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Nike Run Club: A preferable and simple training app to use!


Nike Run Club may be the right choice for you if you’re searching for a simple training app. It isn’t as spectacular as some of the competitors, but it covers all of the essentials. The app includes training regimens, run tracking, and social leaderboards. There are no secret subscriptions or expensive membership tiers to worry about.

When it came to guided runs, you’re also spoiled for choice. We think it’s one of the greatest running apps out there, but it doesn’t quite make the top of our list, partly because it lacks the in-depth capabilities that competitors like Strava have. It’s also a little buggy, failing to register distances on occasion. Here’s what we thought of the app.


Nike Run Club Features

The Nike Run Club app’s supervised runs are the actual outstanding feature. These work similarly to podcasts in that you turn them on there at the beginning of your run as well as a narrator will guide you through your workout.

This type of material is available in many other apps as well, but Nike excels at it. There are books on how to run in warm temperatures, or you may download “mindful” runs to help you relax while you jog. Alternatively, you might put yourself to the test by doing some rigorous interval training.

There are also a few extensive training regimens available, which may guide you up to a half marathon distance.

When you realize that Strava currently buries this kind of content behind a barrier, the depth and breadth of this content for free feels generous. Some of the narratives can be hokey at times, but we found their upbeat run coaches to be a great source of motivation.

Nike Run Club Track your mileage

Track your mileage

Aside from that, the Nike Run software has a bunch of rather basic functions. You can set a run goal, track your mileage, and monitor your speed. In the activity area, you’ll also discover a record of your previous jogs, for each session split down into 1kilometres time splits. If you’re using a suitable fitness tracker, your heart rate and elevation are also recorded.

The tracking method has a few neat bonuses built-in. The software will recognize if you stop jogging at any moment and will automatically pause the recording. As your pass each kilometer, a helpful helper will announce your progress.

Unfortunately, the app lacks a suggested route feature, so you won’t be able to put a pin and have the app direct you there. In addition, the social features are limited.

We also had a couple of issues where the application failed to register that we would be running, which is unfortunate because the GPS tracking is otherwise very accurate. On Google Play, other users have reported similar issues, with some claiming that the application failed to store their data just at end of a run. You can carefully record your time and distance if this happens, but it won’t seem as fulfilling.



It’s very simple to get around the app. To get started, simply open your quickstart screen, set your goal (either in time or distance), and then start walking. It’s also simple to check at your typical times by scrolling through your recorded data. Special badges attach to your recorded runs when you achieve a personal record – and if you complete certain Nike challenges.

And on a lock screen, the app shows your roll speed & distance traveled, which we appreciate. Other apps (such as Zombies, Run!) simply display these stats when the device unlocks, so you can’t track your progress by looking at your screen. It’s a minor detail, but it makes a tremendous difference when you’re trying to keep track of your speed while driving.

You can also go into great depth while recording your runs. After you’ve finished your run, make a note of where you went (roads, trails, or even a track), the perceived effort, and the footwear you wore.

The app’s shoe tracking feature is a useful little addition that’s buried away. You can keep track of how far you’ve run in each pair by recording how far you’ve run in them. You can even have the app alert you when you’ve walked a certain distance inside the shoes, providing you a heads-up to go out and buy a new pair.

Smartwatch apps

Nike Run Club Smartwatch apps

On Apple Watches & Google Wear OS devices, there is a specific Nike Run Club app. This implies that any data from your watch should save in the Nike Run Club app. You also can pair the app to Garmin, Polar, TomTom, and Wahoo devices to have your heart rate statistics while running.

However, if you use a Fitbit, you’re out of luck because you won’t be capable of making your wearable work with the app.


The app’s social component feels like an afterthought. You can compete for leaderboard titles with friends and relatives who are also using the program. You can also set up challenges for your friends to compete in for the fastest times or longest distances.

This is good, and unless your buddies are as enthusiastic about running as you are, it may be difficult to form a strong social network. It doesn’t feel like the Strava design. This allows you to compete with others in your neighborhood for the fastest time on a certain length of road.

You’ll discover a scoreboard (for your pals) and an events page in the club portion of the app, which lists local run events near you.


This is a well-designed running app that includes all of the guided runs that could require. Sure, it’s not as glamorous as Strava, when all you want is something to precisely track your mileage. This is a great option.

Small details (such as the autopause in running mode) demonstrate that this design software with great care, and the regularly refreshed audio content keeps everything feeling new.

There are a few problems here and there, but they usually go away after a short reboot. Regrettably, you’ll also discover that the social aspect of the game is pretty rudimentary.

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