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Best help desk software for consoling support!


More than 3/4 of customers say they’re more faithful to businesses that deal with top-notch service. Add to that the way that, customer assistance tickets expanded by 30% year over year, and it’s reasonable. Brilliant customer service is a basic part of an effective business. This helps clarify why consistent help desk software is presently the standard. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not difficult to track down the solution that is an ideal choice for your business. Particularly if the software for your help desk additionally needs to help IT or HR service for inside workers.

What is help desk software?

Help desk software is a software product that customer service and IT teams use to serve employees as well as clients.

Its core functions are to assist with support requests, offer self-service choices, and preferably undeniably more.

1. LiveChat

help desk software

LiveChat offers a total customer help desk stage to help support customers just as sales teams. Just as having the option to add chat widgets to your site. You can likewise deal with various communications channels from a solitary dashboard, which can incorporate email, chat, SMS, apps, just as the actual site.

LiveChat likewise offers integration for a wide scope of other normal software stages, like Salesforce, Facebook Messenger, Shopify, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and WhatsApp.

LiveChat likewise makes it simpler to manage messages, offering sneak peels, client details, and specialist groups. It additionally permits you to share announcements, introduce new products, and invite visitors to chat. Customized greetings are accessible as per the scope of criteria, like time nearby, location, and recently visited pages.

2. RingCentral Contact Center

help desk software

The RingCentral Contact Center includes every one of the fundamental elements you’d anticipate from a high-level communications stage, from call handling to omnichannel steering, CRM integrations, to investigation for specialist execution of the executives.

One region where RingCentral stands out, however, is focusing on collaboration that runs through the service. And not just permit agents to have speedy admittance to the data they need, yet additionally, permit them to update this on the fly as per changing conditions.

Another solid point is the wide scope of incorporations RingCentral can deal with. For example, from SalesForce, Zendesk, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics, so communications can all the more likely work with sales and other fundamental backend software.

RingCentral likewise offers a scope of advanced features to consider further developed service customization, particularly through its developer stage.

3. Freshdesk

help desk software

Freshdesk is a help desk software solution that has various elements to expand the efficiency of workflows. These incorporate a team inbox to manage approaching tickets from a few channels to one location, the capacity to designate and make custom ticket situations with work for your organization, canned responses to normal difficulty issues, and a team huddle to get ability on more complicated difficulties.

This software can likewise coordinate data from numerous channels including email, phone, web-based media, and chat. There’s a free tier plan that helps give a sample of how the software works, however, it is essentially limited in scope. Paid plans add automation, time tracking, fulfillment reviews, execution reports, and a large group of different highlights. channel.

Addons are accessible to bring AI and machine learning into workflows, just as a field service the executive’s stage.

4. LiveAgent

help desk software

LiveAgent uses a merged narrative model where all interchanges with the client are introduced to the agent as a unified discussion, regardless of the channels utilized.

This mixed call center solution has complex rule-based escalation, live chat, scripting, call logging, and recording. Also, it incorporates insightful investigation to gauge service guidelines and keep away from consumer loyalty issues.

Integrations are additionally accessible. For example, for Zapier, tracking with Google Analytics, email showcasing with MailChimp, eCommerce with various bundles, CRM, CMS, and online media through Facebook and Twitter.

They likewise appreciate how scaleable LiveAgent is, advancing from a few agents to a huge support center on a similar stage.

5. Zendesk

help desk software

Zendesk Support is a software package that provides association with an assortment of customer support connections in one accessible database. It has the highlights for a productive workflow, including web widgets, the ability to look through a client’s history, and predefined ticket responses. One more champion element is incorporated surveys for customer loyalty ratings, joined with examination and performance dashboards to track continuous execution.

Zendesk is seriously priced, yet it doesn’t have a free choice like a few competitors. It has a large list of capabilities and an impressive approach to security. Its ticketing management system gives a great deal of fine-grained control over tickets.

6. SolarWinds Service Desk

Best help desk software for consoling support!

