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Discovering the Ultimate in Virtual Desktop Services: The Virtual Frontier!


Virtual desktop services are crucial in modern business, providing employees with remote access to their work computers and applications. As remote work continues to become the new norm for many organizations, having a reliable and secure virtual desktop service is more important than ever.

With so many virtual desktop services available, it can take time to determine the best fit for your organization. Some services are cloud-based and provide a simple, user-friendly interface, while others offer more advanced features and customization options. There are also varying degrees of security, compatibility with different devices and operating systems, and costs.

This blog will delve into the details of the top virtual desktop services available today, including Amazon Workspaces, Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, VMware Horizon, and Parallels Remote Application Server. We will compare each service’s features, costs, and benefits and provide a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of each option. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best virtual desktop service for your organization.

Whether you are just starting to explore virtual desktop services or you are looking to make a change from an existing solution. This blog will notify you with the information you need to make an informed decision. By the end of this blog, you will better understand the best virtual desktop services available and which will best meet your organization’s needs.

Microsoft Azure

Discovering the Ultimate in Virtual Desktop Services: The Virtual Frontier!

Businesses may set up Windows 7 or 10 virtual PCs with Office 365 compatibility and a wide range of third-party apps using Azure Virtual Desktop. Moreover, WVD offers top-notch device support: Android, Chrome OS, Windows, iOS/iPadOS, Macintosh, and all popular browsers.

The responsibilities you would have had to handle are included in the remote desktop infrastructure that is provided to you. You receive limitless capacity and secure outbound communication for all of your virtual machines (VMs) with the Windows Virtual Desktop Service. It also allows you additional options for how to allocate users among various VMS according to the workload.

A client OS, not a server OS, can be used to allocate numerous users to a single VM. The only Windows 10 multi-session experience is provided by Windows Virtual Desktop. This breaks away from the one-user per VM model in an innovative way.

Microsoft Azure provides customers with a free cloud desktop and cloud personal computer for up to a year while also facilitating XML web services and smart client apps, as well as aiding in the development and operation of web-based applications.

With the help of Amazon WorkSpaces, you can swiftly grow to give thousands of desktops to workers across the world in either Windows or Linux in just a few short minutes. You can only pay for the WorkSpaces you launch on an hourly or monthly basis. When compared to conventional PCs and on-premise VDI solutions, this helps you save money.

Microsoft-backed Azure is perhaps the first cloud platform for building virtual machines in the software sector.

Citrix Daas

virtual desktop services

Excellent hosted desktop services are available on the Citrix DaaS platform, and they are especially well suited for a mobile workforce. Users may effortlessly transition between devices while preserving workflow by connecting from Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and iOS/iPadOS. The service adjusts to multiple screen sizes, so employees can connect on a computer, tablet, or even a mobile phone.

A remote access solution called Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops provides virtual desktops and apps from any cloud. Your staff may work from any location and while hopping between internal and external networks thanks to this. Yet, the solution can still help you reduce your IT costs.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is a simple option for end users despite its strong features. Regardless of the hardware or screen size, it provides a straightforward and consistent user experience, even on ChromeOS-based machines. Moreover, it offers a client configuration that is automatically configured to give customers the optimum connection path without requiring them to fiddle with settings.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops may virtualize Cisco Jabber and Avaya One-X in addition to Skype for Business. You may link collaborators on one platform for centralized cooperation with the help of these unified communication solutions.

Graphics acceleration for Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPUs is firmly supported by Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktops. With this, workers who need to move huge graphics files may do so without compromising performance or quality.


Discovering the Ultimate in Virtual Desktop Services: The Virtual Frontier!

Shell is a desktop-as-a-service option made for independent contractors, new businesses, and expanding enterprises. Briefly said, the platform turns any internet-enabled device, regardless of its hardware, into a virtual desktop that can run essentially any program you need. You don’t need to worry too much about compatibility because it supports Windows, Linux, Android, Ubuntu, and other desktop environments. Even customized operating system images are supported. With this platform at your disposal, you may more easily update your current devices, improve app access, and optimize operations.

Your devices’ capabilities can be increased using Shells without the need to buy pricey new equipment. This makes it affordable for expanding companies that must embrace new software but have a constrained budget to buy new hardware to operate their software solutions. Moreover, because the platform is fully mobile-ready, users may work on their projects from wherever they are.

