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The call center software is frequently where a client has their first human contact with your business. However, if you need to hold that customer and maximize their lifetime esteem, your call center agents need to establish a decent connection. Being open and friendly, and following ideas like smiling while they talk is a decent beginning, yet your agents ought to likewise have the option to deliver compelling solutions in a convenient manner. Regardless of whether that implies finishing a financial transaction, describing product features, or troubleshooting a service issue. Do it competently, but do it quick; that is the battle.

There are various different software tools that the best call centers use to expand efficiency, process service tickets, manage client accounts, and support broadcast communications framework, all of which add to improved and effective call center operations.

What is Call Center Software?

Call center software is more than something that associates agents to clients. However, it’s a system that contains a large number of features, designed to support each part of a contact center. Whether or not you oversee inbound calls, outbound calls, or a mix of both, call center software can help you with smoothing out your client support to offer praiseworthy support.

Contact centers don’t just focus on calls, and numerous solutions offer omnichannel support. However, this implies you can deal with all communication from one platform, making a consistent client experience.

Beforehand, simply greater organizations had the capacity and space to set up real hardware to settle on a decision center. However, software-based solutions enable smaller companies and those without fixed workplaces to have virtual call centers, just as decrease the up-front cost for on-location centers, as well. This implies you don’t have to upgrade everything to exploit its advantages.

1. RingCentral Contact Center

call center software

RingCentral is a cloud-based solution, with full omnichannel support and CRM coordination. However, it has an emphasis on abilities-based call routing, strong supervisor tools, and agent management software. For the cloud, it keeps away from a portion of the issues other software has experienced with attempting to update legacy systems.

The enormous app gallery implies it very well may be incorporated with most software you’re now utilizing and makes a more customizable experience on a case-by-case basis. That is by integrating market-leading cloud contact center, workforce improvement, and unified communications (UC) solutions into a solitary suite to simplify contact center management, permitting companies to focus on conveying amazing customer engagement.

One of the features to think about when utilizing RingCentral is its Workforce Optimization Pro. This device is installed into the cloud contact center solution and permits you to build schedules, manage timetables, and select calls for review. However, combining this with the performance management dashboard, makes this solution useful for your group just as the clients.


  • Omnichannel routing
  • Easy cloud platform
  • Powerful customizations


  • Some fresher cooperation includes still being worked on
  • Workflow is not quite so intuitive as it ought to be
  • Limited report customization

2. Channels

call center software

Recently called ‘CrazyCall’, Channels permits you to deal with your customer service through an app. However, this can be utilized on desktop and incorporates a click-to-call browser expansion permitting you to streamline out your approach to outbound campaigns.

The mobile app permits your sales group to chip away at the move – and inbound calls are free, which means if you are waiting for a callback, the expenses are low. However, it gives inbound solutions like IVR, calls recording, and reporting. Be that as it may, it’s certainly designed as a business calling platform and is the most appropriate for outbound focused teams, rather than inbound support or internal conferencing.

An exceptional element of channels is that it permits you to route outgoing calls through local phone numbers, which might build response rates for sales calls. However, call recording comes as a norm to assist with monitoring agent results, and reporting is incorporated to permit you to put together and analyze calls and manage achievement rates.


  • Uses local numbers from 75+ countries
  • Good reporting suite
  • Strong focus on sales
  • Affordable


  • Deals center might be excessively tight for some

3. Freshcaller

call center software

Freshcaller is an inside and out call center platform that runs from the cloud and is easy to utilize. However, everything can be managed from a solitary control panel, and calls can be made with just a tick.

One of the principal benefits of FreshCaller is the free essential plan. You truly do have to pay for numbers also as calls, yet it can support limitless agents and it has inbound caller ID, desktop notifications, call notes, custom greetings, and call metrics. Tragically, this essential version doesn’t have omnichannel support.

The ability to cover numbers purchase local, worldwide, complementary, and vanity numbers make it particularly accommodating for organizations whose sole focus is call-based. The shortfall of support for omnichannel at lower price levels implies it’s not great for those with an established multi-channel base.

