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McAfee Total Protection Review- Is it worth getting for your device?


To protect your device from virus infliction, getting antivirus protection is necessary. McAfee is a well-heard name in the market, but before reaching it for your device, you would want to know if it is worth it. Here is everything you need to know about McAfee Total Protection.

McAfee Total Protection

All of the devices you own require antivirus protection. With McAfee Total Protection, you can install security on all your devices. It has multiple suite-level capabilities in the suites available, including cross-platform password management, unlimited VPN protection, identity monitoring, and identity theft insurance. McAfee’s consumer line is significantly more straightforward and focuses on McAfee Antivirus.


  • Unlimited VPN
  • Excellent phishing protection
  • Identity monitoring
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Broad feature set
  • User-friendly
  • Cheap multi-user options
  • Superb customer support
  • Password manager
  • Encrypted storage


  • iOS version is lacking
  • App boost does nothing
  • Confusing pricing plans
  • Identity monitors confusing
  • Parental control limited and ineffective

Easy to install

To install the antivirus, you need to begin by activating your registration code online. You can then install it on the device you are using or get links to install it on other devices. You will receive a serial number and an activation code after you download the product. This number will come in handy if you need to reinstall the product. McAfee has upgraded its overhauled interface, making the new interface easier to use.

In the main window, you will see three icons, PC, Web, and Identity. Across the top, you’ll find security advice and suggestions and a Quick Action button at the bottom that allows you to search for malware, activate the VPN, or delete personal data fast. To install McAfee’s WebAdvisor in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to complete your setup, you can follow the prompts. You will have to download parental control for Safe Family separately.

Antivirus Scan

Antivirus Scan

You can choose from a Quick Scan, a Full System Scan, and Scan Custom Items. Although you cannot scan specific detachable drives, custom scan described from the interface, or create a new scan type and define how it works. In testing, scanning took a little longer than typical, but they were still adequate. However, we couldn’t find more information about the threats during the tests. So, you can run a scan and then leave it up to McAfee Total Protection to determine what to do with the results. After completion, you can just shut the scan window. Whatever the outcome, none of it will matter. McAfee’s lack of information and control might become an issue for many of you, especially if you wish to monitor an antivirus and ensure its activities appear acceptable. It hasn’t eliminated a legitimate file.

User Interface

User Interface- McAfee Protection

The well-organized McAfee user interface has three category buttons. Each opens a new page, with four features that are displayed on each page. In PC Security, you get panels for Antivirus, Firewall, Secure Apps, and App Boost. A quick virus scan is just a matter of seconds. If there is no problem on your device, you will see a large green tick. Otherwise, you will see a large red cross. Sometimes, it might be challenging to find a feature, and you would have to go around clicking here and there. For instance, the Vulnerability Scanner or Update My Programs is on the PC security page. In the Settings gear, you can access the following tools:

  • Firewall
  • Scheduled scans
  • Anti-spam
  • Real time scanning
  • Automatic updates
  • Quarantined items
  • General settings and alerts
  • QuickClean
  • App Boost
  • Web Boost
  • Vulnerability scanner

You can go through the Settings of some of these and customize them. Especially, check the time for the scheduled scans and set it to a relaxing time with you. So, while McAfee is quick and straightforward to set up, it might not be the most user-friendly antivirus software available, and you would need some time before getting it to perform the way you want.

McAfee Total Protection Features

McAfee Antivirus Plus includes many functions beyond just malware protection, such as performance-enhancing components. You will find not just the antivirus but also an integrated firewall that protects your network connection from outside threats while also preventing programs from misusing it. Moreover, by default, it manages program control internally. In the PC Protection panel, you get Secure Apps and App Boost. With Secure Apps, a vulnerability scanner appears, which looks for missing security updates for Windows and apps. Also, if feasible, it automatically updates the programs. App Boost accelerates the loading of standard apps, redirects extra resources to the foreground program, and searches for processes that could benefit from additional resources.

Web Protection

In the Web protection section, there are three panels: Browser Security, Web Boost, and Tracker Remover. The Browser Security panel takes you to McAfee’s security report’s web-related page. Web Boost only pauses auto-playing videos on web pages, that too only in Chrome. The QuickClean clears up files that take up disc space. Tracker Remover removes objects like cookies that websites can use to follow you. The Identity Protection has the File Shredder, which permanently deletes files making it impossible for anyone to recover sensitive files. When you click Protect More Devices, it will open a list of all the devices connected to your subscription and allow you to add more effortlessly. For this, you can scan a QR code on the page with your mobile device or send an installation link via email or text message.