Avoid spending time and money on costly, time-consuming upgrades. Shell offers a variety of options that will allow you to improve your system for faster speeds, more memory, and better performance. The best part is that you can easily upgrade the functionality of your outdated systems by converting them to brand-new cloud PCs.

V2 Cloud

virtual desktop services

The fully integrated cloud desktop solution for safe remote access is called V2 Cloud. It provides regular backups in addition to antivirus security measures. It offers an easy-to-use management interface.

You don’t need to create any code using V2 Cloud to have a cloud-based version of your program. The subscription-based approach may be readily used in place of perpetual licenses.

Administrators may add up to 250 people to a desktop using V2 Cloud, and users can utilize both their own private files and publicly accessible shared folders on the same virtual computer. Applications and programs only need to be installed once, which lowers the cost of hardware and licensing. Access to programs and data is completely controlled by administrator permissions.

Virtual desktops may very well be easily managed via distant connections thanks to V2 Cloud. Administrators have complete control over managing cloud desktops, making it simpler to deploy remote apps. Moreover, licensing costs will be low in number because applications would only need to be installed once for all users. Admins may also add up to 250 concurrent users to each workspace while managing their access levels from the unified dashboard of V2 Cloud.

Businesses can keep their data and workstations from ransomware threats with the aid of V2 Cloud. The technology offers automated daily backups for computers and makes sure that all interactions within cloud desktops are protected. In the case of cybersecurity threats, these elements make a guarantee that data can be retrieved quickly.

It is a web-based utility with a user-friendly mobile app as well. It is a platform with extensible 50 GB storage space, daily backup snapshots, connection with Office 365 and AzureAD, and extremely fast CPUs and drives.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Discovering the Ultimate in Virtual Desktop Services: The Virtual Frontier!

A managed, secure cloud desktop solution brand Called WorkSpaces was created to increase user productivity while cutting expenses. With the help of Amazon WorkSpaces, you can swiftly grow to give thousands of desktops to workers across the world in either Windows or Linux in just a few short minutes. You can only pay for the WorkSpaces you launch on an hourly or monthly basis. When compared to conventional PCs and on-premise VDI solutions, this helps you save money.

DaaS leader Amazon WorkSpaces offers excellent functionality and affordable solutions for small enterprises. For data compression and encryption, it employs the PCoIP protocol, and WorkSpaces also leverages the SDX protocol from Amazon.

The affordable cost of Amazon WorkSpaces is one of its main benefits. Companies can benefit from a free tier with two workspaces for up to 40 hours per month to test out the services. There are many pricing tiers dependent on the size of the disc. The number of CPUs, the amount of RAM, and if you supply your own licenses (BYOL).

You may avoid overspending on desktops and laptops by using Amazon Workspaces. To satisfy the demands of your users, you may instantly access cloud desktops. As a result, the cost is decreased significantly. Amazon Workspace handles all of the administrative duties including desktop provisioning, upkeep, and recycling. Any Windows or Mac computer, iPad, Android tablet, and Chrome or Firefox web browser you can use to access Amazon Workspace.

VMware Horizon Cloud

virtual desktop services

A virtual desktop and application solution housed in the cloud, VMware Horizon Cloud may be delivered to any platform via a single control panel. It provides distant and mobile workers with constant access to corporate assets including databases, files, and documents. Because of its extremely safe setup, it helps reduce security concerns while also lightening your IT department’s management workload.

Horizon provides excellent scalability and uptime characteristics. Customers may quickly install customized virtual machines with Instant Clone, for instance, by cloning from a parent or “master image” system. The resultant machines you can adjust as needed for simple scaling because they are entirely autonomous. Clones can share a virtual drive, which allows them to use less storage and save money.

Due to in-memory cloning inside parent virtual machines, it is one of the rare platforms that have no dependence on the parent after cloning. As a consequence, you can quickly and effectively install it. And scale servers and build a strong and reliable virtual desktop architecture.

You can manage all of your virtual workplaces from a single VMware Horizon Cloud pane, regardless of how many you have. This makes management chores easier, particularly when delivering apps. Furthermore, when you have all of your industry standards under control on a single dashboard. You can simplify your compliance with them rather than struggling to meet onerous compliance responsibilities.


Discovering the Ultimate in Virtual Desktop Services: The Virtual Frontier!

