Download these apps and get paid for walking around!


Downloading apps to get money for walking sounds too good to be true. However, there are a variety of methods to get paid to walk, whether you’re a dedicated hiker or simply prefer doing errands on foot.

What’s the best part? Walking is beneficial to one’s health. Improving your daily steps is not a bad thing, whether you’re trying to lose weight by walking or merely want to hit your Fitbit step count target. Walking has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and stroke, as well as enhance cardiovascular fitness and bone and muscular strength.

Take your shoes and your smartphone, and continue to discover the best apps to install right now if you’re a fiery stepper looking to learn and earn more.


Evidation apps to get money for walking

You may earn money through walking, cycling, swimming, and doing health surveys with Evidation, which was previously known as Achievement. Exercise activities may earn you up to 80 points per day, while documenting meals, monitoring your sleep, and meditating can gain you six points. The app rewards you $10 per 10,000 points you get, so it won’t be easy to make a lot of money straight once, but every little bit helps, right? This is the app to get money for walking.


Lifecoin apps to get money for walking

Another app that pays you for walking or jogging outside is Lifecoin. Every time you run or walk, Lifecoin records your steps and converts them into Lifecoins, which can be used to purchase various prizes. You may also earn Lifecoins by referring friends and family to the app. It may take some time to accumulate enough points for a large reward, but if you’re already out for a walk or run regularly, it’s a useful app to have running in the background. Another app to get money for walking.

Get Miles

apps to get money for walking

This one tracks not only your walking and running miles but all of your miles, whether you’re on your bike, in your vehicle, or flying. It’s excellent for commuters because some of the incentives require a significant amount of travel. The application just runs in the background and keeps track of how far you’ve traveled. You’ll get free points that you can exchange for gift cards or exclusive deals.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles apps to get money for walking

Charity Miles is an excellent app to download if you’d like to turn your miles into good. All you have to do is download the app, select a charity, and track your activities. You may monitor a variety of activities using the app, including running, walking, bicycling, and dancing. The disadvantage is that, unlike the other applications on our list, you must explicitly log in to record your actions; it does not function in the background.


Imagine being compensated for wandering around the store aisles. This is exactly what Instacart does. Sign up to become a shopper and be rewarded to shop for and deliver other people’s goods. You get to work whenever you choose and retain 100% of your tips. This is the app to get money for walking to deliver goods.



Dog walking is one method to be paid to walk, whether you currently walk your dog or are seeking a four-legged buddy to join you on your regular walks. Rover lets you choose your own schedule and costs for doggie sleepovers, pet drop-ins, and dog walking, and you get compensated for it.

Tours by Locals

Tours by Locals

Why not join up to be a tour guide if you enjoy hiking and talking to others about the historic sites in your area? Local tours reward you to share your expertise with others, so there’s no reason this can’t happen on foot! Thus, this is the app to get money for walking with tourists.



TaskRabbit allows you to make money by performing errands for others, such as grocery shopping, gardening, or assisting with deliveries. Many of the tasks necessitate being on your feet, which helps you make money while you walk.



Wag is yet another dog walking application that pays you for walking other people’s dogs. You may work around your schedule, go on spontaneous walks, or book regular walks with owners in advance. It is also known as “Uber for Dogs”. This is the app to get money for walking with dogs.


Favor apps to get money for walking

Favor is another app that rewards you to perform errands for others. You may make income by being a “Runner” or delivering anything to their clients, ranging from tacos to dry cleaning.

Favor believes in rewarding Runners with a share of all delivery fees and 100% of their tips. Furthermore, you can make running even more enjoyable by participating in weekly promotions that keep you occupied and help you earn even more money.


No one would have thought that one-day running will also give them money. You can try out the suitable app from the apps mentioned above to earn some amount of money. There will be monetary as well as physical benefits from using these applications. There are other numerous apps to get money for walking also available in the market.

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