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How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

Fix Firestick Youtube
Fix Firestick Youtube

Were you going to watch your favourite content on Youtube on Firestick TV, and it got stuck? Or is your Youtube on Firestick showing a black screen, buffering or getting forced to stop? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered; this blog will highlight some ways and resolutions that will fix Youtube not working on Firestick.

First things first, there can be various reasons which can lead to issues in Youtube not working on Firestick TV. Some common issues like having a poor internet connection which causes buffering. Or if there are some other technical issues, you will get errors like “can’t connect” or “YouTube Keeps Pausing” pop-ups on your screen. Go through the below steps and workarounds to fix these problems.

Check your internet connection

Fix firestick youtube

Suppose you have other smart appliances like an Android phone or a laptop connected to the same Wi-Fi as the firestick. Check whether the internet connection is working on those devices or not. If you encounter a problem with the internet connection, the first thing you have to do is restart your Wi-Fi router. This is accomplished by disconnecting your router for 30 seconds & then plugging it back in. Connect an Ethernet wire to your TV as well. This results in a quicker and more secure connection. But what if you have restarted your router and still experiencing internet issues? Then we suggest you should directly contact your internet provider.

Check the youtube server status

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

It’s a very rare case; however, it can be possible that your Youtube is malfunctioning because the YouTube server is down or temporarily crashed. Therefore, to check the status of the current YouTube-Server, visit & you will see a message if the YouTube server is down.

Keep your Firestick updated

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

The other reason which can possibly cause issues in playing Youtube on Firestick is the software update. Make sure that you are running on the latest version of the Firestick TV. This will not only fix stutters with Youtube but will also increase network stability and overall performance. Follow these steps to know the current version of your Firestick and also Update if possible.

  • Select My TV from the Settings menu.
  • Then, pick About. You will see the available options. Check for Updates.
  • If an update is available, select Install Updates.

Clear cache and data on your Firestick

Fix firestick youtube

If you’ve checked the software version and are still having trouble accessing Youtube, there may be a problem with the YouTube App. Your smartphone will gradually accumulate all of your cache files. Although cache files are small, a buildup of them might result in a software fault. Additionally, Youtube stores its own personal data, which adds up to many gigabytes and deleting it might also resolve your problem. However, you should remove Youtube data if clearing caches is unsuccessful. Please take note that deleting the data from YouTube may reset your app and can result in data loss. To remove YouTube’s caches and data, follow these instructions.

  • Long-press the home button on the Fire TV Stick to open the Home menu.
  • From there, navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Go to the Applications menu.
  • Scroll down to the YouTube app under Manage Installed Applications.
  • Scroll down and pick Clear Cache from the selection that appears.

Follow the same steps to clear data. The clear data option will be next to the clear cache option.

Check all the apps are updated or not

Although there are various ways you can update Firestick TV apps. Just follow the below steps to update your Apps.

Go to your Homescreen, pressing the Home button on your remote

fix firestick youtube

After coming to the Homescreen, click the settings icon in the upper right corner.

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

In the settings app, go to the Applications Tab.

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

Then navigate to Appstore.

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

Check whether the Automatic Updates option is ON. If it’s OFF, click it once & it will turn ON. This will ensure that all your Apps, including YouTube, will stay updated.

Restart your Firestick TV

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

Restarting their Firestick TV, according to several users, also fixed the YouTube issue. Nevertheless restarting your Firestick is a simple process. Simply carry out these commands on your Firestick TV remote to restart your device. a few seconds, simultaneously press and hold the Play/Pause and Select buttons. Within a few seconds, the Fire Stick will restart on its own. However, you may also restart the device by removing it from your TV’s HDMI connection, waiting a short while, and then re-inserting it.

Restart the modem or the router

fix firestick youtube

The failure of your WiFi network is the most frequent cause of YouTube issues. These easy methods may be used to restart the router. Unplug the router from its power supply and wait 30 seconds before replugging it. This will restart the router. Reconnect your router and modem to the power outlet after 30 seconds, and as soon as the router turns on, wait for at least 60 seconds. The modem receives a public IP address and authenticates with your Internet service provider during this initial period.

In the event that restarting the modem and router does not resolve the Youtube issue, you may also reset your router by visiting the website for your ISP and logging in with your login information. Resetting your router will also result in the WiFi password being reset and the removal of any connected devices.

reinstall youtube app

Fix firestick youtube

If updating to the latest software and clearing data & caches doesn’t work, the other way to fix Youtube on firestick is to uninstall and install the app again. Note that reinstalling the Youtube app will delete your Youtube data, and you will have to login in again to your Youtube account.

