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The Most Reliable and Best Internet Speed Test

Speed Test
Speed Test

Nowadays who doesn’t uses the Internet? A good and fast internet connection has become a sort of livelihood in today’s world. To use the best of the education facilities students are expected to have one and a fast internet connection. But do you know how good a connection do you have? The Internet Speed test is used to get information about that.

Yet how much time does it take to complete your assigned online task, or how good connected you can remain to the outer world can be determined with your Internet speed. For a good and fast connection, you need to be wise when you select your internet plans. You should always go for a reasonably fast connection which can help you complete your task without any delays.

You do not need to settle for a slow connection because nowadays everything online so is careful that you don’t lack behind. This is where the Internet speed test sites come in, this test helps you to find the info on how your DOWNLOADS and UPLOADS speed are and you can use that information whenever you need it.

Now lets see how you should take the test to check your internet speed.

How You Should Do Internet Speed Test

  • NOT TO SPLIT YOUR CONNECTION – When taking a test your connection should not split at your place. This might cause interference one way or another.
  • Test Under Ideal But Normal Working Condition – Do the work that you normally do. You don’t need to keep it completely ideal just to take the test. Yes, you can keep it ideal when you are seeing if a new setup provides a faster connection.
  • Always Consider Taking More Than One Test – We consider taking more than one test. It will give you the accuracy so that you can be more clear about your speed.
  • Test During Main Time of Your Doing – We suggest taking the test several times in a day. Especially during the course time of your work that will make the results more clear.

What you should look for when finding a Test site?

  • Easy to tackle – When you have tons of work you don’t want to spend another hour learning how to use it.
  • Accuracy – There is absolutely no reason to use it if the site isn’t accurate.
  • True-to-life Testing Conditions – A site that accurate simulation about the real-world workings is the best site. Some prefer Testing under optimized conditions, but most peoples want a site that gives a commitment to common situations.
  • Not to Complicated – Always go for a Simple Design so that it can give you an accurate result. Don’t choose a design with any additional things running in the background as it can affect your progress.
  • Server With Wide Range – Never choose a site that has a server in one region only. The reason is it can be inaccurate as the region can be biased with their site. Go for a site that has servers across the country for accurate results.

What Could Lead You Into Slow Speed?

Sometimes while working or doing any kind of internet related work we see there is being a slow connection which is not acceptable at all in this era as we see everything is done online and you don’t want to lack behind. There are many reasons for which you can face the slow speed of your network. Some of the most cmon reason that might be the culprit is:

  • Most common is when you split your network with many connections that can reduce your speed.
  • Trouble caught in the area by maintenance or bad weather.
  • Your router or cable can be damaged or overheated.
  • Maybe your Wifi Signal is partially blocked.
  • Your ISP is throttling your connection.
  • Also, the other common reason is your connection might be infected with malware or viruses.

What You Should Do Next?

The answer to these question are many and it depends on from what source the problem is. In many cases only changing the router place works. Sometimes the solution is new hardware. If your ISP is the problem that you have to call them. Also in some cases, just the cleanup of your system works. But if you don’t get any answers in this, then, unfortunately, you will need to change the provider, which can be hectic without rightful resources.

Check out the best sites we recommend that can be in great use to you!

Internet Speed Test By Speedtest.Net

speed test

One of the oldest and finest site to check your internet speed. It is i.e. is owned by Ookla. The server of this site is wide range making it more accurate to see the result. A special feature is, users can keep a record of the previous data for comparison. Also can use the database to learn about stats regarding connections from across the world. A great option for professionals or simply curious people who keep eyes on the pattern. Plus it will also show you the closest ones to you when you start it. In addition, very easy to learn how to use it.

However, with every finest thing it comes a small little drawback. We are concerned about the adds and graphics that shows up on the site. It might be a problem for those who have extremly slow connection to start with.

Internet Speed Test By SpeedOf.Me

speed test

This test shows you the result in a chat formation which is a good way even to check the consistency of your connection. If you are in online gaming than it will be a great option for you. Plus it is different from other speed test sites which is a good thing in itself. It is an HTML5 based speed test that’s lightweight and designed to replicate real-world conditions. Also, it tracks info like your IP address, server location, downloads, uploads, latency, etc. Not only it shows you the current result but also can show you the history. An amazing point, it is very easy to share on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, it will choose the server location that is quickest and most reliable from 116 available servers. There arent many servers where you can keep the record of your past test. People who have the habit of comparing things can have the best interest in this site.

Now as we say there is always some downside in everything this also has one. It is a little harder to see and interrupt results immediately. Also, the mobile version is very different from this one.

Internet Speed Test By

speed test

If you are looking for a test that provides more information that this is the best option for you. It is one of the best option we come across when reviewing speedtest sites. Another reason for it being best is there is no unnecessary adds and graphics which can make trouble in result. Also trustworthy provider that runs on HTML5. It runs a series of test and provides a useful comparison data. Moreover it provides result for your speed compared to the average of your ISP, city and more. When you first begin it will options for testing download, upload, combined or just latency so choose whatever you like. It also compares speed with other cities on average. If you want to save your records than you can create your account an store all the history in it.

The only drawback is it is not as good looking as the other sites. Maybe the results are bit of hard to read but they are understable. But with using of the site you can do it easily after some time.

Internet Speed Test By IHT

speed test

Are you looking for as much information gathered from performing steps, then Internet Health Test is best for you.No other sites to have this much comprehensive test as this one does. It shows you a complete look at how your Internet speed performs when its pushed. This site runs your test through different locations, situations, and servers for accurate results. It takes a little more than usual sites but it’s worth it. More to it if you want to dive in, you can compare this to how you usually use the internet on your typical activity, but it takes some research to do it. Also has a simple design and not too many setting you can change. Plus you can share your results through social media and email. We think this is the best option for IT professionals.

A small little drawback or downside is, it takes a minute or two more than the usual sites do but gives the most accurate answers.

Internet Speed Test By

speed test

As we see Netflix is the most used site in today’s era. a simple site run by Netflix. It consumes 15 percent of the world’s bandwidth. The site automatically launches the test and brings up what your Mbps is. Not only Mbps but also it shows when might be your ISP throttling your connection. All you need to do is just visit the site rest of all is done on its own. Mostly you get a white screen and some results till it settles on the estimation of your speed. Plus you also get you to upload speed at the end of your test. Yet don’t let only 1 test to conclude the result, there is still plenty of option to check your required results. This is more useful when you are using Netflix. For other tasks, you could always go for the other option also.


There are dozens of sites rather than the listed above that will also work just fine for your Internet Speed Test. But the above listed are the sites that are great balance and easy to use, accurate, and simple design. Maybe the ones we picked not the best ones for your use but then there is a vast sum of sites that are available. Consider your needs and choose what you need.



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