of the watch.

Don’t buy it if…

  • You are not used to mechanical things
  • Battery Health matters to you.

What is in the box?

The box contains the expected paperwork, and a magnetic wireless charger is included. You won’t need to pack a separate power brick while traveling because the charger is always connected to a cable with a USB-C connector at the other end.

What can a Google smartwatch do?

It is a software platform that delivers everything you know and loves about Android smartphones to smartwatches. This implies that you may download music and well-known apps to your wrist, make contactless payments, read and reply to messages, and track your fitness and health.


Google Pixel Watch has OS 3, which is very useful. It has many features, such as an ECG app for detecting atrial fibrillation, heart rate monitoring, 40 plus workout modes,  Google Wallet for contactless payments, GPS, Fast Pair and handoff, Emergency SOS, the crown for scrolling, a side button for accessing apps, Built-in Google Assistant (hands-free), etc. Google Pixel has an elegant look and style and attractive features, but on the dark side, there is a problem with its battery life which last for only 24 hours. Apart from this, the screen size is minimal and needs to be extended. Pixel watch has 32 GB storage without an SD slot to store music and apps.

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Google Pixel Watch Review: A watch with an elegant look!