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Sync Notes on your iPhone and iPad right now!


Taking notes is an incredible method to ensure you remember the most recent million-dollar thought (or possibly to get milk on the way home). Keeping notes in sync between your gadgets is fundamental to not missing something. If you need to rapidly write something down, yet don’t have a notepad or pen with you, simply your phone. The Notes app in iOS 14, permits you to keep bits of text, sketches, notes, lists, and then some, and all of this can be kept across all iPhones, iPads, and Macs connected to you. Here we will see how you can sync notes on iPhone and iPad.

Fortunately, when it comes to iPhone and iPad, there are various methods of making notes on one gadget and having it almost magically show up on another. You don’t have to go hunting for an application to do it. Apple’s Notes app ticks off the greater part of the requirements most individuals need. The reality it’s incorporated directly into each iPhone and iPad—and that it’s free—positively makes a difference!

What is Storing the Notes?

Discover Where Your Notes Are Stored

It’s essential to comprehend that the notes on your iPhone are presently saved in one of three spots:

  • On your iPhone
  • On iCloud
  • Other email account synced with iPhone

It’s essential to comprehend that most email accounts (counting Gmail, Yahoo, and numerous others) synchronize something beyond email when you add them to your iPhone — they sync contacts, calendars, and notes as well!

How to Find where your notes are stored?

  • Open the Notes application on your respective iPhone.
  • Hit the yellow Back arrow symbol at the upper left-hand corner of the Notes app.
  • You will wind up on a screen with a header that peruses “Folders”.
  • Under this header, you will see a rundown of the multitude of records that are right now storing your notes.

For instance, If you sync your notes with iCloud, you’ll need to set up iCloud on your Mac or PC. In case that if you sync notes with Gmail, you need to set up your Gmail account on your PC.

Sync with iCloud

This offers the most adaptability in the kinds of notes you can make and the formatting choices available to you.

  • Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Enter on the Apple ID banner.
  • Hit iCloud on settings.
  • Sign in to iCloud in case that you haven’t effectively done as such.
  • Toggle the switch to ON (green) for Notes matching up in the iCloud list.

In case you’re simply looking to sync notes between an iPhone and iPad, you simply need to utilize these steps on the two gadgets.

Sync with Gmail or Exchange

In case that you just utilize basic text notes and are certifiably not a hefty iCloud user, synchronizing through an email administration like Gmail or Exchange may be a decent choice for you. Sync notes on iPhone and iPad with Gmail as below:

  • Dispatch Settings on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
  • Look down and hit the Notes.
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad
  • Enter Accounts button.
  • Hit the account that would you prefer to use to sync notes.
  • Enter the toggle to green with the goal that it is enabled.
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad

In case that you don’t as of now have your Gmail or Exchange account added, you’ll need to add it first before the means above will work. Or you can simply tap on Add Account in the Notes’ Accounts area. The means to add the account will be equivalent to in the event that you are setting up an email account.

Recollect that to sync among Macs and iOS gadgets, you’ll need to sign in to a similar email account on each gadget and enable notes sync on those gadgets also.

Switching between accounts in Notes

In case that you have multiple accounts set up in Notes on iPhone and iPad, exchanging between them is in reality beautiful simple.

  • Unlock Notes on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Hit the Folders button at the upper left of the screen to return to your Folders.
  • Press Notes under the account you need to utilize
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad
Sync notes on iPhone and iPad

If you see “On my iPhone”!

In case that you see “On My iPhone” under Folders in the Notes app, your Notes aren’t being synced with any email or iCloud account. For this situation, setting up iCloud on your gadget should be prioritised first. At the point when you enable iCloud sync, you’ll be given the choice to consequently upload and sync the notes on your iPhone and iPad to iCloud.

Sync notes on iPhone
  • After you set up iCloud, just head to Settings – > Notes.
  • Then toggle the switch close to the “On My iPhone” Account to ensure that all your notes wind up synchronizing with iCloud.
Sync notes on iPhone

Finalize that the Notes are properly synced or not!

Finalize that the Notes are properly synced or not on Mac and PC. This is quite simple. Follow these :

  • Simply head to the Notes app on your Mac.
  • Or maybe your email program on PC.
  • On Mac, head to the Notes app. You’ll see the entirety of the notes from your iPhone. Situated in the sidebar. This is available on the left-hand side of the window.
  • On a PC, search for another organizer in your email program.

Sync notes on iPhone

In case that you have a lot of notes, it might several minutes prior to they’re completely synced over. From here on out, at whatever point you make another note on either your Mac, PC or iPhone, it will consequently synchronize to your different devices.


The Notes app is extraordinary for keeping your thoughts together. The Notes app comes pre-installed on iPhone and iPad, and it ends up being exceptionally convenient and helpful when you need to write down some ideas, details, plans or whatever other significant data which can be reviewed at whatever point you need. Now and then you will require more to check your note from your iPhone on iPad. For this situation, transferring/syncing up notes from iPhone to iPad plays an important role. There are also a few third-party apps, that likewise allow you to adjust and move notes from iPhone to iPad. But Notes is the most preferred one.

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