The Mac edition, like the Windows edition, provides 100 percent protection against phishing attempts. With Android antivirus, AntiTheft, app privacy checks, and more. Although, iOS users don’t get as much as Android users. Installing on iOS would be a waste if you had to pay for each license, but if you choose a subscription with no device limit, you might as well install it.



The Firewall makes intelligent decisions about which apps on your computer can connect to the internet. To find the Firewall, you have to go through the interface. In the Firewall settings, you can access the ability to open or close certain ports or create custom rules for specific apps. However, these tools are more difficult as they are hidden deep into the interface. The firewall Firewall is an Intrusion Detection system, but it’s turned off by default, has only two levels (Basic or High).


McAfee Total Protection VPN

Your data is prone to threats while it travels through the internet. You can access a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to secure your connection and protect your data while it’s in transit. The relationship between your device and the VPN server is encrypted, thus keeping your data safe even if you connect through a public Wi-Fi network. Moreover, a VPN also masks your IP address, so no one can trace you or use that address to discover your location.

The VPN is on the My Privacy page. With VPN, your data is encrypted and sent to the selected server. If you have not signed up for McAfee’s VPN, you can still choose from various server locations, but your monthly bandwidth is limited to 500MB. Although the VPN lacks advanced features and settings, it is simple to use and has no annoying restrictions. It adds a lot of value to this security package.

Security Features

McAfee has a very comprehensive package of security features. It not only protects your device against ransomware, cryptojacking, and malware but also provides extra tools to speed up online browsing and protect documents, data, and passwords.

Ransomware protection

Ransom Guard adds an intelligent layer of real-time security to your online experience without interfering with it. The best part is how subtle it is while you’re online, so unless you go looking for it or have a security concern, you’ll never know it’s there. It will increase your protection as soon as it detects a File Content Transformation, a way of characterizing an effort to encrypt your files. It will also make protected copies of the threatening files and ensure that none of your data is lost. The danger will not only be monitored by Ransom Guard, but if the problem persists, it will be quarantined, and your files will be restored from backup.



QuickClean helps you to clean your device to increase security and speed. It analyses your PC for cookies and temporary files, which take up valuable disc space and leak personal information. QuickClean generates a report after identifying tracking cookies and trash files and indicates how much space you can clear up. You can even see everything that QuickClean has found or finish the cleanup with a single click of a button.


Shredder safely deletes files permanently from your device. This does not limit your Recycle Bin, as your deleted data remains on the disc, making it recoverable. However, with the Shredder tool, you may permanently delete the file. Moreover, it repeatedly overwrites the file’s data before deleting it. The three levels of shredding security are:

  • Basic– Overwrites the file 2x before deleting
  • Safe– Overwrites the file 5x before deleting
  • Complete– Overwrites the file 10x before deleting

You can even shred your entire Recycle Bin or Temporary Internet Files in one shot to save some time.

Vulnerability scanner

McAfee Total Protection Review- Is it worth getting for your device?
McAfee Total Protection Review- Is it worth getting for your device? 14

Hackers look for security holes in apps and operating systems to exploit them. To stop this, software corporations and app developers release security fixes regularly. Vulnerability Scanner keeps an eye on the security updates and alerts you about them. You can click on Install Updates, and your job will be done.

McAfee Safe Family

McAfee Total Protection Review- Is it worth getting for your device?

Even though the Parental Control option is not available in this suite, you can download and install McAfee Safe Family. Safe Family is a separate product that costs $49.99/year, so getting it with your security suite seems like a fantastic deal. However, we discovered various reasons to give this product only 2.5 stars. However, it must be installed as a parent on at least one Windows, Android, or iOS device. macOS is not supported.

After doing this, you will have to put all your children’s gadgets in child mode. While doing this, you need to specify which kid uses which device. Safe Family prevents access to 16 different types of content. Moreover, it decides which ones to ban based on the child’s age, and parents can fine-tune this. When a page is blocked, the browser displays an error message, usually error 400, “Bad Request.” However, if your child believes this is a mistake, they can request access. Also, it can ban the use of specified apps on all three platforms.

How does it work?

It identifies them and allows parents to block access to them or establish a daily usage limit. On Android, parents can prohibit apps based on their type or a per-app basis. Moreover, in-app purchases are disabled by default, and parents can also prevent their children from downloading new apps. Parents can even control screen time.

