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How to get the full Excel experience?

How to get Microsoft excel for free!
How to get Microsoft excel for free!

Excel has long become the industry norm for excel spreadsheets, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase to use it. Whenever it comes to accessing Excel, luckily, paying the full price is really not your only choice. In truth, there are various techniques that allow users to access Microsoft excel for free.

Microsoft Excel has put in place itself as the main spreadsheet program, and this does not appear to be changing. As a major component of the enormously popular Microsoft Office software, it provides a robust collection of capabilities. However, you’ll need to purchase a Microsoft 365 membership to get the full Excel experience. This includes Word, PowerPoint, and numerous other Office products, as well as online storage and frequent upgrades.

However, paying monthly for a single app makes little sense. Paying for the latest standalone edition of Microsoft Office is also tough to justify.

Get Microsoft Excel for free with Web Version

  • Microsoft Excel and other basic Office apps are available for free online, and all you need is a Microsoft account.
  • Go to and click ‘Sign in’ to input your information. If you do not already have an account, select ‘Sign up for the free version of Office’ and proceed as done.
Microsoft Excel for Free- Web Version
  • After that, you’ll be brought to your main office webpage. To open a new spreadsheet, select ‘Create’ then ‘Workbook’ from the left pane.
Click on wordbook

As you can see, you can also create documents in Word and PowerPoint, in addition to Outlook and even a free version of Microsoft Teams. These are all ‘Web Apps,’ which means users can only use these through the browser rather than desktop software. Whenever users work on a file here, it is sent to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service.

In fact, you should probably thank Google for this program being available as a web app, since its free Documents and Sheets software and connection with Google Drive made it almost impossible for Microsoft to continue charging consumers.

Because the web version of Excel is a more shrunk version of the desktop program, the comparisons to Google Sheets are more realistic. Regardless, both services must provide everything that a casual user requires.

By using Excel on Mobile

Microsoft’s Office mobile apps are fully free and available on most current smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, maybe in reaction to Google.

The Microsoft Excel application is available for Android and iOS. While Microsoft retains some premium capabilities for its own Microsoft 365 subscription, the mobile applications are nonetheless highly competent and include OneDrive integration.

Check to see whether your school or company can get it free

Many organizations provide free Microsoft 365 apps to their workers. Although if your business email address includes the company name, you may still use it to log in to a Microsoft account. After all, you may be working in an office where Excel and similar programs can be available.

All employees and students should be able to use Office apps for free if your school has done sign up for Microsoft 365 Education. To find out, go to the Microsoft website and input your education email address.

However, if your institution hasn’t yet decided to sign up if you’re in a position to do so. Do it.

Get a membership!

These free choices, however, are not ideal for everyone. If you want more than basic Excel operations and the program is not available through your school or workplace, you must pay the full fee.

The lowest Microsoft 365 membership at the time of writing is Personal, which costs £5.99/US$6.99 each month as well as £59.99/US$69.99 annually. For £7.99/US$9.99 monthly or £79.99/US$99.99 annually, the Family plan provides access to 2-6 people. Both provide a free one-month trial period.

The second option is to purchase Office, the most recent standalone release. This is a one-time purchase of £119.99 in the United Kingdom or $149.99 in the United States. Unfortunately, Excel cannot be bought separately.


If you are an employee and always have the work of spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel and want its premium but don’t want to spend that much then there are some techniques from which you can get access to Microsoft Excel for free. Some of the techniques are here and if you will follow these steps you will get access to Microsoft Excel.

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