Follow these steps to reinstall Youtube app on your Firestick:

  • First, open your Firestick TV Home menu and long-press the Home button.
  • This will lead to Settings Menu.
  • In the Settings menu, navigate to the Apps section.
  • Then click on the Installed Applications tab and find Youtube App.
  • Click on the Youtube app, then Uninstall it from the upcoming menu.
  • After the uninstall procedure, head to Amazon Store and reinstall the Youtube app.

Choose accurate time zone

Time zones are critical when using YouTube on any device. However, the wrong time zone can also be the reason for your YouTube not working properly on your Firestick TV. Follow the simple steps below to change the Time Zone for your exact location.

First of all, go to the Home Page by pressing the Home button on the Bluetooth remote of your Firestick TV.

Then click on the Settings icon from the Homescreen.

fix firestick youtube

In the settings pane, select the option My Fire TV.

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

Then select the option “Preference.

Then from the list that pops up, navigate to the Time Zone option.

fix firestick youtube

After clicking on Time Zone, a list of several time zones will pop up; accurately select the preferred option per your current country.

re-register Amazon Firestick Account

After doing all the above solutions, and still, your YouTube isn’t working, then it can be related to your Amazon Firestick Account. To solve this, you have to simply de-register & register your firestick account again. Follow the below steps to re-register your Amazon Firestick Account.

fix firestick youtube

Go to the settings option from the Home screen using your Bluetooth firestick remote.

Then navigate to the My Account option.

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

After clicking on the My Account option, press on the Amazon Account option. Fire TVs are pre-registered with the account from which they were purchased, and this should be visible under Amazon Account. Fire TVs are pre-registered with the account from which they were purchased, and this should be visible under Amazon Account.

fix firestick youtube

Then select the account you want to de-register, then a confirmation pop-up will come up; select deregister.

How to fix YouTube not working on Firestick TV?

After the deregistration, you can register your account again by clicking the Register option.

Enter the Email associated with your Amazon account & select next.

Voila, your Amazon Account has registered again with your Firestick TV.

use youtube in guest mode

fix Youtube not working on Firestick after following the aforementioned methods, you should try utilizing the YouTube Guest Account. Using YouTube in guest mode simply means doing so without first logging into your Account. YouTube has a feature known as Guest Account that allows users to browse videos without having to check in with their accounts. Simply log out of your Amazon Account on your Firestick and re-install the YouTube app to use the Guest Account feature. Open the app after reinstalling YouTube and use it without joining in with your Google Account.

Factory reset firestick

fix firestick youtube

Have you tried the solutions listed above to fix Youtube not working on Firestick? Resetting your Firestick TV to factory settings is the best and last option. Please take note that restarting your Firestick TV will also log you out of your Amazon account and wipe all of your personal data, customizations, remapped buttons, and in-app purchases. Your Firestick experience will probably become as fresh as a new one as a result. It will take some time to complete this procedure. Resetting your Firestick TV requires the following steps:

  • First, head to the Settings Menu.
  • In the settings menu, find the My Fire TV tab. However, if you have an older generation Firestick TV, it will be labelled as ‘Device‘.
  • After clicking My Fire TV, navigate to the Reset to factory defaults option. (However, there’s also an alternative method to reset the firestick by holding the Back button & Right Side of The Navigation Circle for 10 secs.)
  • Then click on Reset. Wait for some time to finish the process.

Consult the Amazon Help & Services Page for assistance

If you’ve followed all the instructions and attempted every suggested fix, but your YouTube still isn’t functioning correctly, contact Amazon Help and explain the situation to them. Simply visit this help support site, log in using your credentials, and then follow the instructions to contact Amazon customer service.

What is Firestick TV Internet Speed Requirement?

No particular internet speed is required. However, the creators have offered a few recommendations. These recommendations are based on the content you’re trying to stream. You require a minimum connection speed of five megabits per second to view high-definition videos. You just need three megabits per second of internet access to stream in standard definition.

How to Get Help with a Faulty Fire Stick Or do the above methods not work?

If you’ve done everything and still can’t get YouTube to function, or if you’re having general Fire Stick issues, you may have a defective Firestick. For assistance, contact Amazon‘s Fire TV Stick Support.


So there you have it, the best methods to fix Youtube not working on Firestick. Try every workaround from top to bottom to save time. These solutions should help your fire TV stick’s YouTube keep pausing issues. Keep in mind, though, that resetting the Fire Stick TV to factory defaults will erase all data. As a result, we advise against utilizing this method until all other options have failed.

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