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Tunnelbear- A Competitor for VPN providers!


In this business time, nobody wants to manage their subscription date. And for this, there is a helper for these types of people, a VPN provider. A virtual private network, or VPN, is a service that aids in maintaining your online privacy. A VPN creates a private tunnel for your data and conversations while you utilize public networks, establishing a safe, secure connection between your computer and the internet. And Tunnelbear is one of those. Tunnelbear is a famous company in VPN services.

Even the greatest VPNs might appear to be complex technology, full of obscure techie aspects that few people understand. Still, once you visit the Tunnelbear website, you’ll notice that this service operates uniquely.

McAfee, a reputable name in cybersecurity, owns TunnelBear, which has its headquarters in Canada. The most okay VPNs might occasionally appear complicated, especially to beginners, but Tunnelbear is quite the contrary. The business provides a concise and straightforward explanation of the principles.

Nobody realizes you’re a puppy or a bear online. Anyhow, that was previously the situation. These days, businesses, governments, and advertising likely are knowledgeable about you. By sending your web traffic over a secure tunnel to a distant server, a VPN lets you reclaim some of your privacy, making it more difficult for hackers, snoops, and salesmen to follow you online.

Subscriptions of Tunnelbear

Plans and Pricing

Tunnelbear is a famous company in VPN services. They have three types of plans: 1-year plan, 2-year plan, and 3-year plan. Moreover, In one year plan, you have two choices whether you pay the total amount at one time which will cost you $59.88, and if you don’t want to pay the whole amount at one time, you can also pay the amount a monthly way, this will cost you $4.99 monthly.

Also, the 2-year plan has this feature you can pay the total amount in a single shot, and by choosing this type, you just have to pay $99.99 at once. And if you don’t want to pay this amount in a single shot, you have a second choice of monthly paying, which will cost you $4.17 a month.

And last but not least, in the 3-year plan, you also get these two payment types, all at once or a monthly trick. In the payment type of all at once, you must pay $120 for the entire 3 years. And in a monthly type, you have to pay $3.33 for 36 months.

It’s upon you which of these plans you choose while subscribing to the Tunnelbear for your good. It will secure your connection to computers and other online platforms and also prevent hackers from stealing your valuable files from your computers.

Given that there is no money-back guarantee, we advise trying out TunnelBear’s free plan first before deciding to subscribe to a subscription plan. 

Is Tunnelbear safe?

Is Tunnelbear safe?

Tunnelbear is the safest and most secure site because of its complete and precise privacy policy. In Tunnelbear there is no sign of extra complexity, and even their documents are clear and very understandable. They also provide all sorts of information about everything they collect and the pieces of information they don’t collect. Also, they give us all the information about their cookies, like the name functions, expiration date, and everything about them.

They do not collect the users’ information related to their IP address or any other DNS information while they connect with their users. Also, they do not collect any other personally identifiable information related to the client’s personal life. However, they collect all the operational data harmful to their client’s computer or connections. It does not contain any user identification in the data.

Also, Tunnelbear takes care of their feature and checks their features. They also have a team, Team Cure53. This checking team pushes Tunnelbear to intense examination, and they don’t hesitate to point out problems when they do.

They note all the minor issues they face in the system, and by doing this, they ensure that everyone is aware of their weaknesses and they are solving all the issues. So, overall all the features and the Tunnelbear are very safe and easy to use.

Some advantages for rivals

Some advantages for rivals

There is more than one rival of Tunnelbear, and all of them are well-known in the VPN field. The rivals are Nord VPN, IVPN, and Proton VPN, and all of them are Editors’ Choice winners. They just have one advantage, and you can assume that as the only drawback of Tunnelbear. They give their users multi-hop connections, which employ a second VPN server for further protection.

Before this, BitTorrenting and P2P file sharing were not accessible when using TunnelBear’s services. These times, thankfully, are now behind us. You may now utilize it to your heart’s delight to torrent through a VPN. Split tunneling, which allows you to specify whether traffic should transit through the VPN and skip the VPN, is not available.

Some VPNs now cover more ground than just protecting online traffic. A wide range of privacy services is accessible through Hotspot Shield, whereas NordVPN now provides memberships for a file vault and a password manager.

Stream experiences with Tunnelbear

Stream experiences with Tunnelbear

The main feature of a VPN is to unblock the geographical restrictions over streaming websites like Netflix and ensure online privacy and security; because of this feature, most people buy VPN services.

The experience of using VPN services like Tunnelbear is the most crucial thing; by providing a satisfactory experience to the users, the VPN services can get more customers. So the experience of Tunnelbear while streaming is quite normal,

Unblocking the geographical restrictions over streaming websites is the best feature you can get from a VPN provider, but in Tunnelbear, the site will not appear if you want to access BBC iPlayer. The site will not appear. This is the restriction from the website and the same in Amazon prime. It will also not allow you to access any other geographical website or shows. And you can’t also access Disney+; the site will not allow you to access any of the above-mentioned websites.

But you can access Netflix US; this is the only thing keeping The Tunnelbear VPN on the list of best VPN services.

How to Set up?

How to Set up?

If you want to go with the Tunnelbear, the first and most important thing is to give them your e-mail address. By giving your e-mail address, you will create an account in Tunnelbear. You can choose between Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows applications, together with browser extensions for Opera, Firefox, and Chrome, whether you choose the free option or pay money for one of the paid plans.

You won’t find anything more complex if that’s what you were hoping for. Nothing is available for smart TVs, routers, gaming consoles, or anything else. Additionally, there aren’t any links to installation manuals or troubleshooting tips.

Moreover, TunnelBear contains OpenVPN configuration files to aid in manually configuring devices. They are not available for download.

Is TunnelBear a dependable VPN?

Yes. The VPN provider TunnelBear maintains that no activity logs are kept. Additionally, they have carried out independent security assessments for three years running. They are now among the reliable VPN service providers, thanks to this.

Does TunnelBear offer monthly free data?

Unpaid customers of TunnelBear get access to a fantastic free VPN alternative that gives them 500MB of use per month, which is ideal for trying out the service. On the anniversary of the creation of your account, the free data will refresh each month. Data does not carry over to the following month if it was not used in the previous month.

How many days the free version of Tunnelbear is?

All new clients receive a seven-day free trial to use all the features of ProtonVPN upon registration. This offers everything that Plus, the company’s top product, includes.


The broadest network, the most applications, or the most extensive feature lists are not strengths of TunnelBear. But it does a beautiful job of making VPNs easier for new users. It has a great no-logging and privacy policy, and we have to commend any VPN company that routinely has its systems and software independently evaluated. Although TunnelBear is not for specialists, it is a must-see for less discerning or casual users.

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