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Apple TV 4K 2021 vs 2017- Worth upgrading your TV or not?


In our article, we will discuss the similarities and dissimilarities of Apple TV 4K 2021 vs Apple TV 4K 2017. Apple TV 4k 2021 is a must-needed update the user wants from Apple. Apple TV 4k 2021 has collaborated with large numbers of the greatest TV producers like LG, Sony, Vizio, and Samsung. They coordinated the greater part of the Apple TV’s best elements – HomeKit, AirPlay 2, and even iTunes – into their TVs. The explanation is straightforward: Apple needs as many individuals to approach Apple TV+.

To watch Apple TV+ you want to approach Apple’s TV app which beforehand just been accessible on Apple equipment: iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV (it’s currently accessible on Macs). However, presently it’s accessible on basically every keen TV and working framework. This has left Apple’s streaming box in a precarious position. Is there any motivation to get one?

The appropriate response is: yes. There are as yet various motivations to get one of Apple’s streaming boxes.

Best Apple Television

All you need to know about Apple TV!

An Apple TV is a streaming media that plugs into your TV and permits you to stream appss (like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney Plus). So you can watch your cherished shows and motion pictures. It adequately transforms any basic TV into a savvy TV. If you as of now have savvy TV, it permits you to run Apple’s tvOS rather than your TV’s shrewd interface.

Television view

Difference: Apple TV vs Normal smart TV

Essentially all new TVs are shrewd TVs nowadays, implying that they accompany one of an assortment of working frameworks (like Tizen, Roku, or WebOS) that permit you to stream films and shows from your most loved apps without having a different dongle. However, on the off chance that you have iPhone users — or other Apple gadgets — that are additional benefits of an Apple TV.

On the off chance that you have an iPhone, An Apple TV permits you to effortlessly project music or a movie/show to your TV. It gives you access to Apple’s gaming and wellness services (Apple Arcade and Fitness+). What’s more, it permits you to utilize your HomePod(s) or HomePod mini(s) as TV speakers.

Apple TV 4K 2021 vs 2017: Worth an update?

Apple TV 4K 2021 vs 2017

There’s another Apple TV 4K around after a patched-up streaming box was reported by Apple for 2021. The new Apple TV 4K (2021) offers some little changes and enhancements over the 2017 emphasis. However, you might be contemplating whether it’s truly worth the update.

Apple’s introduction to home streaming has consistently felt a little… reluctant. It’s telling that, while any semblance of Amazon Fire TV and Roku streaming gadgets are seeing new models each year, it took Apple four years to update its exceptional 4K goal decoration.

The primary distinction is in the Siri remote, truly – a disputed matter with the 2017 model that we’re happy to see tended to. However, for proprietors of the Apple TV 4K (2017), or those contemplating whether to settle on the more seasoned or more up-to-date model.

Specifications of Apple TV 4K 2021 vs Apple TV 4K 2017!


The principal contrast with the Apple TV 4K 2021 is the processor driving the new streamer. Macintosh TV 4K 2021 uses an A12 Bionic chipset – the one utilized in the iPad (2020) and iPhone XS – over the A10 utilized in the 2017 model.

The A12 has been around a couple of years presently, yet will unquestionably offer a move up to handling speeds. This means everything from 4K upscaling to movement control is improved – helped by the expansion of high-outline rate HDR, expressly for further developing games and activity motion pictures which can likewise be spilled from your iPhone through AirPlay.


High-frame rate (HFR) backing will likewise just apply to an extremely restricted pool of viable substances, making most of the TV you’re probably going to observe completely unaffected by this change.


You’ll get Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR in the two models. Other key iOS highlights like Apple, AirPlay (for projecting from different iOS gadgets). Apple HomeKit (for keen home availability). The Siri voice right hand all normally returns here as well – as does Audio Sharing for interfacing two arrangements of AirPods.

Color Balance

One significant change is the “adjust color balance” of your keen TV utilizing your iPhone. If you have a compatible iPhone. You’ll have the option to utilize it to gauge the color on your TV screen. Then afterward adjust the video yield of the Apple TV 4K.

color Balance between Apple TV 4K 2021 vs 2017

Apple’s site says that the 2021 Apple TV 4K “presently works with your iPhone to naturally align what you watch. Simply point your iPhone at your TV screen once. Then, at that point, pause for a minute or two and perceive how astonishing your shows and films should look.” We’re yet to see this in real life. However, some assistance adjusting TV picture settings are welcome for the regular watcher who doesn’t have the money or will to get an expert alignment.

Pricing of Apple TV 4K 2021 vs 2017 and from where to buy?

The past Apple TV 4K model that launched in 2017 has roughly a similar estimating of $179/£179, for the 32GB adaptation and $199/£199 for the 64GB. So it appears as though UK customers are getting an exceptionally slight £10 markdown this time around. The thing that matters is adequately little. However, you can believe the two models to be on par with regard to valuing.

The latest Apple TV comes in two variants i.e. 32GB and 64GB. 32GB variant costs around £139.00 whereas 64GB variant costs around £189.

Apple TV 4K 2021 vs 2017: Final verdict.

If you already own a 2017 Apple TV 4K, there’s usually no reason to switch at this time unless one of the featured features appeals to you. If you already own an Apple TV HD or are thinking of purchasing one for the first time, the new 2021 model makes a lot more sense and is well worth the $179 price tag.

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