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Apple Watch Hermes Series 4 -Features, Review and More!

Apple Watch Hermès is Apple’s first foray into direct fashion partnerships for the Apple Watch. It brings together the stainless steel Apple hardware with the luxury watch bands from Hermès.  As we all know, Hermes is a traditional business run by the family for almost 200 years now. On the other hand, Apple is a Technology business giant. Both these companies have one thing in common; they rarely partner with other brands. And yet here is the collection on Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 where an unexpected partnership has happened and resulted in these magnificent products.

It was Apple’s first partnership for the Apple Watch and, to this day, one of two they ever had. The other being Nike+ on the fitness end of the price range. It suggests how selective Apple is with the matter of partnership.

We’ll see in this post:

  • About Hermès
  • About the Watch
  • Overall Review
  • Conclusion

About Hermès Bands

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One reason Hermès leather goods command such a high price is that, in a world of mass-produced imports (such as the Apple Watch); theirs are made by hand and crafted by small groups of people. They match the exacting standards and precision that are mindful of things like where the band is likely to be strained or to ensure stitches will be most resistant to break.

Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 

The Watch

 The Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 is an Apple Watch Series 4 with Hermès branding on the ceramic bac. Each screen is roughly 30 per cent bigger than on the prior 38mm and 42mm models and features rounded corners rather than previously square ones. Apple also tweaked the sides and back of the Series 4 casing. The Digital Crown now has a red ring on LTE models rather than a bold red circle and uses the Taptic Engine for haptic clicks when you turn it.

Additionally, Apple has dramatically overhauled the health sensors, a change that makes the bottom of the Watch look very different than before. Series 4 includes a couple of substantial chip changes. Firstly, it has an Apple S4 processor; the first 64-bit CPU in an Apple Watch, which promises up to twice the speed then S3. Additionally, Series 4 now features 16GB of storage capacity across all models.

Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 

The Faces

Apple Watch Hermes Series 4

The only distinctive software feature of the Apple Watch Hermès Series is the Hermès Watch Face that you get with it.

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The series 4 has entirely new two-tone looks in Feu (indigo/white background with orange type), Rose (deep pink/indigo background with light pink type colour), and Ambre (Red/Pink background with yellow type colour). The background colors split with the minute hand, adding a little dynamism to the design.

The complication spot has only four options for it: Off, Date, Stopwatch, and World Clock. But the Hermès’s face prioritizes the name and not the information.

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The watch looks great with the new colours giving it a vivid life. Making it look more like a classy casual watch rather than a gadget. This makes the Hermes series stand out amongst the whole Apple Watch product line.

For those new users who do not know what complication on Apple Watch is: Complications are one of the ways, you can customize your Apple Watch face. It displays information from apps which you can directly add it to the Watch face. Some basic examples include the date, weather, and battery life.

Apple Watch Hermes Series 4 

The Bands

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Hermès series bands are the most distinctive, best yet expensive watch bands that Apple offer. But if we think the other way around, getting a Hermès band for $600 which in other cases are not available for any less then $3000 seems a good deal. It is a win-win situation for all. Anyone buying the Hermes Series 4 is buying it for themselves and not to show-off because from afar it looks like any other band in the market. It is a personal choice, something that makes you feel sophisticated and classy. The Hermes bands make Apple watch look more like a classic piece of wearable rather than a gadget.

The downside is that the coloured leathers never start as soft and supple and never end up ageing and patina-ing as good as the raw leather straps. They look better, but you have to compromise on how they feel.

Also restricting styles to sizes seem unnecessary since anatomy and taste aren’t bound to small and large stereotypes.

The complete collection includes:

  • There are six different options for the 40 mm Apple Watch Series 4 Hermes, all with stainless steel cases and leather bands.
    • Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather Double Tour
    • Bordeaux/Rose Extrême/Rose Azalée Swift Leather Double Tour
    • Fauve Barenia Leather Double Tour
    • Bleu Indigo Swift Leather Double Tour
    • Bordeaux/Rose Extrême/Rose Azalée Swift Leather Single Tour
    • Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour
  • The six options for 44mm Apple Watch 4 Hermes are
    • Indigo/Craie/Orange Swift Leather Single Tour
    • Bleu Indigo Swift Leather Single Tour
    • Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour
    • Fauve Grained Barenia Leather Single Tour Rallye
    • Ébène Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle
    • Fauve Barenia Leather Single Tour Deployment Buckle
Apple Watch Hermes Series 4

Apple Watch Hermès Series 4 Overall Review

What is better?

 The taps you get to alert you to notification are better than the previous generation stainless steel watches.

Once you have used this new bigger, edge-to-curved-edge display, the previous generation watches seem cramped up. The improved screen size is a boon. 

The new infographic faces are useful in everyday life.

Performance with the new 64-bit Apple S4 system is top-notch. 

The battery life has also seen an improvement, usually lasting more than a day.

What could be better?

Photos-Face could have more complications.

The automatic workout detection is pretty good but could sometimes mess up, which we do not entirely complain but could be better. 


You don’t find a drastic difference between the different versions of Apple Watch Series, but when you go back to the older version; you realize how upgraded the new version is. It is all the little upgrade that make an overall difference. 

The Apple Watch is better than ever, and you probably don’t want to miss out on all the new features it offers.

Also checkout Apple Watch design, specifications and much more!

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