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Kashflow accounting: To make your online accounting simple and fast!


KashFlow accounting, which now is part of the IRIS Software family, is keeping up with the times and has just launched a new VAT Dashboard. It’s critical to be compatible with the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) objective. This is now becoming a reality, as it is with many accounting software solutions aimed at the UK market. As a result, KashFlow’s software update is quite fast. KashFlow, as usual, prides itself on making things easy. This is good news when it comes to dealing with your finances and taxes.

This cloud-based software solution can be used from every location and at any time as long as you have access to the internet. IRIS software, which was made in 2005, focuses on small business owners with its online accounting software. KashFlow now comes with a full array of tools that may help you not only with your accounting tasks but also with payroll and HR. KashFlow has a lot to offer, but its large feature set may make you feel confused.


Features of Kashflow accounting

Flow accounting is mainly aimed at users in the United Kingdom. As a result, it has a lot of functionality suited to small business owners that must deal with VAT as part of their requirements. Colour coding to show the status of various VAT returns has recently been implemented. As well as improved navigation. The new VAT dashboard is the most obvious example. The progress bar concept can be applied anywhere to make keeping track of where you are much easier.

KashFlow also includes a suite of solutions for managing expenses, contacts, fixed assets, payroll, and human resources. The last two features can be shown using KashFlow’s modular architecture, which makes it a very scalable package.

The Dashboard and supporting menu system are at the heart of your workflow. They appear to have just about everything you could possibly need over the course of a business year. Along with the new VAT dashboard, KashFlow has just added a new tool that allows you to connect your Square payments to the system. According to KashFlow, the first £1000 in card purchases and a Square Reader are now free.

Pricing of Kashflow accounting

Pricing of Kashflow accounting

Kashflow accounting is now available in three package choices. All of which include no annual contract and the ability to cancel at any time. You can send an infinite number of quotations and invoices, as well as settle up to 25 bank transactions. It connects with bank feeds and offers a mobile app, and a customized dashboard despite being a single user account.

The Business edition is ideal for small and growing businesses and costs £16.50 per month + VAT. This has the advantage of allowing you to create an unlimited number of quotes and invoices, as well as balance an unlimited number of bank transactions. It allows you to manage and submit VAT returns online and is a multi-user.

Finally, KashFlow offers a Business and Payroll subscription for £22.50 per month plus VAT. It includes all of the above functions as well as payroll capability. KashFlow also featured more cheap prices based on an annual payment plan, instead of the monthly costings shown above, at the time of writing. If you’re willing to commit, you might be able to save money.

Performance of Kashflow accounting

Performance of Kashflow accounting

KashFlow accounting provides a lot of built-in features, especially now that the VAT dashboard has been introduced. This tool allows businesses to easily see and separate MTD VAT return clients from non-MTD VAT return clients. That’s a nice touch, but there’s also the option to file numerous VAT returns at the same time. These are excellent performance aids.

While the software solution’s cloud-based aspect is fantastic, it is based on a lack of design. The clumsy navigation, as well as the requirement to know yourself in all of the different areas, tends to slow down progress. Things improve as you become more familiar with its various levels. KashFlow appears to be more promising than it actually is when used.

A number of features – easy to use!

Ease of use

KashFlow’s current version offers a number of features that make it easier to use, particularly the VAT dashboard and the option to send clients contact when a return is filed on their behalf. Even for seasoned professionals, this is a huge time saver.

While KashFlow shouldn’t scare off users who aren’t familiar with how accounting software and services work, it does take some time to become used to the many varied faces of the interface. In terms of reminding yourself of functions, users discovered that taking a tour of the knowledge base made a lot of sense.

However, because the knowledge base is lengthy, updating yourself with all of KashFlow’s capabilities will take some time. The menu system will ultimately make sense if you are willing to put in the work. However, be ready to spend more time drilling down via the menu structure.



While KashFlow has a dedicated support infrastructure, the response it has received has been varied. Visit get started, go to the KashFlow knowledge center, which contains a wealth of information on all of the main features and functionalities.

There’s also a support email address there, and UK customers can call someone from their account, which could be especially beneficial if you’re using one of the more complicated KashFlow interface options. Training films are also available through KashFlow.


Kashflow accounting: To make your online accounting simple and fast!

When you clicked into various features, everything loaded swiftly, and the reports they tried all generated rapidly. However, certainly did take time looking for that stock management application.

The biggest issue is that Kashflow crashes and freezes frequently, and for no apparent reason. As a result, you end up waiting for whatever you were doing to finish, which isn’t exactly efficient.


KashFlow has benefited greatly from recent changes to its layout as well as new features centered on the VAT dashboard. Other new features, such as color coding and increased sorting capabilities, improve the user experience significantly.

So there’s no doubt that KashFlow’s cloud-based range of options has a lot to offer. While the service is offered in the United States and internationally, it appears to have a more UK-centric focus, as shown by its significant emphasis on VAT management. With so many capabilities, KashFlow’s one drawback is its clumsy user interface. This can be difficult to navigate, especially if you’re unfamiliar with its inner workings.

A good main dashboard that brings you where you want to go saves the user experience. But once you’re in the menu system, KashFlow can be frustrating at times. KashFlow, on the other hand, is jam-packed with capabilities, many of which are well-suited to developing small enterprises. KashFlow, in its most basic version, is also ideal for freelancers and solitary merchants.

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