The Best PBX phone systems in 2022!


PBX phone systems are turning out to be more famous – and adopted by businesses – in light of the fact that they are versatile and profoundly flexible. In the present business world, so, you really want to adopt the most recent automation and business management tools to remain at the center of attention, and PBX systems are one of such tools to get.

What is PBX?

However, thPBX, short for Private Branch Exchange, is a business telephone system that controls an association, agency, or company to encourage powerful internal and external phone correspondence with fewer phone lines.

With the assistance of PBX phone systems, companies can use leverage advanced technologies to ensure powerful interchanges at all levels. As a matter of fact, PBX differs from VoIP, be that as it may, you can incorporate the two, to accomplish more viable results.

Consider it an inward telephone network of a business or other element. PBX phone system clients can speak with each other via phone through internal lines, and make and receive external calls also. A PBX phone system for the most part delivers business communication elements, for example, call sending, call transfer, call queue, auto-attendant, voice message, and so on.

PBX systems work by using either VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) or through basic or computerized phone lines. With a PBX phone system, the real phone line coming into your business can be separated into various lines, allowing you to help with more telephones. Better, regardless, calls between customers are free.

1. RingCentral Office

PBX phone system

RingCentral Office is a cloud business phone system that gives messaging, video conferencing, and voice calls in one simple-to-use stage for organizations, everything being equal, sizes, and ventures.

One of the primary highlights presented by RingCentral Office is its business phone system, which allows you to ring individuals with HD audio, use your business phone number across numerous devices, flip live calls between different devices, transfer numbers in the RingCentral app, naturally translate voicemails, make nearby numbers, effectively add new clients, set up shared lines and expansions, and parcels more.

Utilizing RingCentral Team Messaging, you can send and get messages all through the business, drag and drop files, put together your messages by making threads lead coordinated meetings with a single snap, and that’s just the beginning.


  • Voice calls, video conferencing and messaging
  • Easy-to-use


  • Not cheap

2. Acefone

PBX phone system

Acefone offers hosted PBX services, alongside contact center services, however, the company is legitimate and offers a huge load of features in its PBX solutions, which are intended for a wide range of businesses. All the more along these lines, the company offers cloud communication services like VoIP phone systems, toll-free numbers, and significantly more.

Strangely, the Acefone platform runs with 256-bit encryption and can be incorporated with north of 200 services. This PBX service ensures 99.99% uptime as it principally goes through the cloud.

Acefone claims to give its clients “crystal clear” phone calls consistently, and this won’t change when experiencing lower bandwidth than expected.


  • A simple cloud-based platform
  • 256-bit encryption
  • 200+ integrations


  • Contact information base must be copied into Acefone’s service panel
  • Indeed, even intense 2 phone numbers can be entered with the contact

3. Ooma Office

PBX phone system

Ooma Office is an amazing business phone solution for small, medium, and huge companies. It offers crystal-clear phone calls, simple to-utilize apps, and in excess of 35 different features.

Its call the executive’s features incorporate a mobile app, a virtual secretary, call parking, ring group, music for when you hold or transfer calls, extension dialing, and monitoring, call sending, virtual extension, voicemail, call transferring, adaptable numbering, a company directory, call logs, the capacity to advance calls if there’s a blackout, web-based faxing, call blocking, an intercom, overhead paging, and that’s just the beginning.

With highlights like limitless brings in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico; free number exchanges; and cheap international phone call costs, Ooma Office is one of the most outstanding PBX systems for small, medium, and undertaking businesses. For the most part, you’re getting around 40 different elements with Ooma Office.


  • Easy-to-use apps
  • Over 35 features


  • Pay more for the desktop app

4. MiVoice Business

PBX phone system

Created by Mitel, MiVoice Business is a dependable on-premises PBX system with a few elements to offer. It additionally supports integration with different businesses solution to meet organizational needs. The MiVoice Business stage offers voice, versatility, messaging, conferencing, and coordinated effort devices.

Thanks to the rich PBX features of this software, it is great for both little and huge businesses. It gives progressed call controls, just as mobility and IP desk phone highlights. You can additionally match this software with other Mitel software solutions.

