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Top trending and best N95 Masks


Since the global fear of coronavirus pandemic that began in China and spread worldwide early this year, the world’s N95 mask manufacturers have witnessed a rapid soar in the sales of their respiratory protective products. Under the current circumstance, many countries around the world have seen consumers stockpiling and panic-buying N95 masks and other respirator masks, which has caused a significant shortage of N95 masks in some of the markets.

While facing numerous types of hazards existing in the atmosphere, people have to resort to face masks to block themselves against such danger. In particular, we are living in a world where the possibility of catching harmful viruses like coronavirus, toxic airbornes, or wet dirt is alarmingly high. Therefore, the best N95 mask is a must-have item in every household.

What is N95 Respirator Mask?What are different types of masks?

A respirator mask is a personal protective equipment that prevents the wearer from inhaling aerosols as well as vapors or gases that are health hazards. Unlike normal surgical mask that only protects against infectious droplets (e.g. droplets of saliva or other secretions), respirator mask can also protect the wearer from inhaling micro airborne infectious agents such as airborne virus (including coronavirus, SARS, H1N1, etc). A respirator mask must meet the industry standard, which has three grades of disposable respirator masks, known as N90, N95, and N99.

  • N90 refers to an aerosol filtration of at least 80% and leakage to the inside of a maximum of 22%. This mask is mainly used as a dust mask (home renovations and various types of work).
  • N95 masks, also known as FFP2 masks in the European standard, have a minimum of 95% filtration percentage and maximum 8% leakage to the inside. They are mainly used in construction, agriculture, and healthcare professionals against influenza viruses.
  • N99 masks, also known as FFP3 masks in the European standard, are the most filtering masks in the market. With a minimum filtration percentage of 99% and a maximum of 2% leakage to the inside, they protect against very fine particles such as asbestos.

As the most common and best-selling type of respirator mask, N95 masks have been proven effective for protection against the coronavirus. Conclusively, N95-rated masks filter out at least 95 percent of fine airborne particles. N99 and N100 masks capture at least 99 and 99.97 percent of fine airborne particles, respectively. 

Can n95 masks be washed?

Discard the mask if it is wet or dirty on the inside, if it is deformed, or if the filter is torn. A deformed mask may not fit properly. An N95 mask cannot be cleaned or disinfected.

Can n95 masks be reused?

respirator can be reused as long as it “maintains its structural and functional integrity and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled.”

The N95 mask should not be washed or reused. The filtration part of the mask would be damaged if washed, so that the mask no longer functions as a barrier device.

How much time can we wear a N95 mask?

N95 masks are recommended for one use. It should be discarded after one encounter with an infected patient, or if the mask becomes damaged, wet, or contaminated or does not seal properly. Wash your hands after removing a mask suspected to be infected and dispose of properly.

NIOSH approval for Masks is a MUST

These are certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). These masks will have the NIOSH logo and a certification approval number on the packaging or the mask.

NIOSH approval is the single most important factor when you’re searching for a quality respirator. You can find hundreds of knockoffs online that lack this crucial government certification.

Apart from NIOSH approval, we also consider :

  • Ease of use.
  • Comfort.
  • Quality of construction.
  • Size

Different sizes of masks are worn until you are no longer able to subjectively taste and smell the gas, indicating the mask is leakproof.

Can we share N95 masks with any other person?

This is not recommended because one of you could transfer germs to the other. Coronavirus germs are very contagious, therefore it is not recommended. The same mask may not fit and seal on the different faces of two individuals. You can expect that both individuals will share germs with each other when the mask is transferred between them and touches the nose and mouth. There may be a greater risk as each individual touches the mask with their hands as well.

Can N95 Masks use for children?

N95 masks are not designed for children and won’t fit correctly on them. Instead, keep children inside as much as possible. Take extra precautions in case of flu outbreaks, such as having kids wash their hands before meals and after sneezing or coughing. You can also try using masks made specifically for children, although they won’t be N95-designated

  • Don’t use an N95 mask on children younger than age 17-18.
  • Older teenagers can try on an N95 mask to test the fit and comfort. If it fits well and forms a tight seal, have them try walking around with it, paying close attention to any feelings of dizziness or difficulty breathing. If these symptoms occur, have them remove the mask and go inside.

