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Streaming music services are not only trending today but are the future of listening to music. With CD shops closing down, it is difficult to get more “pure” listening practices, like burning CDs onto a laptop and then having them on iPhone. And moreover, these days no one has the time or patience to burn and transfer songs. Thus, music streaming is here to save us all from the hassles. But is you are in doubts, here is if you should get a streaming music subscription or not.

Why you should get a streaming music subscription?


get a streaming music subscription

In this hard and fast world, convenience is all that matters. With a streaming music subscription, you don’t have to sit and wait for music to transfer from your computer to your phone. It is a hassle-free way to listen to music and you can enjoy your songs on any device you have. Moreover, if you want to share some good songs with your friend, they can just go onto their service and listen to them, without you having to email them or give it in a pen drive.

It saves space

With low storage on your iPhones, you can’t copy all your favourite songs on o=your mobile, unless you have some big storage space. So having a streaming music subscription is the best option. You can listen to all your favourite songs all the time, without having to worry about your storage capacity.

New music- Streaming music subscription

Sometimes listening to the same set of music can bore you. But, with a streaming music subscription, you get a specially curated playlist. You can discover new tunes that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard of. Moreover, if you like a particular genre of music, you can search the genre on your service and you will get new bands and new sounds.

Share it

Sharing your favourite music with your friends is easier with music streaming services. They let you share the songs on Facebook and Twitter, thus, you can connect with people with the same music taste. Also, with this sharing feature, your friends can also enjoy some new tunes.

Futureproof- Streaming music subscription

With everything getting towards the digital side, it is difficult to keep up with changing forms of music. With a streaming subscription, you will be on the safer side as it is the perfect way to futureproof yourself. You will no longer need to worry about file formats or anything else because the service takes care of it all for you.

Service exclusives- Streaming music subscription

With artists releasing songs exclusively to specific streaming services, it is becoming a tough competition between streaming services. For instance, Jonathan Coulton’s new album comes out soon, and he’s only released the first single to Spotify. But this is not it, there are also other contests and events, like ticket and instrument giveaways on these services.

Why you might not want or need a music streaming subscription?

$ Moolah $

If you’re someone who has CDs and buys your favourite music off of iTunes. You would not want to pay a monthly subscription fee as you already have all the tunes you want.

You don’t listen often

If you are someone, who doesn’t like to listen to music that often, you would think twice before taking a subscription. Or if you don’t have the time to sit down and listen to music so a subscription would just be a waste of money.


It’s quite common for us to listen to music while driving or going on trips with friends and family. Listening to songs will make your mood and the trip won’t get boring. But sometimes there can be network issues and streaming can get difficult. If you’re not receiving an LTE signal, streaming music is not the option. Thus, if you live somewhere where your carrier doesn’t exactly provide LTE, then streaming is not for you.

You hate music

Is there really someone who goes into this category?


If you love to listen to music all the time, then steaming music is a huge YES! You can discover new music and find songs that you won’t find anywhere else. It is even budget-friendly, and you get to choose from different plans, usually starting around $10 per month. If you don’t want to fill up your devices with music then a streaming music subscription is definitely for you. You can listen to your favourite songs, anywhere anytime.

Do you stream music? Which service do you subscribe? Tell us in the comments section below.

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