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Managing Devices Anywhere & Anytime: The Key to IT Productivity

Managing Devices Anywhere
Managing Devices Anywhere

Technology has enabled traditional businesses to become online enterprises, expanding their geographical reach. Every business now requires digital devices to communicate and perform operations. Hence IT team plays an active role in every industry by providing continuous networking support and troubleshooting all electronic gadget issues.

Every industry must provide a healthy and innovative working environment for better productivity, which involves higher security risks. IT teams control these risks. Although it is effective for small businesses, managing large businesses with many branches can take time and effort. It costs too much to pay for transportation or to hire a team for each branch. Considering all these factors, technology has developed significantly to support businesses at every level to a greater extent. It is now easier and more cost-effective to manage large enterprises. This article will discuss mobile device management solutions and their role in businesses for better productivity and high security.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? 

Mobile Device Management is an all-in-one solution for the IT team to manage, control, and configure all enterprise devices from a centralized location without physically handling devices. It is a crucial component of enterprise mobility management (EMM) and unified endpoint management (UEM) to meet all business endpoints.

Organizations of all sizes and industries utilize MDM solutions. Here are the most common industries and their applications:


As businesses expand and mobile devices are widely used for work, it has been a big challenge for IT admins to manage and troubleshoot all the devices in every place. MDM helps businesses maximize work efficiency and productivity by ensuring secure and efficient onboarding and configuration processes. IT admins can remotely troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, and update apps remotely, ensuring device fleets are working properly.

Healthcare Industries

Almost all government and private hospitals have smart electronic devices that store patient data and provide access to medical information. These devices are highly sensitive and require proper management to ensure continuous operation. MDM solutions allow administrators to monitor these devices and resolve issues on time to prevent life-threatening situations.

Transportation and Logistics

In the transportation and logistics industry, MDM solutions track the location of goods and vehicles. Devices are customized to limit app access so drivers are not distracted by notifications while driving.


In hotels, smart devices monitor security cameras and manage front desk operations smoothly, like check-in and check-out of customers. MDM streamlines remote monitoring and self-check-in and out process.


Restaurants use smart devices to manage order placement. By using MDM solutions, administrators can set kiosk mode on devices to make them more purpose-oriented. The device is configured with a single screen displaying a restaurant application so that the staff can only take orders and receive customer payments.

Why is Mobile Device Management Important?

Mobile Device Management improves the overall efficiency and productivity of businesses. Here are some benefits businesses can achieve using MDM:

Enhanced Security 

IT admins can manage the security of a fleet of devices, including smartphones, tablets, POS, IoT, and Kiosk devices. With MDM’s customizable security policies, two-way authentication, factory reset, and remote features, admins can set strong password authentications to safeguard the devices. Moreover, file sharing is encrypted, and data can only be shared with devices authorized by admins. Using incognito mode, secure browsing, and data privacy is made possible.

Decreased downtime and deployment times

MDM enables real-time monitoring to track device performance, like battery time, storage capacity, and update status. Businesses can reduce the downtime of enrolled devices by troubleshooting the devices remotely. Patch and update management by MDM allows administrators to ensure that devices are updated on time, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Simplified device deployment and maintenance

With MDM, new devices are easy to enroll and deploy for official use. Software installation on devices is done smoothly with pre-defined settings to save time. IT admins can streamline the device enrollment procedure with MDM so that only authenticated devices can enter the business network. Devices are updated on time and remotely monitored to maintain them for uninterrupted performance.

Improved productivity

Admins can restrict device usage by limiting access to only official applications. Employees are thus focused on their work, and more productivity is achieved. Continuous monitoring of devices also ensures improved productivity. MDM solutions also provide content management features to safely manage the files and make them easily accessible when required. Admins can manage access to applications and restrict app installation and removal by employees.

How MDM helps to improve IT Productivity

AirDroid Business, an enterprise-grade Mobile Device Management(MDM) solution, provides a bunch of features remote control, centralized management, application management, security policy, kiosk mode, location tracker, etc to improve the productivity and secure devices for businesses. Let’s discuss some unique features of AirDroid Business MDM that make it perfect for enterprises.

MDM helps to improve IT Productivity

Centralized Management

AirDroid Business MDM provides a simple and intuitive dashboard to admins from where businesses can enjoy all its features and control the whole business while sitting on a chair. IT admins can monitor each device’s screen and control it from a central location, simplifying device management. Admins can also watch the real-time location of devices and even lock down the devices remotely. Access to all the devices can be easily managed from the AirDroid Business Dashboard.

Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting

With AirDroid Business MDM, IT admins can monitor enrolled devices like the online status, battery level, SIM cards, storage space, and software version. It enables admins to identify the issues at early stages and resolve them instantly. Admins can remotely control the devices and troubleshoot issues on devices without getting on-site, reducing downtime and disruptions for employees.

Enrollment and Configuration

AirDroid Business provides a streamlined way to enroll and configure devices. It provides flexible ways to enroll devices in the system. IT admins can set workflows to instantly enroll the devices and use pre-configured profiles to apply policy settings on the newly enrolled devices. This way, much time and effort are saved and can be used elsewhere to improve productivity. 

Remote Support

Remote support for the attended or unattended devices is an excellent feature by AirDroid Business MDM that helps admins to provide a quick resolution to the team for device and connectivity issues. With the help of this feature, businesses can save much time and do not require traveling to the location where devices are available. Issues are easily diagnosed and solved from a central location. With remote support, more devices can be handled efficiently in less time.

Application Management

It streamlines easy updates and distribution of applications for various devices in a short time efficiently. IT admins can enforce application policies to restrict the staff from installing or deleting any app from the enrolled devices without permission. Also, admins can remotely install, remove and update an app anytime without touching the device.


MDM solutions are the best practice to streamline business operations and provide high security for digital devices to secure confidential information and other credentials. Organizations following the mobile devices structure are at high risk of attacks by hackers, so they must use MDM solutions to remotely access the devices and provide remote support to the employees by the IT team.

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