How to wear a mask?

Click to see Guide on how to wear a mask
1 -Wash Your Hands Properly
2 – Place earloop over one ear with the loop joins (where loops join onto the main part of the mask) facing inwards closest to your mouth
3– Ensure the nose bar is positioned over the bridge of the nose
4-Pull remaining earloop over the other ear
5-Push down either side of the bridge of nose and position nose bar to fit snuggly
6 -Pulldown and stretch the bottom of the face mask to cover the chin area.

How to remove a mask?

Click to see Guide on how to remove a mask
STEP 1 Remove your mask by pulling the straps over the top of your head. Without touching the front of the mask, pull the bottom strap over your head. Let it hang down over your chest. Then, pull the top strap over.
  • You can either throw the mask away or store it in a clean, sealed container or bag.
  • Avoid touching the mask itself, as it might be contaminated.

STEP 2 Throw away your mask if you used it in a medical setting. If you used your mask with an ill patient, or as a way to prevent getting sick in an outbreak, the outside of your mask is likely contaminated. Disposing of it properly will ensure that you won’t come into contact with contaminated particles. Carefully hold the mask by the straps and throw it away in a trash can.

STEP 3 Re-wear your mask as long as it stays dry and fits tightly.
 If you’re using the mask to protect from environmental hazards and it hasn’t come into contact with harmful germs, it should be fine to wear again. Test the seal of your mask each time you put it on to make sure it still fits snugly. Store your mask in a clean, sealed container or bag and make sure it doesn’t get bent out of shape by surrounding objects.

Let’s see the top rated and best selling N95 Masks for coronavirus on the list.

 TRADENRG KN95 Face Mask Protective Mask

TradeNrg Coronavirus Mask

Special Features

  • The 5 plies non-woven mask is made of 5 plies non-woven material, it is healthy and safe for you to use. 5 plies mean 5 layers.
  • Best Quality and  Medical Trusted Mask.
  • Ultra-fine soft fiber, skin-friendly thickening, and moisture-proof
  • Flat pleated design.
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY – Naturally free of pollutants, thus also hypoallergenic. Particularly comfortable to wear even with sensitive skin. Offer perfect protection for you.
  • Soft, odorless and non-irritating
  •  Special 5 ply non-woven design protects against dust, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc. Help prevent cross-contamination and protects the user from inhaling fine particles.


  • Protection against coronavirus, bacteria, smog, air pollution, and dust. For on the go, at home, hospitals, industry, hygiene area …
  • Breathable material and cute patterns, which makes it useful and fashionable.

Suitable for

  • Perfect fit, and ideal for use against the prevention of contracting Dust, Surgical, Dentist, Dust Protectors, Nail/Hair Salon.
  • 5 layer kn95 masks with CE certification, universal fit for men and women.


It is important to also maintain good hygiene, washing hands regularly and not touching the face especially mouth nose and eyes can help prevent the Spread Germs Storage conditions: normal temperature and ventilated environment

Made up of

  •  All Masks Come with an Elasticated Strap to Universal Fit Around Most Head Sizes. Elasticity on both sides effectively reduces ear pressure.
  • Main ingredients: KN95 filter Meltblown cloth and non-woven cloth 5 layers
  • The edge with double stitches is designed to cover the nose, and a metal wire is concealed within so the mask can be fitted securely to the nasal bridge.
  • Made from water-repellent material, it still offers high air permeability, ensures an ideal filter effect, and a strong barrier against all kinds of dangerous bacteria.
  •  Will Cover Both the Mouth & Nose But will Not Limit Breathing.
  • Non-woven material inhibits dust and dust from degrading harmful substances
  • Melt-blown electrostatic micro-filtration layer, efficient filtration, isolation of fine particles from dust, droplets, etc., protection rate of 90% -95%
  • Packed securely in Mailing Bag.