SolarWinds Service Desk is a full-range IT service management (ITSM) answer for medium to large businesses. It is totally cloud-based and flaunts powerful highlights like smart tagging, resource management, and workflow computerization.

SolarWinds is based upon a ticketing system that permits workers to submit support requests to the IT office. It likewise accompanies a resource management usefulness that helps you monitor all your hardware and software for the duration of their life cycles.

Aside from episode reporting and resource management. SolarWinds Service Desk accompanies exceptionally point-by-point investigation to help you measure your association’s performance. The benchmarks dashboard is not difficult to use, with isolated markers for things like consumer loyalty, average response time, etc.

7. HubSpot 

Best help desk software for consoling support!

HubSpot is an across-the-board CRM solution for sales, marketing, operations, blogging, and client support. The client service hub accompanies a natural (and free) help desk solution you can utilize if you’re simply beginning or on a limited spending plan.

It delivers all that you want to give ticket support, all while receiving the benefits of HubSpot’s robust CRM software. As you develop, you can move up to paid tiers for truly limitless versatility.

The service hub likewise allows you to make a self-service information base so clients can help themselves. Despite the fact that a chunk of time must pass to set up. You’ll have fewer tickets so you can set aside the effort to determine client issues rather than with nothing to do responding to normal questions over and over once more.

The free tier plan even incorporates essential live chat automation. You can utilize canned snippets and essential chat flows to respond to normal questions and offer hands-free help day in and day out.

8. Freshservice

Best help desk software for consoling support!

Freshservice is the sister software to Freshdesk, in any case, the two aren’t compatible. Freshdesk is for client support and Freshservice is for IT teams offering support inside.

With a solid focus on automation, it helps your IT team accomplish more work significantly quicker, bringing about less work-stopping specialized issues, better help experiences, and more smoothed processes to guarantee no ticket becomes lost despite any effort to the cracks.

With Freshservice’s automation includes, your team can carry out automated workflows to increase your internal support efforts utilizing virtual agents and AI-powered responses.

AI-powered responses depend on context and machine learning to convey targeted answers consequently and route tickets to the correct IT reps continuously. Thus, your workers get help quicker, and your support team focuses on more elaborate issues.

Essential features of help desk software?

Not all help desk solutions are made equivalent and not all help desk solutions do exactly the same things. All things being equal, to be viewed as a genuine help desk solution the software should have the accompanying features:

Systematic handling of customer questions and issues

Help desk software handles client questions or issues affirmation, the executives, reaction, and objective through a tagging system. This guarantees the support agent and any others associated with resolving the issue can follow the issue until its effective resolution and give updates along the way.

Multi-channel support

Customer requests might get through an assortment of channels—social media, phone, live chat, text, or email. Multi-channel support implies you can browse whichever channels are appropriate for your clients.

Self-service capabilities

The two most ordinarily utilized self-service choices are information bases and client portals. Top help desk software gives both, enabling service teams to give their institutional information something to do for the association for clients and internal employees in a centralized portal.

Tracking and analytics

Examination and tracking help managers uncover experiences in regards to their team’s performance, customer loyalty, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This can help further develop the service activity and the business all in all by revealing client trouble spots.

Automation, apps, and integrations

Support specialists use help desk apps, combinations, and computerizations to set up a working environment altered ward on their present devices and work processes. These highlights grant agents to computerize ticket the executives, unite inward joint exertion, access relevant customer data, and significantly more.


Customer requests come from each direction at the entire hour of the day. Without the right software, it gets chaotic and it very well may be trying to remain coordinated. At the point when we investigated the best helpdesk software available, we identified Freshdesk as the most ideal decision for most businesses. It supports the most significant support channels, is beginner-friendly without sacrificing advanced usefulness, and accompanies a free-forever plan that permits you to give it a shot as long you’d like. Also if you’re searching for a simple method for consolidating all of your support requests in one place, Freshdesk is the best approach.

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