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Best online cloud backup services to secure yourself from data loss!


An online cloud backup service is maybe the best method for securing yourself against data misfortune if, for example, your hard drive crashes, you accidentally erase huge documents or you are victim to a ransomware attack. Natural events like fires, floods, and earthquakes can likewise spell the end of your digital media and documents. Regardless of whether you’re among the not very many who diligently perform nearby backups at customary spans, you could in any case lose information if you don’t store backups off-site.

Online backup services check your hard drive for documents worth ensuring, scramble them for security, and send them up to the association’s online servers. When your files are uploaded, you can get to and restore your information from any place. Online backup services shouldn’t be confused with cloud storage and file syncing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

1. IDrive

Online cloud backup services
  • Pricing: 5GB for free, and 5TB for $69.50 per year

IDrive is a magnificent online backup service that gives a wealth of elements at sensible costs, just as incredible security and privacy. Basically, it supports every sort of device, including servers, NAS, mobile devices, external drives, and desktop computers. As far as backup highlights, IDrive has each choice you can imagine, and versioning is accommodated for 30 days.

IDrive utilizes a block-level algorithm to ensure you don’t waste a lot of bandwidth re-uploading whole files when just pieces of them have changed. Mobile apps on both Android and iOS permit you to backup your mobile devices as well.

IDrive additionally has a dispatch service that refers to the physical delivery of your information, which can be helpful if your backup is huge or you’re situated far away from IDrive’s data center in the U.S.


  • Great security & privacy
  • Unlimited devices
  • Pretty good free plan


  • No unlimited backup
  • No monthly plan

2. Backblaze

Online cloud backup services
  • Pricing: Unlimited storage for $6 per month

Backblaze is practically the perfect inverse of IDrive as far as its way to deal with online backup. Rather than loading the customer full of highlights and advanced settings, Backblaze rather keeps it as basic and direct as could really be expected. To perceive how it stacks up facing its greatest rivals.

This design philosophy is promptly evident when you first open the Backblaze app. Everything is contained in only two fundamental panels, one appearing you the situation with your backup and one for changing different settings. Albeit this makes Backblaze magnificently simple to utilize, it additionally makes it rather inflexible.

Backblaze delivers strong mid-range backup execution and keeping in mind that some business clients may need more, it will be fine for most purposes. In general, this service is an extraordinary value as far as the highlights provided the subscription fee, and especially the lack of restrictions and limitless storage.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap unlimited backup
  • Decent speed


  • Flawed private encryption
  • Inflexible backup process
  • No mobile backup or disk imaging

3. Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office

Online cloud backup services
  • Pricing: Unlimited capacity for one gadget for $89.99 each year

For the individuals who prefer a wealth of usefulness over effortlessness, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office is another phenomenal decision. Like IDrive, it offers a wide range of features, including NAS, server, mobile, and hybrid backup, just as the ability to make a complete copy of your system through disk imaging.

You additionally get unlimited versioning, and despite the fact that there’s no multithreading support, uploads and downloads are still exceptionally quick. With regards to security basics, Acronis supports both zero-knowledge encryption and two-factor authentication.


  • Flexible server location
  • Feature-rich
  • Unlimited versioning


  • Messy interface
  • Laggy client
  • Complicated pricing scheme

4. SpiderOak One Backup

Online cloud backup services
  • Pricing: 150GB of storage $6 per month

SpiderOak was the primary online storage service to ensure the customer held a private, selective encryption key.  SpiderOak One Backup is one more service that straddles the line between online backup and traditional cloud services. Since it offers extensive file sharing and syncing usefulness, it’s an incredible decision for clients who need those features notwithstanding standard backup usefulness.

SpiderOak likewise shines with regards to security and privacy. The service has an unmistakable privacy policy and zero-knowledge encryption, so you can rest easy realizing that nobody can get to your information except for you.


  • Unlimited versioning
  • Excellent download speed
  • Great security & privacy


  • Expensive
  • No mobile backup or disk imaging
  • Slow upload speed

5. pCloud

  • Pricing: 10GB for free, and 2TB for $95.88 per year

pCloud offers a normal backup and sync service, in which the files and folders you select from your device are consequently backed up to the cloud and synced progressively. Any changes you make to files and folders on your device will be naturally updated in your cloud account.