20pcs/box KN95 Anti-virus Breathable Mask

N95 Mask
  • N95 Safety Face Mask for coronavirus- NIOSH Approved – the safety masks are approved and certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Medical experts recommend that masks should be replaced in a timely manner after being used for 4 hours, otherwise virus will gather on the surface of the mask and eventually contaminate the mask.
  • This KN95 mask is for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil-based particles and aerosols, also can protect against dust fluids germs and weather.
  • Four-layer design, perfect mask when traveling through congested airport bus terminals malls parks and busy city streets, filter the pollution, gases, odors, dust, pollen, smog, PM2.5, germs, bacteria, and viruses effectively.
  • High-density non-woven fabric-nano filtration,high-breathable non-woven fabric, the N95 Safety Mask can protect you from virus, dust, car exhaust, pollen, etc
  • 3D and lightweight design, the initial pressure drop makes you breathe easier.
  • High-quality elastic ear band, easy to wear, comfortable for long periods of wear, help protect one of your most vital assets which is your respiratory system.
  • They offer free worldwide shipping, no extra tax or fee.


Top trending and best N95 Masks
  • Biode N95 Mask is 4ply(non-woven+Hot air cotton+meltblown cloth+non-woven) means it have 4 layers.
  • Available in White color.
  • Standard: China GB2626-2006 KN95 = N95 = FFP2Used for:Personal protection,PM2.5 protection
  • Filtering effect:95%
  • All masks quality checked and CE certificates verified.
  • Ear belt / head-mounted
  • Comfortable and breathable.
  • Good protective effect.
  • Comfortable soft elastic band.
  • Soft sponge nose pad.
  • Aluminum adjustable nose clip.
  • Use for hospitals, laboratories, food industries,dust-free workshops, electronic manufacturers.

Farms2Fork N95 5ply Protective Masks

Farms2Fork N95 5ply Protective  Coronavirus Masks

  • These KN95 FFP2 Masks are from a reputable whitelist factory.
  • A 5 Ply Protective Mask, specially designed for coronavirus nowadays.
  • Easily breathable allowing you to also speak properly.
  • This is a KN95 Chinese manufactured Mask that has been tested to FFP2 standards and has a 5 layer fabric composition, including meltdown cloth.
  • The mask is recommended for up to 8 hours continuous use – which would equate to 1 hour a day for 8 days.
  • These masks have been bought and paid for in times in these times of crisis so they are more expensive than in normal times, plus due to the urgency we have paid to send them to the UK by air which is expensive with so few flights flying – but the need at this stage is greater than the cost.
  • This is not a medical Grade Mask, wouldn’t expect it to be used in a hospital.
  • All their PPE products are marked CE and if they are not they have been tested by an official test house overseas.

Medicare N95 Face Mask

Medicare Coronavirus Mask
  • KN95/FFP2 Non-Valved Face Mask provides protection from harmful airborne substances.
  • These masks are the European equivalent of the N95 respirator masks used in the US.
  • Have a filtration system that is built into the fabric, making them lightweight.
  • Designed to be used as protection from coronavirus.
  • Discreet and comfortable to wear.
  • They arrive individually wrapped for maximum hygiene and sterility
  •  Have been developed using the most advanced materials for your protection.
  • These masks also conform to the standards set out by the World Health Organisation.

 Rutherford KN95, FFP2, Anti-contagion, Face Masks

Rutherford  Coronavirus Masks
  • 2 Pieces of N95, specially designed for coronavirus.
  • Anti-contagion.
  • GB2626-2006 Standard Face Masks.
  • Hidden Adjustable Nose Clip.
  • Four Layers Protective.
  • Elastic Belts.
  • Filtration Efficiency >95% Self-Priming Filter Type Anti-Particle
  • This is a disposable product. Do not use it after washing.


N95 respirators can protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2 when used appropriately. Masks are in such high demand in a coronavirus pandemic like this. But the most significant thing to think about is your safety and protection these days. Looking at the customer’s true comforts as well as giving standard quality, we truly believe and anticipate that TradeNRG sells one of the best and top quality N95 Masks currently. Their masks are 5 ply means extra protective, right! These masks are super affordable with the best quality and best comfort. A perfect fit, and ideal for use against the prevention of contracting Dust, Surgical, Dentist, Dust Protectors, Nail/Hair Salon. Also, it is CE Certified.CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. And, hence, here no-compromise with your safety standards.

Last but not the least we hope you are safe and protected,practicing social distancing and taking proper hygiene.

 Any feedback you can give us on this would be greatly appreciated. If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know. Do like, comment, and share. Best Regards.

*Price was correct as on 29th May,2020.





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