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There are many reasons why you should realize how to create a new Gmail account. Gmail is one of the most utilized email services all throughout the planet. If you need to create a Gmail account in only a couple of straightforward steps you can make it. However, before that, you really want to sign up for a Google account. To make a Gmail account you want to give some essential data like your name, birth date, gender, and location. Indeed, even you need to pick a name for your new Gmail address. So the thing would you say you are waiting for? Follow the below steps and create your own Gmail account up and running with a minimum of effort.

Signing and creating new Google account

You can just have one Gmail account for each Google account you set up. In any case, you can have more than one Google account.

To create another Gmail account, you really want to create another Google account. To begin with, ensure you are logged out of any current Google accounts that you have.

  • Begin from the Google search screen, which you can access at Presently sign in to the Google Search screen.
Gmail Account
  • Hit the Create an account.
Gmail Account
  • The signup form will appear. Follow the directions by entering the necessary data, like your name, birth date, and gendar.
  • Survey Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, hit the checkbox, then, at that point, click Next step.
Gmail Account
Gmail Account
  • The Create your profile page will appear. Click Add a photo if you need to add a photo to your profile. If you don’t have any desire to set a profile photo right now, hit the Next step.
Gmail Account
  • Your account will be created, and the Google welcome page will display.
Gmail Account

Create a Gmail Account

  • To begin with, you will Go to
  • Hit the Create an account.
  • The sign-up form will appear. Follow the directions by entering the necessary data.
Gmail Account
  • Then, at that point enter your phone number to verify your account. Google utilizes a two-step verification process for your security.
Gmail Account
  • You will get an message from Google with a verification code. Hit the code to complete the account verification.
Gmail Account
  • Then, you will see a structure to enter a portion of your personal data, similar to your name and birthday.
  • Review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then, hit the I agree option.
  • Your account will be created.

Opening your Gmail Account

  • Presently that you’ve created another Gmail account, you’re ready to sign in. Get back to the main Google screen.
  • Snap the Gmail link. Your new Gmail account that you created displays an introductory screen.
  • Start at the Gmail introductory screen.
  • At the point when you have finished reviewing the data on the screen, hit the Next button. Another introductory screen appears.
  • Review the screen, and afterward hit the Next again.
  • Keep on clicking the Next button through each introductory screen.
  • After the last early on screen, a popup appears reporting that your new Gmail account is prepared to use.
  • Snap the Go to Gmail button.
  • You will see your new Gmail inbox with a welcome message from Google.
  • You’ll likewise see a few symbols prompting you to perform different tasks, for example, adding a photo to your profile, picking a theme, importing your contacts, and the sky is the limit from there.
  • Type your first message immediately utilizing the Compose button. Or on the other hand, click the different symbols and follow to guidelines to play out the indicated tasks.

Sign Out of Gmail Account

  • At the point when you have finished utilizing your new Gmail account, click the profile symbol in the upper right corner.
  • The Account popup displays.
  • Snap the Sign out button to log out of your new Gmail account.

Advantages of a Gmail Account

1. Security

Google views security exceptionally in a serious way. If you forget to remember your password there are quite certain steps to recover it and just the owner can get back the password due to all the security steps Google has required to ensure no other person can gain access to your password.

Gmail Account

2. Customization

The Gmail platform is extremely simple to customize and you might change pretty much every part of it. You can chafe colours, themes, font size, kind of font, how messages are displayed, and so on. This way you can modify it however you would prefer.

3. Multiple Accounts

With Gmail, you can have up to 5 POP email accounts in your primary Gmail so you don’t need to sign in to each email account. For instance, you can have your Hotmail and yahoo emails from Gmail, you can get all new messages to this account and send emails from every one of these emails. This is a truly cool component you don’t find in numerous other free email providers.

4. Multiple apps with one account

With your Google Account, you have access to, Google Play, Blogger, Pinterest, Google+, Google Docs, Google Drive, and significantly more without opening another account for every one of these services. It is incredible to access with only one username and password to this service since this helps minimize the number of usernames to access all web services a considerable lot of us utilize regularly.


Gmail is an incredible email tool that you’ll need to take advantage of if you own or work in a small business. There are many benefits to utilizing a Gmail account. Also, beginning with making another Gmail account is simple.

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