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ExpressVPN: A Popular But Expensive Alternative!


No matter what device you use, connecting to insecure channels without a Virtual private network, or VPN is risky. ExpressVPN for Android gives you access to 2,000 servers around the world. But it’s expensive relative to alternatives and lacks high-end features like ad-blocking and split tunneling. Furthermore, a subscription-only allows for three devices simultaneously, and the service performed poorly in our speed tests. ExpressVPN’s Android app does its primary function well. But other Vpn services simply offer a better experience at a lower cost to Android users.

What is an VPN?

When you link to a Vpn provider. The app creates a secure tunnel between your device and the VPN server of your choice. That implies that anyone intruding on the Wi-Fi channel you’re using won’t be able to see any discernible data. Furthermore, your internet traffic enters and exits points to the open internet through the VPN server. It is assigned the same IP address only as of the server. Trackers embedded in ads and infiltrators watching your online movements will have a much more difficult time tracking you.

VPN services are useful in getting around web access restrictions. VPNs are an essential political tool for protesters and reporters working overseas, allowing them to freely access and relay information. Accessing geographically locked entertainment content. Such as BBC exhibits in the US or US-based Netflix exhibits from abroad, are also possible with VPN technology. However, as we will see in a later section, some channels block VPN traffic, so your results may vary.

ExpressVPN plans and channels

ExpressVPN’s monthly fee of $12.95 is higher than the current estimate of the top Android VPNs. It costs more than NordVPN’s already-expensive monthly fee of $11.95 and nearly doubles the monthly fee of Private Internet Access, which costs $6.95. Notably, ExpressVPN allows customers to pay with Bitcoin. You can save cash by committing to ExpressVPN for extended periods, as you can with most other VPNs. You can, for example, pay $59.95 every 6 months or $99.95 annually.

ExpressVPN only allows you to connect on three systems at once, which is inferior to the competition. In comparison, IPVanish allows users to connect 10 devices at once, while CyberGhost only allows seven. ExpressVPN does, however, promote BitTorrent and P2P traffic. ExpressVPN for Android benefits from the OpenVPN protocol. We prefer this open-source protocol because it has been individually evaluated by the security community for vulnerabilities. Notably, ExpressVPN lacks malware and ad-blocking capabilities.

ExpressVPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Amazon Fire Devices in addition to Android (version 6 or newer). ExpressVPN can also be installed as an internet extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. As well as select routers, media streaming devices like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, and gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Network and Locations of Servers

We evaluate a VPN service by examining the number of network services and server locations it provides. The more of each of the sites makes accessible. The less of an impact it should have on the performance of your network. In other words, if you can access less populated, geographically closer servers, you will most likely get faster speeds.

ExpressVPN has approximately 3,000 servers at the time of publication. This is a sizeable amount of servers, but it is not the best we’ve seen. ExpressVPN boasts 94 servers in 94 countries, which is very impressive. ExpressVPN serves a large number of distinct geographic countries, which is good news for international customers. It has servers in Africa, South America, and the Middle East. In addition to enhanced coverage in Asia, Europe, and North America.

People in countries where internet freedom is restrained can best combat this mistreatment by joining a VPN server. Trying to access servers in a neighboring country should allow access to otherwise restricted content. But achieving those servers is not always possible. As a result, VPNs must provide servers within the affected country. Even if those servers may not be able to completely bypass a country’s restrictions. At the very simplest, these servers will provide additional privacy and assist users in concealing their identity. Which is better than nothing.

ExpressVPN Security and Privacy Guidelines

In plain language, ExpressVPN’s privacy policy explains the specific information it collects. ExpressVPN, for example, claims not to gather or record your browser history, traffic location, data, or DNS queries. It also does not keep connection logs containing information about your IP address, incoming VPN IP address, link time and date, or session duration. ExpressVPN also claims that subscriptions account for 100% of its revenue. These are sensible policies.

ExpressVPN collects information for its VPN service in three different categories: private info, aggregate VPN records, and volunteer diagnostic data. It does not sell personal information such as your email address or payment information. ExpressVPN collects gathers VPN data to provide customer support and to keep the service running. This information includes which apps and app versions you use. Regardless of whether you establish a successful connection on a particular day. And how much data you transfer during the connection period. In other words, ExpressVPN claims that. “while it may recognize that a client has used ExpressVPN, we never know why they have used our service”. We would recommend that ExpressVPN not collect any information at all.

ExpressVPN does not yet have a publicly available third-party audit. But a company representative stated that it “frequently conducts evaluations and security testing to verify the security and privacy protections”. “Not many of the third-party analyzers we engage openly publish reports”.

How Quick Is ExpressVPN?

When you integrate your gadget to a VPN, you will almost certainly notice a decrease in network performance. The magnitude of this change could be caused by a variety of factors. Including the server you attach to, your geographical area, and your device.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPNs, owing largely to its patented technology Lightway protocol. While other VPNs leaped on the Wireguard trend. ExpressVPN chose to forge its own path and develop an entirely new VPN protocol. Lightway is an open-source project that promises not only faster speeds but also quick swapping between wi-fi and cellular services, as well as high security.

It’s a fast VPN, but it’s slower than NordVPN, Surfshark, and IPVanish, all of which averaged more than 300 Mbps. Unless your home internet speed is well over 100 Mbps. You won’t even notice much of a lag while connected to ExpressVPN.


That ends our article here!

ExpressVPN for Android is a service that provides a good number of servers. And covers a wide range of locations around the world. But this does not stand out from the crowd of alternatives. It is costly, performs below ordinary, and only allows users to connect to three devices at the same time. The multiple Editors’ Choice Android VPNs are as follows. NordVPN for its amazing features, Private Internet Access for its worth, and TunnelBear VPN for its easy-to-use interfaces

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