The simplest approach to grant employees access to a cloud workstation is using Flaneer. Due to its innovative technology based on the web, anything can be done from a browser without the need for local clients. A Windows image may be taken in a snapshot. Save it as a master image, and then you can install it on a large number of workstations, according to an IT manager.

Its reliable infrastructure and well-thought-out framework make it easy to set up and deploy virtual desktops quickly and at scale. Because of this, businesses can focus on improving their core skills rather than waste time on IT setup and updates. Flanner provides faster virtual workstations, and these workstations come pre-loaded with almost all of the top software. The user merely has to log in with the correct licensing details to begin submitting work.

Flaneer provides over 450 combinations, including GPU. It’s a platform where you can quickly upgrade or downgrade your workstation based on your requirements. Every continent has access to Flaneer, which also runs +15 data centers globally. Their pixel streaming technique provides minimal latency for all applications, including graphically demanding ones.

You can customize and use a Flaneer desktop anywhere you are since Amazon host it.. which offers top-notch security and compliance requirements. Amazon supports the PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR, and FIPS 140-2 standards, among others.

IBM Cloud

virtual desktop services

A full-stack cloud platform, IBM Cloud supports hybrid, private, and public cloud environments. Create with a comprehensive set of cutting-edge data and AI technologies, and tap into deep domain experience to support you on your cloud migration path. IBM Bluemix was the previous name for IBM Public Cloud.

Industry-standard storage and graphics are to get involved with the IBM Cloud’s accelerated virtual desktop infrastructure software to remove obstacles to productivity. With the help of the platform, mobile workers may have a workstation-like experience on any device. They may now easily and quickly access graphics-intensive programs and files from any location with an internet connection.

Teams can work more efficiently together as IBM Cloud speeds up access to graphics assets. You can add high-performance NVIDIA GRID GPUs, enabling several users to access and share a single GPU’s graphics processing capacity.

As users grow less dependent on desktop workstations and independent software licenses. IBM Cloud enables enterprises to convert from a capital expense (CAPEX) to an operating expense (OPEX) model for their infrastructure, lowering the total cost of ownership. With on-demand access to leading computing services and desktop virtualization programs, the software is very simple to set up.

Only encrypted visual output and keyboard or mouse input are sent over networks via IBM Cloud. Users no longer require local copies of files as a result. As a result, there is less number chance of content getting misuse. Physical barriers, network security, system, application. And data security is all examples of security measures that are from top to bottom.

What is a virtual desktop service?

A virtual desktop service is a cloud-based service that allows users to access a virtual desktop, which includes an operating system, applications, and data, from any device with an internet connection.

What are the benefits of using a virtual desktop service?

The benefits of using a virtual desktop service include the ability to work remotely, improved security and data protection, simplified management and maintenance, and reduced hardware and software costs.

How do virtual desktop services compare to traditional desktops?

Virtual desktop services offer several advantages over traditional desktops, including the ability to work from anywhere, improved security, and reduced hardware and software costs. However, they also have some limitations, such as the need for a stable internet connection and the potential for slower performance.

What factors should I consider when choosing a virtual desktop service?

When choosing a virtual desktop service, it’s important to consider factors such as security, cost, compatibility, user experience, and support and maintenance.

Can I customize my virtual desktop with my own applications and settings?

Yes, most virtual desktop services allow you to customize your virtual desktop with your own applications, settings, and configurations.

How secure are virtual desktop services?

Virtual desktop services are generally can consider more secure than traditional desktops. As all data is going to store in the cloud and protected by advanced security measures, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication.

What is the cost of using a virtual desktop service?

The cost of using a virtual desktop service varies depending on the provider and the specific plan you choose. Some providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing, while others require a monthly or annual subscription fee.


In this blog, we have taken a closer look at some of the best virtual desktop services on the market. Including Amazon Workspaces, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows Virtual Desktop, and Citrix Desktop as a Service.

When choosing the best virtual desktop service for your organization, there are several factors to consider, such as security, cost, compatibility, and user experience. By collating the different virtual desktop services, you can make an informed decision that will meet your specific needs and concern.

Overall, virtual desktop services are a great way to provide remote employees with secure access to their work computers. And applications on the cloud and keep your company’s data safe and secure. Whether you are just starting to explore virtual desktop services or you are looking to make a change from a current solution. So be sure to do your research and choose the best virtual desktop service for your organization.

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