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iPad Mini 7: What to expect?


With the advent of the sixth-generation tablet, the iPad Mini gained fresh life, giving a significant boost over what came before it. The iPad Mini 6 has a streamlined look comparable to that of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. As well as a larger 8.3 display in the same form factor as its elder brother, the A15 Bionic performance. Also compatibility with the second-generation Apple Pencil. It’s a fantastic tablet, but the next-generation iPad Mini 7 is most likely in the early phases of development behind closed doors at Apple Park – and early rumors suggest a modest, but nonetheless intriguing, update might be on the way.

Release date of iPad Mini 7

The major question is, when will the iPad Mini 7 launch in the market? While Apple has yet to acknowledge the existence of the next-generation tablet. You can look at prior releases to have a solid indication of what to expect. That’s the good news. The bad news? The iPad Mini doesn’t get regular updates like the entry-level iPad and iPad Pro, which tend to get updated once a year. Like the iPad Air, the iPad Mini’s history is a little more complicated, with varying lengths of time between each generation.

As you can see, the release timetable is inconsistent. With the redesign and price hike. It may have a fresh lease of life, so Apple may update it more frequently in the future. But still, predict a longer gap between upgrades than other tablets in the company’s lineup.

Expecting in September 2022.

With all of this in mind, the odds of a new iPad Mini appearing in 2022 are minimal – but not impossible.

How much will the iPad Mini 7 cost?

The iPad Mini was formerly one of Apple’s more cheap tablet alternatives, but that all changed with the iPad Mini 6. Isn’t it true that “with excellent makeover comes huge price hike?”

The price of the iPad Mini 6 increased by £130/$100, from £349/$399 to £479/$499. Also only increases if you want more storage or cellular connectivity. For future reference.

While some hope and pray that Apple will lower the price of the next-generation tablet, this is improbable. The normal iPad is clearly Apple’s entry-level product, while the iPad Mini (and Air) give an enhanced, mid-range experience and those looking for the best of the best have the iPad Pro.

  • iPad mini 6th generation: £479/$499
  • iPad mini 5th generation: £379/$399

That being said, anticipate that any price fluctuations – in either direction – will be minor, and will most likely just reflect currency rates.

What to expect from the iPad Mini 7?

While the iPad Mini 7 is still in its early stages. A few leaks and rumours are circulating on social media.

Design and build

With such a significant overhaul on the sixth-generation iPad Mini, it’s doubtful that Apple will make any notable design changes on the next-generation tablet, especially considering that. Also with the exception of the entry-level iPad, all iPhones and iPads have the same design language.

That isn’t to say to see modifications to the small-screen tablet. While the 8.3in iPad Mini 6 features narrow bezels, a lightweight form factor, and the switch to USB-C, there is one major omission: a smart connection.

The clever connection is included on the iPad Air and both iPad Pro models. It also provides a method to attach Apple’s better Magic Keyboard to transform the iPad into something approximating a typical laptop, although it is not present on the iPad Mini 6. As a result, the small-screen tablet falls short of the almost-identical iPad Air.

Specs and performance

It’s fair to assume that the upcoming iPad Mini will be more powerful than the present model, but the chipset it’ll use is currently unknown.

Based on the iPad Mini 6, the iPad Mini 7 might use whichever chipset Apple is utilizing at the time of release (presumably the A16 if it does ship in 2022), although one early rumour says otherwise.

According to a Korean forum post, Apple is working on an iPad MIni using the same A15 Bionic processor as the current iPad MIni, but at a faster 3.23GHz clock speed.

The iPad Mini, despite using the same A15 Bionic chip, has a slower clock speed – 2.9GHz versus 3.2GHz – which results in a modest loss in performance when compared side by side.

The faster clock speed of the upcoming A15 Bionic might provide a performance improvement over the present iPad Mini without Apple needing to produce more of its (probably more sophisticated) next-generation processor.

The original post, however, specifies an iPad Mini Pro, not the seventh-generation tablet, thus the above may apply to an interim Pro-focused iPad Mini produced between now and the introduction of the iPad Mini 7.


The same Korean forum post also mentions a significant boost to the iPad Mini’s 8.3 display: 120Hz ProMotion capability.

What you’re thinking: it makes no sense if it’s a regular iPad Mini rather than an iPad Mini Pro. ProMotion is a feature that Apple connects with Pro-level devices, appearing on the iPad Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, and MacBook Pro. Thus bringing it on a non-pro iPad would be confusing.

But it all boils down to one thing: jelly scrolling. Jelly scrolling was a popular subject at the iPad Mini 6 launch. Also, several users noticed a minor delay in the screen’s refresh rate when scrolling. Creating a wobbling appearance akin to jelly.

This is standard behavior for LCD screens, contrary to common opinion. LCD displays updates line by line. Also with a slight delay between when the top and the bottom line are refreshing.

It’s more obvious on the iPad Mini 6 than on most other tiny LCD panels. While Apple hasn’t publicly recognized it, many users – including this writer – have observed it. It’s also something that would be almost imperceptible to the human eye if the refresh rate was increased from 60Hz to 120Hz.


iPad MIni 7 will look and feel very different from the last tablet in the series. The iPad Mini has suffered greatly from “middle child syndrome”. Fail to get the same amount of attention as the more cheap iPad or the productivity-focused iPad Pro. The iPad Mini 7 has the potential to alter that. It has been redesigned to resemble Apple’s high-end iPad Pro range.

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