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Best Proxy Server Services for secure and superlative protection!


Each Internet user needs to protect their privacy and information. We as a whole need to keep individual data secure and the internal network safe from risks and undesirable attacks. That is the reason such countless individuals use proxy server Services.

What is Proxy server?

A proxy server is an app or an internet-based service running on the network that works with the computer to demand its benefit. It is a delegate between the customer and a service where the customer will be your computer and the service will be the site that you have requested to visit. The most well-known reason to utilize the proxy server is to hide or change the IP address while visiting the site.

A proxy provider resembles a broker between your computer and the internet. It capacities as a web filter, keeping excessive data from circulating inside your internal network. Moreover, proxy servers vastly upgrade web browsing choices.

Proxy Server isn’t simply used to get to the blocked content on the Internet yet additionally to control the Internet utilization by children/employees. It very well may be designed for denying access to specific sites. It provides you with generally better network execution and is additionally utilized for getting information far from unauthorized access, keeping up with secrecy, and assessing the blocked content.

1. Bright Data

Proxy Server Service

Bright Data is one of the best alternatives to free proxy services on the web. It offers feature-rich tools for web data collection. Over 15,000+ customers at present trust this vendor worldwide.

You’ll be welcomed with a neat dashboard. It has a quick walkthrough guide of the accessible services. Each component likewise has a snippet preview. Moreover, you can manage the online proxy server services from the control center. That is because it offers pay-as-you-go plans (PAYG). Here, bandwidth, IP pool size, and network ports are not challenging to allocate.

To make custom apps, you can utilize Bright Data’s app programming interface (API). It’s viable with Java, Node.js, C Sharp (C#), and Shell. Public proxy server providers, then again, don’t offer such a component.

Proxy management is amazingly adaptable. There’s a Google Chrome extension for a beginning. Installing a custom web server script is a decent other option. You can likewise utilize its free proxy manager. The service gives a dedicated account manager to help. While that sounds great, they’re accessible during business hours only. But, on a more particular note, it offers a 7-day risk-free trial. Would it be a good idea for it to dazzle? You can upgrade from as little as a dollar on PAYG.


  • A vast pool of options
  • Mobile IPs included
  • Detailed targeting options


  • Complex pricing mechanism

2. Smartproxy

Proxy Server Service

Smartproxy offers one of the best proxy services for both private and business use. It’s the most ideal for conducting essential web-based scrapping tasks, for example, information harvesting. You get back-connect proxies, unknown browsing, worldwide network – and that is only the tip of something larger!

Setup – The setup cycle is direct. You have the choice of picking either Firefox or Google Chrome extensions. The dashboard of both is extremely simple to explore. All features are all around organized. Best of all – support is accessible by means of chat to help you consistently.

This is a feature-rich proxy service. It has 195 data centers spread across 8 urban communities around the world. This enables you to benefit from north of 40 million IPs. You can comfortably access geo-blocked services. The service supports concurrent proxy associations.

Smartproxy gives strong and solid private proxies. IPs are relegated to actual devices like computers and cell phones. That way, internet service providers recognize IP addresses as genuine visitors. This lessens the risk of getting blocked.

This proxy service limits IP sessions to a limit of 30 minutes. A different address is promptly appointed once the designated time elapses. It keeps clients from taking part in oppressive conduct.


  • Unlimited threads
  • Browser extensions
  • Mobile IPs included


  • Restricted geotargeting

3. Oxylabs

Proxy Server Service

Oxylabs positions profoundly among the best proxy servers for businesses. It offers global analysis and a pool of over 100 million IPs. Its services are great for performing various proxy-driven jobs, e.g. marketing intelligence tasks.

It has a colorful dashboard that’s not difficult to explore. You can utilize it to access statistics of your utilization. There are isolated areas for billing and ordering new services also.

You can’t manage proxies from the dashboard. Nonetheless, Oxylabs’ products module well into the software that supports proxies. Oxylabs even offers a Google Chrome extension, which permits clients to test the proxies or browse around the internet. In like manner, proxies function admirably with third-party proxy managers such as FoxyProxy.

Oxylabs has a broad organization of north of 70 million private proxies that cover every one of the countries and cities on the planet. Oxylabs likewise has a web scraping tool of its own called Real-Time Crawler that will bring the information for you in one or the other HTML or JSON format.