Also, by default, Safe Family establishes a time period for weekdays and weekends which can be altered by the parents or added specific allowed times. Outside the approved screen times, important services like calling home are available on mobile devices. Even if you put a child’s device on hold and prevent them from using it, vital mobile services remain accessible. It even allows you to follow your children’s devices and establish known locations. Parents can examine all recent activities, view notifications, and check the child’s location from the Safe Family Parent app.


You can configure the Anti-Spam component in the Settings Menu. When you use a web-based email system, the service provider filters spam for you, and these systems are very effective. So the requirement for a local spam filter is increasingly rare, but if you want it, McAfee has a lot to offer. Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are both compatible with McAfee’s spam filter. It adds a handy toolbar to various email clients and automatically diverts spam messages to its own folder. Although if you use another email client, you will need to establish a message rule to direct the spam.

Moreover, you must provide McAfee with your email password. You may inspect filtered out emails from within the McAfee app and, if necessary, restore any valid mail to your inbox. There are five degrees of security, ranging from Minimal (allows more spam but does not discard valid mail) to Restricted (limits all communications unless the sender is on your Friends list).

McAfee Total Protection Password Manager- True Key

Password Manager- True Key

You get premium access to the True Key password manager with your McAfee subscription. It allows each member of your home to have their own personal password manager. you can install it on all of your devices. A Password Manager panel may be seen on McAfee’s Identity Protection page, but that doesn’t mean it’s part of the package. When you click that panel, you’ll be taken to a web page where you may set up and customize True Key. It offers a wide range of multifactor authentication options, email verification, trusted device management, master password, fingerprint recognition, Windows Hello, and Apple Face ID.

You can even use multiple authentication mechanisms to reset a forgotten master password. Note that it does not fill out web forms with personal information. True Key employs AES-256, one of the most secure encryption techniques available, to ensure that no one can access your login details. Thus, only you can decrypt your passwords. Before you can log in, you must verify at least two elements. If you wish to increase the security, even more, you can add other elements.

McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee WebAdvisor allows you to quickly access McAfee’s security features. It protects you from malware and phishing attempts while you’re online without slowing down your browser. Although unless there’s a problem, this feature keeps you safe while not interfering with your online experience.

McAfee Speed Up

Web Boost

Web Boost

McAfee Web Boost further develops your perusing experience by keeping auto-play videos from beginning

It overlays a notice, “Paused by McAfee Web Boost,” across the video. When tested, it worked extremely well and speed up the loading of some web pages. Although, it’s unlikely to make a significant difference in the speed of your browser. Also, it only works with Google Chrome, not with any other browser.

App Boost

McAfee Total Protection App Boost

McAfee’s PC Boost function operates in the background to redirect resources to apps that require them. This reduces load times and speeds up load times by 6%. During tests, there weren’t any significant differences in speed. However, according to our McAfee analysis, it improved the performance of our app by 8%.

Identity Theft Protection

McAfee Total Protection Identity Theft Protection
McAfee Total Protection Review- Is it worth getting for your device? 15

You can create an Identity Protection Account using your first and last name, a username, and a password, distinct from your McAfee account password. You can also save a security question and answer. The following are the Cyber Monitoring options:

  • 10 email addresses
  • A Social Security Number
  • 10 phone numbers
  • A Driver’s license
  • 10 credit and debit cards
  • 10 bank accounts
  • A Passport
  • 10 retail or membership cards
  • 10 medical IDs
  • An International Bank Account

McAfee monitors the Dark Web, online chat rooms, data dumps from website breaches, botnets, and other locations for your personal information. Although, it doesn’t stop your data from being stolen, gives you advance notice so you can deal with the situation before it becomes too big.

A Social Security Number is required for all employees. It’s possible that those who don’t have their own SSN are utilizing yours. All names, aliases, and residences linked with your SSN are reported by the Social Security Number Trace tool. Change of Address Monitoring also alerts you if a scammer tries to reroute your emails. Other than this, it even monitors for probable breaches of your personal data. If you receive a warning or think that your identity has been stolen, you can contact McAfee’s identity recovery professionals for assistance. With the Ultimate membership, you may be eligible for reimbursement for covered identity theft expenditures. Moreover, even if you misplaced your wallet, McAfee can still assist you.

