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How to add and customized links to Instagram stories?

add and customized links to Instagram stories
add and customized links to Instagram stories

Would you like to share a link in your Instagram Story? There’s excellent news and then there’s even better news. The good news is that, even if Instagram’s swipe-up functionality is no longer available, you can still use Instagram link stickers to add links to your Stories.

Instagram has changed the way people sell and promote their products.
Unfortunately, no matter how engaging the images or videos you publish on Instagram are, you won’t be able to measure their impact unless you can link to the website or items you’re marketing.
If you’re an influencer with sponsors and clients, or if you want to be an influencer, click-throughs are very important to the firms that could support you. Even better, when it comes to posting a link to your Story, the 10,000 follower minimum is no longer in effect. In principle, everyone now has access to Instagram’s link stickers.

How to Include a Link in Your Instagram Story?

How to add and customized links to Instagram stories?
  1. On your phone, open the Instagram app.
  2. To begin a tale, click on your symbol or the “+” at the top.
  3. Select “Link” from the Sticker tool.
  4. After you’ve entered the URL, click “Done.”
  5. Place the link on your page and tell your tale!

The Instagram link sticker, which takes the place of the swipe-up function, allows users to add an external link to their Instagram Story.
The simplest approach to generate traffic to external content and items on Instagram is to use story link stickers. Instagram analytics may also be used to track link clicks.
When it comes to links, Instagram claims that the sticker has three significant benefits over the swipe-up feature:
Stickers are well-known and popular among users, who utilize them to express themselves through music, questions, places, and surveys, among other things.
Stickers provide you more creative control over the aesthetic of your Story than swipe-up links did previously.
Furthermore, stickers allow viewers to interact with a Story, whereas the swipe-up function did not allow for answers or reactions.

Simply stated, Instagram link stickers, like swipe-up before them, are a crucial component of any Instagram business plan.

What was the objective of Instagram’s “Swipe up” function?

How to add and customized links to Instagram stories?

By allowing companies and influencers to add links straight to their Instagram Stories, the Instagram swipe-up tool helped them reach their audiences and get more followers.
Viewers may visit a link by swiping up on a Story or tapping an arrow at the bottom of their screen without leaving the Instagram app or going all the way back to the bio.
However, Instagram stated in August 2021 that the swipe-up functionality will be discontinued.
Regardless, users may now embed links in their Instagram Stories by using a link sticker instead of text.

If the Instagram link sticker isn’t quite matching your brand’s design, you’ll be relieved to learn that it can be customized even more in just a few simple steps. You have a few options when it comes to your Instagram connections. You may change the sticker text after entering the URL if you want to show a word or phrase to pull in your audience. As a result, instead of displaying the entire website address, you may display content that is more customized, catchy, or relevant—whatever you choose!
You may alter the color of the link sticker once you’ve created the proper text and hyperlink. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fully customize the hue, but you may select from four other versions by tapping through.

Here’s how to customize the look of your Instagram Story link sticker:

  1. Create your Instagram Story as normal, and include a link sticker.
  2. Go to your preferred design app.
  3. Create a sticker that is on-brand, appealing to the eye, and has a clear call to action (e.g., “Read more” or “Tap here!”).
  4. Export it as a PNG file with a transparent backdrop to your phone.
  5. Return to your Instagram Story draught and insert your personalized sticker from the picture album or files on your phone.
  6. Overlay the custom sticker on top of your link sticker.
  7. Awesome! That’s all there is to it: you’ll have complete visual control over your Story while still allowing users to tap through.

Remember to keep an eye on your Story stats so you can improve your click-through rate. If you’re not receiving as many taps as you’d like, make sure you have a clear call to action and don’t cram too much content into one Instagram post.

Everyone should be able to use the link sticker in their Instagram Stories by October 2021. Not just accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

Of course, a roll-out across a billion accounts takes time, and we’ve heard from a number of folks who have yet to see the sticker in their accounts. If this is the case with your Instagram account, all we can suggest is that you maintain your app up to date and pray. It’ll appear at some point.

Are There Any Other Restrictions?

The biggest restriction with Instagram links is that you can only add one link to each story, so if you want to share many links this way, you’ll need to publish multiple stories.
Aside from that, the platform as a whole has link restrictions. In the same way, as stories have a limit of one link, your bio section has a limit of one link. They also don’t allow clickable links in post captions or comments, so any link you provide on your feed is just plain text. Moreover, your audience will have to copy and paste it, which is very impossible and may discourage people from visiting the URL.

There are solutions if you have many links to distribute, whether through articles or posts. You’ve probably seen postings where the page owner uses a ‘Link in Bio’ caption to send you to their bio—perhaps you’ve even seen it on the Smallpdf profile!

There may be some restrictions based on which provider you choose, such as the number of active links you may have at any given moment, but it allows you to share numerous clickable links while just having one link in your bio.


Instagram stories are the most native format that has shown to offer excellent results for digital marketers, and many firms have already used them as an important element of their content strategy.

You may obtain fantastic results by knowing the Instagram algorithm, employing the proper material, and always improving your visual designs by using gifs, videos, or numerous story templates. We’ve seen that this format has a plethora of unique data that must be tracked and evaluated in order to better any future campaign that includes both organic and paid Instagram stories.

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