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Google Play Store Games are now available on Windows in 2022!

Google Play Store Games now available on Windows
Google Play Store Games now available on Windows

Many firms attended, including Google, which announced that Android apps from the Google Play Games store would be arriving in Windows 11 and Windows 10 in 2022.

Google is putting forth an effort in this direction. While Microsoft has a deal with Amazon to offer Android applications from the Amazon App Store on the new Microsoft Store in Windows 11, this differs from Google’s strategy.

This will be its app, allowing Google Play account holders to get their Android games without repurchasing them. Users may also pick up where they left off in a game on their Windows device.

How will the app perform?

Google Play Store Games coming to Windows

During The Game Awards, Google remained tight-lipped about the details, although the firm did say that it will be accessible on Windows 10 and above.

If you’re playing a game on your Pixel 6 Pro and then switch to your Windows device, you’ll be able to continue playing using this new Google app.

“Starting in 2022, users will be able to play their favorite Google Play games on more devices,” said Greg Harrell, Product Director of Games on Android and Google Play. “We’re excited to expand our platform for players to enjoy their favorite Android games even more with this Google-built solution. This delivers the best Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops.” Soon, we’ll have more to share!”

It’s an unexpected move, but it’s one that’s looked inevitable since the Amazon App Store was announced for Windows 11.


Analysis Google Play Store Games coming to Windows

We predicted that Google would be interested in bringing Android apps to Windows in the future. But this is far sooner than we anticipated.

For the time being, these are only games from the Google Play Store, but it might be the start of other categories of software coming to Windows.

With Amazon applications already in the Windows Insider developer channel, where users can experiment with features in development for Windows, it appeared like Google was the odd man out in this collaboration. There have previously been unauthorized attempts to run Android apps in Windows 11.

Google Play Games may influence Windows, but only if the most popular games are accessible. Candy Crush Saga, Coin Master, and Monopoly are among the most popular games on the Google Play Store. So it’ll be interesting to see whether they make it into this new Windows software.

Because Microsoft controls the app, it’s not surprising to see titles like Minecraft appear on it. However, whether or not developers want their games to show on the app is a different story.

It may be challenging to demonstrate to customers the benefits of having Google Play Games on Windows as it is with other stores that users may visit on their Windows devices, such as Steam and Epic Games Store. Some people may believe it is another store that will slow down their computer.

However, the ability to continue your Candy Crush progress may be attractive to some. This initiative may persuade Google to add additional games to this app in the future and other categories from the Google Play Store.

How to Install Google Play Store on Windows 11?

 Windows 11

For the first time, Android apps may be installed on Windows. Windows 11 supports Android applications, games, and notifications natively. On the other hand, the official Amazon Appstore is exclusively available to Windows Insiders. However, with a few package tweaks to the original Windows Subsystem for Android, you may access Google Play services on Windows 11. (WSA). To install Google Play Store on your Windows 11 device, follow the steps in this article.

You may now install WSA and Google Play Store using an open-source program called MagiskOnWSA. That is, if you satisfy the installation’s fundamental requirements outlined below. On a Windows 10 computer, the procedure will not work. To install Google Play on your device, you should have upgraded to Windows 11.

We’ll use a root access tool like Magisk in this method. A developer has changed the official Microsoft WSA package to include an integrated installer that combines Magisk with open Google Apps, which are already installed on most Android devices. It’s a safe GitHub download that works well in the Windows 11 environment.


Google’s Chrome OS already supports Android games, but it makes sense for the firm to add support for Windows, the most widely used desktop operating system. Notably, Google Play Store Games was designed separately so that it can work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

That’s the main advantage over Microsoft’s new native Android app support, which is only available on Windows 11. It can still run Android games, but only from the Amazon Appstore, which has considerably less variety. A solution allows you to access all Google Play Store apps, but it’s a lengthy procedure that needs you to pass through a few hurdles.

Play Store Games appears to be the current best choice for mobile gaming from your desktop or any Windows PC. It’s also built to work on all your devices, with the option to share progress across Android, ChromeOS, and now Windows.

Google’s technique for simulating these applications is uncertain; all we know is that they’re kept locally and not broadcast. Naturally, the smoothness with which each game runs will be determined by the performance of your computer. That’s the situation with ChromeOS, where not all Android apps work flawlessly.

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