If you delete a file from your device, it will go into the cloud trash folder, which is naturally emptied after 30 days for paid plans (or 15 days with free plans). Nonetheless, if you pay for the Extended File History add-on, you can save file versions that are as long as a year old.

Likewise, with other cloud services, pCloud is a cross-stage choice that works for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) just as cell phones (Android, iOS) and has a web app, as well. There’s a ton to like here, then, at that point, in spite of the fact that truly do take note of that the individuals who need online collaboration features won’t see as any here.

What truly separates pCloud from rivals is its pricing tiers. Essentially, with other cloud backup services, you can pay yearly, in any case, lifetime membership plans are accessible that could work out as enormous worth.


  • Easy to use
  • Hybrid cloud storage & online backup
  • No file size limits


  • Not as numerous backup highlights as committed services
  • Zero-knowledge costs extra

6. NordLocker

NordLocker has every one of the bases covered with regards to rock-solid security. It views encryption exceptionally in a serious way, conveying the modern-day Argon2, AES256, and ECC encryption protocols (with XChaCha20, EdDSA, and Poly1305) that the security local area is partial to. Everything is zero-knowledge – nobody can decrypt your files except for you, with your master password or recovery code.

You can utilize NordLocker totally free of charge, if you can manage with 5GB of cloud storage space – or then again if you don’t have to utilize cloud storage by any stretch of the imagination. There’s no restriction on how much local encryption you can complete, so you can throw as much into the NordLocker folder as you like without stressing over it.

As common with these services, you can pay a year at once, by month by month for a significantly greater expense. The month-to-month fee is $7.99 if you would rather not commit for an entire year, while the yearly expense is $47.88 ($3.99 every month). That gets you 500GB of secure cloud storage, which is genuinely generous.

NordLocker works admirably and actually rapidly for encrypting files on a nearby disk, and the software is good designing, however, it doesn’t do considerably more than that – this straightforwardness may be a positive or a negative for you, contingent upon your requirements.


  • Very secure
  • Slick and simple to use
  • Free for local files


  • Limited space on the free plan

7. Carbonite

  • Pricing: Unlimited storage for $6 per month

Carbonite is a backup service that shares a ton in common with Backblaze, as the two of them focus on providing a straightforward and streamlined process with limitless storage. In spite of the fact that it’s short in features, Carbonite does what it’s made for well — in particular, backing up computers.

Things like a hybrid, picture-based, and mobile backup are missing, yet external drives, servers, and NAS devices are remembered for a portion of the plans. The similarity between Carbonite and Backblaze closes with security.

Where Backblaze’s private encryption is imperfect, Carbonite has no such issue. Other than this, encryption is strong, utilizing AES 256-cycle and SSL/TLS to protect your files from cybercriminals at rest and on the way. There’s restricted versioning and courier service, with the last option being entirely reasonable ($9.99 per restore) for Carbonite Safe Prime users.


  • Cheap, unlimited backup
  • Easy to use
  • Great security & privacy


  • Terrible download speed
  • Not a lot of features

Befoe you choose a cloud backup service, make sure:

A backup plan for a business resembles a protection policy for your data, so picking the right provider isn’t something to be messed with. Low-priced purchaser-grade products might be tempting, yet if your business relies upon access to your data, reliability quality is fundamental.

Look at the backup vendor’s performance and reputation. What do their clients say? How rapidly do they get systems back up fully operational once more? If something turns out badly, how much personal time would you be able to afford before your business is genuinely affected?

Another basic thought while picking a cloud backup provider is the place where, specifically, your backups are put away. Numerous businesses should follow regulatory requirements about keeping data in the country, so be certain your seller can meet your necessities around information power.

At last, it’s vital to understand that security is a major piece of backup and that backup is a fundamental fixing in your general security plan. Insist on secure data transfer to and from the cloud storage area, data encryption, and role-based admittance that guarantees just authorized personnel can get to or restore data.


The best online cloud backup service solutions assist you with staying away from information calamities. Each persistently copies your own data from your PC to far-off cloud storage servers that can be reached from any spot.

In our online cloud backup services list, the IDrive is the best cloud backup solution at this moment. IDrive positions profoundly on each review because of its extraordinary features and reasonable pricing. The software is accessible for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, and there are command-line scripts for Linux machines. IDrive is the most ideal decision if you have numerous computers and phones.

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