Plans and pricing

McAfee has long been known for its unrestricted license policies, although smaller packages are also available. You can get a Single license that protects one device for $84.99 per year. At the Pro level, with a $124.99 per year subscription, you can protect all devices in your household and add the Safe Kids parental control system. The Ultimate edition, $159.99 per year, goes beyond identity monitoring, adding Identity Theft Insurance. Unfortunately, there’s no free version for desktop. But you will get a basic free app version for Android and iOS. Although, you can test run McAfee’s Total Protection plan on a free 30-day trial. Total Protection and LiveSafe are confusingly similar in appearance and the distinctions between them are not clearly stated on the website.

Total Protection

With McAfee Total Protection here is what you get for different plans:

  • Single Device– Supports one device for $29.99 for the first year
  • Individuals– Supports up to five devices for $34.99 for the first year
  • Family– Supports up to 10 devices for $39.99 for the first year

The Single Device plan doesn’t seem very useful in today’s world, since most of us utilize multiple gadgets. However, if your phone already has security built-in or you only need antivirus protection for a PC, you may want to go with this subscription. Although, if you want to keep your data safe across many devices or safeguard your entire family from cyber threats, you should go for the Individual or Family subscription. The Total Security plan is pointless because the LiveSafe plan is the same price, has the same features, and protects an unlimited number of devices. Although, you’ll miss out on some exclusive McAfee features if you opt-out of the auto-renewal system.


McAfee LiveSafe costs the same as McAfee’s Total Protection Family plan. And, on the surface at least, they seem to have an identical set of features. The most significant distinction between these two plans is the number of devices on which they can be used. LiveSafe provides security for an unlimited number of devices, so you can use your account to download McAfee software on as many devices as you want.

McAfee Protection Center

In the Identity section of the Home page, you’ll find ID Protection, Password Manager, File Shredder, and the File Lock. Identity theft is a popular topic and when you click to set up identity protection, it will take you to the Online Protection Center. It monitors your account after an initial on-demand check. An emailed verification code must be entered for each email address. Similarly, an SMS code is used to verify each phone number. McAfee will monitor 60 different pieces of Personally Identifiable Information for you. If you don’t sign up for auto-renewal, you’ll only receive 10 email addresses monitored. The Protection Center dashboard focuses on your protection score once you’ve completed the initial setup. Underneath the score is a list of beneficial activities to increase your scores. Such as, if the scan uncovered any exposed personal information, you can earn points by resolving the issue.

McAfee mobile app

McAfee Total Protection mobile app

The mobile app protects your phone from viruses and you can also acquire the features for free. Both the Android and iPhone apps have some basic capabilities free of cost. This includes a scan to check for any malware or viruses and look for potential risks by scanning your apps and even your Wi-Fi connection. Also, it is worth going for the paid version if you frequently connect to public Wi-Fi or share your smartphone with others. However, for some basic security measures, the free app is a great choice.

Customer Support

In the Customer Support section, you can find many useful guidelines and answers to frequently asked issues to assist you to fix your issue without having to contact a member of the support staff. However, it is exceedingly inconvenient, to qualify for an appointment with a customer service staff, you must first fill out a lengthy form containing a great deal of personal information. Even if your request is accepted, you may discover that some of them are unable to be fulfilled since they must be completed over the phone.

Get in touch with McAfee customer service

After answering a few pages of questions regarding the nature of your problem, you’ll be directed to a website where you can contact one of McAfee’s customer support experts via live chat. This is a service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When there is a significant volume of requests for live chat, a banner will alert users to expect lengthier wait times. The McAfee Community forum also provides assistance and advice on a wide range of topics. You can also use McAfee’s Virtual Assistant to diagnose and resolve technical issues. It will assist you in resolving small problems. If you’re away from your computer, you may also pay for Techmaster, which will fix problems for you without requiring you to do much. If you really need to talk to someone, the McAfee website has a phone number in the Contact Us section.


Identity Protection can be used on multiple devices, and it reimburses you for the costs of identity theft. McAfee’s internet security package is one of the most complete packages, with handy tools to keep your devices safe from malware. Although there are less expensive online antivirus options, McAfee gives you a lot for your money, including access to McAfee’s secure VPN, True Key password manager, and encrypted storage.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments section below.

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  • Compatibility
  • VPN


Overall it is one of the best software and there is no doubt that others will have solid competition as McAfee has made such a high-quality interface and amazing support that makes it perfect for any family or small business.

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