MiVoice Business is an on-premises business phone system that plans to help associations “deliver incredible client experiences” by giving a scope of unified, adaptable, and versatile communication strategies.


  • A great on-premises option
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Lots of different features


  • Mitel Connect Client at times
  • Doesn’t match up to Outlook in an ideal manner.
  • Added features.

5. Asterisk

At the point when you talk about free or potentially open-source PBX solutions, Asterisk is a mandatory notice. The software assists businesses with running powerful communication leveraging current PBX tools and highlights. However, the Asterisk software is supported by Sangoma, and it is not difficult to utilize.

Among the motivations to pick Asterisk is its immense highlights list, which most certainly meets the requesting communication needs of current businesses. All the more curiously, you’d never get to pay for utilizing this PBX software.

Asterisk offers a wide assortment of PBX features, for instance, call monitoring, call stopping, call queuing, call recording, call waiting, caller ID blocking, don’t disturb, music on hold, music on the move, remote working help, overhead paging, SMS messaging, trunking, VoIP doors, phone voicemail to email, and some more.


  • Free
  • Open-source


  • Highly technical

6. FusionPBX

FusionPBX is a versatile, single, or domain-based multi-occupant PBX, with piles of highlights to offer. It offers a transporter grade switch, fax server, call center server, voicemail server, VoIP server, conference server, and parts more. The stage is huge and versatile – reasonable for businesses of any size.

Notwithstanding, this PBX service depends on the FreeSWITCH system, and it is integrable with SignalWire. It gives the requesting functionalities businesses need to foster powerful correspondence at all levels.


  • The FusionPBX software is safe to use.
  • The support of FusionPBX is good.


  • We don’t find any cons yet. Please add in the review cons sections.

7. 3CX

3CX provides a simple to-utilize, financially savvy IP-based PBX system that unites correspondence channels, for example, VOIP calling, teleconferencing, video calling, and texting.

Depicted as an “open-stage office phone system”, however, 3CX is extremely adaptable by the way it works. You can utilize this system on-premises by means of Windows or Linux; in the private cloud through a stage like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure; and through 3CX hosting.

Its top features incorporate limitless extensions; iOS and Android apps; the capacity to choose your own SIP trunk; an auto specialist and digital receptionist; Microsoft Office 365 and CRM integrations; screen sharing, remote help, and various members for web conferencing; call center highlights like call queues, reporting, and recording; alongside contact center features like live chat, Facebook Messenger support, and also SMS.


  • Choices for on-premises, private cloud, or hosted
  • Heaps of different features
  • Incredible determination of plans


  • It tends to be slow and it’s shut source, which truly pesters us.
  • We quit wasting money on LANDLINES and picked 3CX as our internet phone PBX.

8. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is another famous cloud-based PBX phone system, requiring no extra hardware, downloads, or maintenance costs. In addition, it’s a profoundly believed service utilized by north of 40,000 businesses across the world.

Anyway, what does Freshcaller offer? First of all, it has some incredible phone number features. You can port current phone numbers, buy new nearby phone numbers in excess of 90 nations, buy toll-free phone numbers, buy worldwide numbers, mask your phone numbers, make vanity phone numbers, utilize existing transporters, and select another transporter.

The stage likewise gives a scope of complete phone call dealing with highlights, including the capacity to direct calls to voicemail, make customized good greetings, set business and holiday hours for phone calls, make shared phone lines and call stand bylines, route calls to specific teams or individuals, lead phone calls from the mobile app, block spam calls, import contacts, utilize mechanized phone call routing, answer normally asked client questions through voice bots, and then some.


  • Trusted by over 40,000 businesses
  • Lots of different features


  • You have to buy numbers


Private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems allude to the hardware and software that permit businesses to use different expansions. Likewise, PBX systems enable automatic call directing, intelligent voice response (IVR) menus, call scheduling, and other key elements to take your business correspondences to a higher level.

These systems are appropriate for a wide range of kinds of business, from huge undertakings to little and medium-sized firms. Also if you’re searching for another phone system to use in your business, you may be thinking about a PBX solution. Yet, considering that there are so many different PBX systems accessible, which would it be a good idea for you to choose? To assist you with picking the right one for your business, we’ve gathered together the best PBX phone systems .

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