  • Large proxy pool
  • SOCKS5 support, albeit limited


  • No separate mobile IPs


Proxy Server Service is one of the best free proxy server software on the market. This solution offers a not insignificant list of elements that you will love – auto-connect, IP spill protection, and BitTorrent support among others. The best thing about it – is you’ll encounter no advertisements by utilizing this product. is lightweight and simple to set up. You should simply install the Google Chrome/Firefox extension. There’s additionally an in-browser tool available, incredible for those that try to avoid add-ons.

The elements side is the place where it gets interesting. Not at all like Smartproxy, gives you SOCKS5 for free. It permits you to enjoy swift reaction times during gaming and media streaming. You likewise get to enjoy limitless bandwidth usage all through. has WebRTC set up to shield your IP from spilling. You can utilize an auto connection to switch between servers. To maximize protection, this vendor doesn’t record any logs of your action. This free proxy service allows you to pick server areas.


  • Fast proxy speeds
  • Browser extensions


  • Pop up ads

5. KProxy

Best Proxy Server Services for secure and superlative protection!

KProxy offers a browser-based service, an extension for Chrome or Firefox, and a versatile version of Firefox accessible with the extension previously installed – a pleasant touch that allows you to utilize the proxy on PCs at school, university, or work.

The Kproxy is one of the best proxy server options, regardless financial plan you have. This solution is extraordinary for both beginner and master clients that have undemanding web browsing needs.

The configuration process is quick. You can pick either Google Chrome or Firefox extensions. If you need either, Kproxy’s proxy browser is promptly accessible. Additionally, the product is as of now viable with the Kiwi Internet Access App for Android.

Kproxy has a ton to propose as far as usefulness. For starters, it naturally chooses a server for you. You additionally have the option of switching between 5 countries, among which Canada, France, and the USA.


  • Easy to set up
  • Comes incorporated into a compact version of Firefox


  • Some restrictions on usage

6. Hide My Ass

Best Proxy Server Services for secure and superlative protection!

Hide My Ass offers a free web proxy service that is extremely convenient when you need to browse privately, however don’t have time or permission to download extra software or browser extensions. There are limits – the superior software offers quicker speeds, safer encryption, and active malware protection – yet for a fast bit of browsing, it’s a decent choice.

HideMyAss (HMA) is a simple-to-use free proxy server that has essential features for browsing. First-time clients will without a doubt appreciate utilizing this solution for browsing online secretly.

Dissimilar to different developers that give browser extensions, HMA accompanies none. It has a simple web-based proxy for getting to online sites. All you want to do is enter a web address and select a favored server to interface with.

This solution has numerous extraordinary features. The use of bandwidth is unrestricted. You can browse, mine information, and download a limitless number of files. There are no advertisements at all.

On the server-side, you have a decision of six nations to utilize, including two regions for the US and one in the UK. Yet, that is simply it. Crucial features, for example, Kproxy’s IP blocking are missing. You likewise will not have the option to choose a network dependent on the server location.

Security is one more space of interest when using dedicated proxy services. HMA offers URL encryption for concealing your IP address. You can also block scripts like JavaScript used for tracking visitors on sites. You can also disable cookies.


  • City-specific servers
  • Can encrypt URLs


  • Confirms before loading website

What are proxies used for?

As referenced previously, people and businesses broadly use proxies. How about we investigate the purposes for it.

Individual use– A proxy utilized for an individual case will be connected to a specific location. This can enable specific access to geo-blocked content. For instance, buyers can browse and buy flights from locations that offer the most invaluable costs. Besides, proxies can enhance clients’ web activity and further develop security levels by encoding requests.

Business use -In most cases, businesses use proxies to acquire an advantage over competitors through social affair insightful data. The proxy enables them to concentrate and deal with a lot of openly accessible information on competitor costs, products, services, reviews, or even market trends that can speed up businesses in their dynamic cycle in regards to adjusting marketing, sales, and evaluating techniques.


Proxy Server Service has your IP address and data about your web request in a decoded structure. Consequently, while picking the server, check if the proxy server logs and save the data. The server ought to have encryption abilities.

It is prescribed to pick the proxy server without really any logging of IP address. It is critical to really look at the information retention and law enforcement cooperation policies while picking the server.

Free proxy server service could be dangerous as these services don’t put a lot in backend hardware or encryption. You may confront execution issues and potential information security issues with such free services.

Paid Solutions offer more namelessness and accommodation than free solutions. HMA,, Oxylabs, and Bright Data are the top players on our proxy server list.

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