Most certainly worth the effort for small businesses and new companies searching for solid call-handling care of interaction and agent monitoring on a budget, however not the most ideal solution for bigger businesses.


  • Cloud-hosted PBX
  • No hardware required
  • Designed for small businesses
  • Free basic tier


  • Need to purchase numbers

4. ZenDesk

call center software

While many cloud call-center suppliers build customer relations management (CRM) into their items, ZenDesk has done it the opposite way by building a cloud contact center around client relations management. The result is ZenDesk Talk, a smooth and sleek solution that truly puts the client first.

Rather than being a cloud call center solution that consolidates CRM, Zendesk talk starts according to the following perspective – it began as a CRM that as of now has a call center solution. Zendesk Talk incorporates every one of the standard features you’d expect, as intelligent voice responses, real-time monitoring, and call routing. The capacity to pull up data ahead of customer communications makes it especially supportive for teams with regular callers.

One primary benefit of Zendesk Talk is that you can either begin without any preparation or coordinate what you’re right now utilizing into it however, it’s cloud-based, which means you can get it up and running rapidly and has an app gallery that can assist you with building a custom experience.


  • CRM with call center
  • Customer-focused solution
  • Easy to use


  • Empty List

5. Dialpad

call center software

Dialpad is designed for quick setup and can add new users in only a couple of moments. Just as the actual software, there’s a Chrome extension that enables essential usefulness in-browser, which means you can snap and call.

However, with savvy call routing, coordination capacity, and reporting tools, it has all that you anticipate from a call center solution. One particularly supportive component is Voice Intelligence, which gives ideas to agents while on the call and gives administrators screen assessment access ceaselessly.


  • AI-based Voice Intelligence include features noteworthy call content
  • Solid call center and customer service functionality
  • Smooth contact synchronizing with G Suite and Outlook


  • Video conferencing a $15 add-on for in excess of 10 gathering members
  • Restricted reporting customization and no call quality reporting

6. Five9

Five9 is an across-the-board call center solution that enables the management of customer support and sales through a solitary dashboard. Besides every one of the typical features, you’d expect, it likewise incorporates a predictive AI to maximize productivity among teams.

This implies that if there’s a flood in inbound calls, agents typically engaged with outbound calls will be diverted to deal with the additional responsibility, as well as the other way around. There are different settings and features involved with this, all focused on further developing productivity.

If that sufficiently wasn’t, this solution additionally coordinates with various major CRM software platforms, like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Oracle. Five9 is furthermore a cloud-based solution, simplifying it to access without the prerequisite for telecoms hardware. Working for anything from small business to big business needs, pricing is modified by need.


  • Intelligent routing
  • CRM integration
  • Focus on increased productivity


  • Pricing isn’t as competitive as some rivals

7. Vonage

Another cloud-based solution, Vonage offers full integration with Salesforce, just as other CRM systems. However, these are frequently coordinated through their apps gallery. It has omnichannel help, including support for chatbots.

Its core elements incorporate the admin portal, where managers can review recordings, set up dialing limitations, and customize dashboards. It additionally incorporates performance management and gamification strategies. Other key features incorporate call screening, dynamic call steering, and automatic dialing. Vonage additionally has a mobile app and permits supervisors to deal with the workflow from any place – including for cell phones and tablets.

While it incorporates numerous different solutions, the focus on Salesforce might be an inconvenience for businesses who don’t utilize it, and it’s certainly more designated towards SMBs than huge enterprises.


  • A not insignificant list of features for administrators and clients
  • Solid mobile and desktop apps
  • Great API integration


  • Importing in contacts requires various steps
  • Extra features cost extra and also can add up rapidly
  • The delicate phone won’t begin without a microphone attached to your desktop


As may be obvious, there are numerous choices out there, all with different mixes of features and accessible at different costs. However, a significant number of the best call center solutions are cloud-based, which is much more significant as managing remote teams becomes more famous.

While it tends to be enticing to go for the choice with the most highlights, this can get costly rapidly. In this way, ensure the solution you pick is the one that fits your requirements. There’s no real reason for paying extra for a great deal of inbound-focused features when your calls are generally outbound, and if you have a CRM solution set up you want to guarantee it coordinates.

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