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WhatsApp View Once feature- Everything you need to know!


Facebook is here again with a new feature for WhatsApp that is no different than the self-destructing pictures we can see on Instagram. But if you are not so well versed with it, here is everything you need to know about the WhatsApp View Once feature.

WhatsApp View Once feature

Earlier the View Once feature was found on Snapchat and gained popularity ever since. Later on, Instagram implemented this feature for media sent to your friends. And now finally WhatsApp seems to be following the same path and implementing View Once feature. With this feature, users can send photos and videos that can be viewed only once. After it has been opened by the recipient, the picture or video will automatically self-destruct. After it’s gone, the picture cannot be forwarded, saved, starred, or shared. Moreover, if any media is sent using this feature, the recipient won’t be able to save it. Also, even though the feature that automatically saves media turned is on, the recipient will not be able to save it.

What happens if the media is not opened?

WhatsApp View Once feature

If the media you sent using the View Once Feature is not opened in a period of 14 days it will automatically be deleted. So you don’t have to worry about your media remaining on the recipient’s phone even if they don’t open the message. Also, send this type of media only to trusted contacts. Even though the media cannot be saved, the recipient can still take a screenshot of the media. It is still not confirmed though if the sender will receive a notification of the screenshot just like Snapchat.

How to use the feature?

You need to update your WhatsApp needs to the latest version to access this feature. Here is how you can send media with this feature:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and open a chat.
  • You can open any chat, individual or group to use this feature.
  • Click on the Camera icon or Paperclip icon to send media.
  • Click the picture you want to send or you can select it from the gallery.
  • Before you press send, click on the View Once icon present on the lower right corner of the text bar.

You can use the WhatsApp View Once feature on the Web App, the Desktop App as well as on KaiOS.

Can this feature be used in group chats?

Definitely, the View Once feature can even be used in group chats. To share the media you need to follow the same process as mentioned above. You can open the group chat as usual and send the media by clicking on this feature. Moreover, you can even see which members of the group have seen the media.

Security and Encryption

As indicated by WhatsApp, very much like your personal messages, the media sent utilizing the View Once feature will be secured by end-to-end encryption. So just you and the recipient will actually want to see it. The messages sent utilizing this element will have a new “one-time” icon on them.

After the receiver opens it, it will appear as “opened” in the chat.


The latest WhatsApp View once feature has its own pros and cons. When you send a media using this feature, it gets automatically removed from the chatbox the moment the receiver opens it. Moreover, the picture or video will not get saved in their photo gallery nor will they have the option to forward it to other contacts. You can use this feature for sharing personal information with your trusted contacts for emergency needs. For instance, if you forget your ATM pin and are standing outside an ATM, you can ask your family member to share the pin using this feature. So after you see the pin, it won’t be saved in the gallery hence compromising security.

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